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Is YOUR Girl out at a Bachelorette Party?

Married Whore

If Her Husband Knew...

So has YOUR girlfriend or wife been to a bachelorette party lately? Did she give you any crap about going to the strip club and getting a table dance from a stripper that you weren’t even allowed to touch, and had pasties over her nipples? It’s crazy how a woman will get all uptight and offended when you tell her that you slipped a one to a dancer after she shook her ass in front of you. Of course, as soon as you get that crazy woman with her friends, get a little alcohol in them and get that party atmosphere going, its amazing how quick she forgets that she’s taken, and how little convincing she needs to suck a male stipper’s dick when she’s getting rooted for by her friends.

oral sex

Yup. She's Married Too

party girl sucking cream

I Think this one is single..

Allow me to introduce you to a site that knocks down the walls at bachelorette parties and exposes what really goes on behind closed doors: Just checking out the Video Previews definitely intrigues the mind. Now, you might be asking why the hell these girls would allow their video cameras into the parties, or why they would be doing these things on camera at all. The answer is pretty simple really. The guys at BoozedWomen actually offer to pay for the parties in exchange for the rights to film them. So in other words, the women pretty much get that the all-out party that they want, for free, and they usually get as wild as they can because when you’ve got endless supplies of liquor and tons of friends with you – why not? I just find it absolutely insane that all these girls are willingly licking whipped cream off this male dancer’s cock, some of them play with his balls, and a few of them have actually fucked the dancer while he holds his towel up to ‘hide her’ – I mean, he encourages the debauchery as well, but fuck, if this is what goes on at bachelorette parties with a film crew, I don’t even want to think about what goes on when nobody is watching! LOL, anyhoo, check out for a buck, and get all the full parties caught on film, and hope to Jeebus that YOUR  wife or girlfriend wasn’t one of the lucky few that enjoyed a little more than whipped cream from a can that night…

Cum Loving Amateurs Share Pics and Vids

cum on tongue
Qiero Cum
cum soaked pussy

Her GF Licks that Up

 So today I’ve got for you a variety of amateur pictures and videos from ladies who got nice and lathered up in cum straight from their man’s dicks. Some of them looked surprised at the amount of jizz on their faces, and some of them just plain loved the feeling of having warm, sticky cum on their tongue (see image to the left). And of course, there were a few threesomes that ended with a hot babe licking hot semen off a very shapely ass, a tight asshole, and a pink pussy (see image at right). This is what I love about great amateur porn sites like They have all kinds of women on the site, covered in cum in so many different ways. They’ve got pictures and videos from random babes that send in a few and we never see them again, and they have self-shot submissions from couples that send in new pictures and videos every week!

freckled facial

Open and Thirsty for Cum

cum on her boobs

Milked Boobies

There is always fresh content daily, and usually the couples add in a few notes or paragraphs where they either describe themselves or let us know what was going on and what led to them decideing to share their pictures or movies with us. Here’s some insight, most of the time, the hot amateur babe wants to do something naughty, so they decide the best thing to do is post their videos and pictures to amateur sharing sites like Sometimes, it’s the spirit of competition that does it – you get girls that look at other peoples shared porn and decide they could make something hotter. Or the flipside, you get babes that get so turned on by the shared amateurs that they get inspired to make something themselves in turn to try and get others hot and horny. Either way, it’s a Charlie Sheen sized win for us! Couple that with the fact that the site is 100% Downloadable, and they’ve got $1 Dollar Trials, hell – Mega Win!


Brunette Masturbates in Public

sexy amateur brunette
Sharin’ Her Pics
Ass in Thong

Hot Piece of Ass

 So Jenna and her friend decided to get a little kinky and have some sexual fun outdoors and in public, and then took it a step further by sharing it on, THE place to be for high quality amatuer porn. They discovered a radio-controlled sex toy that they placed in her pussy and went out for a stroll in the park – and gave him the remote control. Needless to say, Jenna gets so worked up that soon she is rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits on a park bench, and craving some sexual satisfaction. Luckily for her friend, he happened to be the nearest dick around, and soon after they were back at his place where she got that cock and took it balls deep in every hole she could find. There’s nothing quite like seeing a big juicy ass spread open and getting fucked from behind right before a pretty girl gets a thick and gooey facial, then swallows it down. I love amateurs who think that they are porn stars! Isn’t that what makes them great though? The fact that they have seen how dirty some of the pros get, and the extra steps that they take just to ensure us all that they have just as much, if not more to offer when it comes to sexual fantasies being fulfilled and shared all over the internet! Anyhoo, be sure to check out Jenna’s full post up at

Cheating Blonde Sex and Facial Revenged

fingering her snatch
Wet Fingers

So Jane was the type of babe to pretty much bend to any of the sexual request that her man demands of her, especially when it comes to sucking dick and getting facialed on camera. Today’s sample video is a prime example of that, straight from the good people over at  She’s a little hesitant at first, as they sometimes are, but before long her pussy is nice and moist and her mouth is begging to have a dick in it. Before I get ahead of myself though, allow me to share the background from the video, according to the post that was made on the site that accompanied the video upload. Dew and Jane had gotten home a few hours ago from a couple hours of running errands, shopping, you know, typical stuff we all have to do.

oral conclusion

Facial Satisfaction

Dew had been griping that he needed to be home before the game he wanted to watch started, and Jane was equally enthused to get back since she had some work to do. Unfortunately for their plans, Jane was wearing a pair of tiny shorts all day, and everytime she stopped to look at something, Dew took a few moments to admire her asscheeks and great figure. Hormones being what they are, there was no chance in hell that Jane was going to get her work done early at all. They got back to their place and the game was about to start, Dew figured he’d be able to watch the game and fuck the ever-living hell out of Jane as soon as it was over. That plan didn’t last long, because as soon as the game went to commercial and he glanced over toward the computer, he was greeted by an irresistable ass showing out of Jane’s shorts, and a pussy peeking at him that was just begging to get fucked. Before long, Dew is fingering Jane as she tries to resist, and not long after that Jane is filling her holes with Dew’s meat stick – and getting a creamy mouthful before half-time.

Unfortunately for this couple, things didn’t work out. Jane’s work took her to a different city, and they decided that a long distance relationship wasn’t something they wanted ie, they didn’t want to wait for sex, lol. Dew moved on, burying the footage he captured deep in a closet so that his new girl Mel wouldn’t find it. Fortunately for us, Dew found out that Jane had cheated on him before they broke up and Uploaded that fateful video, along with a few of he and Mel, to – check out the Trial, or Join today for as low as $7.95 a month, not too shabby!

Big Titted Amateur Dresses Up

smooth tits in costume
Big Titties, Check!

It’s never too early to get into the Halloween Spirit, that’s exactly what Courtney said when she decided to post her latest set to She went to a Pre-October Party dressed as a sexy big titted Rag Dolland decided to share her pictures with us – including the after-party pictures where she gets down and dirty with her man. He has some fun with that, as she exposes her giant breasts one at a time, slowly removing her panties so he can lift her skirt and fuck her till she cums. She even leaves the wig on, which makes it pretty hot when he’s pulling on her braids as he’s scewing her from behind, or as she’s got his cock balls deep in her mouth. Oh, that Courtney sure knows how to get into the Spirit!

wet tongue waiting for cock

Insert, Here!

She is obviously and justifiably proud of her huge knockers, as she quite often posts new sets up on GFMelons, most of which focusing on her milk jugs. Don’t get me wrong, she loves showing off the rest of her body just as much, and when you see it you’ll know why. This girl has a thin waist, tight looking pink pussy, and a big smooth ass to go along with her thick lips and big tits – add to that the fact that according to her bio she seems to have a fun loving personality, and an overtly lust for sexual contact – male of female, and it makes her updates some of the main ones you look forward to on GFMelons, making it well worth the price of admission. She includes not only pictures of her sexual exploits, but also of her everyday party girl lifestyle. It’s pretty cool seeing how her night progress from a night out on the town, or a house party, to one sexual encounter after another.  Be sure to check Courtney’s samples out, and Join the site for a cheap and easy trial.

Britney shares her Pussy Pictures

Today I have for you a slideshow preview from, straight from a set that Britney uploaded over the weekend. It’s a self-shot picture set that she made, where she is pretty much just taking naked pictures of herself, and masturbating a bit. In the full set in the members area we get to see her using a few toys on her on her tight, wet pussy, as well as playing with her tiny asshole.  She’s got a pretty nice body on her, a nice set of perky tits, a clit on her pussy that is just begging to get rubbed or sucked on, and an ass you could bounce your balls off of. She also loves the taste of cum in her mouth, according to her other members only sets, but that’s besides the point. Be sure to check out all of her homemade porn in the full site of, where a 7 day trial option makes a visit totally worthwhile! Enjoy


Self-Shooting Naked Hottie

self-shot mirror pic
Classic Mirror Shot

So today I was at the place that we all go when we wanna truly see how bad society has gotten: the mall. I usually take trips there when I feel like checking out the local tail, see chics dressed in next to nothing and prancing around like they are actually there to do more than try to get picked up.  It’s crazy seeing all these women in barely-there tops, half-shorts, or the uniform of the skankiest – pajamas. I mean, seriously: Pajamas. Nothing screams take me to the nearest bed and fuck me like a girl already wearing bedtime gear.  Walking around made me think to myself, “I wonder how many of these would-be baby-mommas have posted their naked bodies online in hopes that someone will tell them how hot they are and raise their depreciated self-esteem?” Turns out, A LOT of girls do exactly that.

stripping teen

Tease Frame

Today’s post comes from and is from a brunette 19 year old named Amber. She’s got a bunch of pictures online, most of which are self-shot mirror pictures where she is stripping down, showing off her shaven tight pink pussy, big natural perky tits, and round ass complete with a tight winking asshole. She’s also got a few where she masturbates herself with her fingers and a few household items that a curious teen can’t help but try out – let’s just say toothbrushes and hair brushes aren’t always made just for brushing.
naked and waiting

Oh Yeah! Nakedness!

She likes the attention that she gets on the site, because she’s got at least 12 different uploads, and a bunch of pictures that are up for rating.  All of her pictures and a video are up at – and right now you can actually sign up for a 7 day trial that doesn’t automatically renew – they give you the option to either just stay on for a week so you can see all of Amber‘s pictures, or stay on for a while with their upgrade button that lets you become a monthly member anytime you wish. That’s some serious confidence in your amateur porn website right there!

Amateur Wives who love to Suck

glasses babe giving head
Amateurs Love Cock

This morning I was awakened by the amazing feeling of my dick being licked and sucked on. My balls getting covered in saliva, and the head of my penis getting lathered by a warm tongue. I tell you, there are some things in life that feel so good that words cannot explain – or maybe just the skill of the writer cannot explain, but either way – it felt really fucken good. So naturally, I decided that blowjobs would be the thing to feature today, and what better way to promote them by featuring homemade pictures of wives that love to suck cock?

wife takes thick facial

She loves it thick

The sample pictures of blowjobs, fucking, posing, a little bit of groupsex and a whole lot of facials, come straight from the completely amateur-submitted picture and video website It’s mainly geared toward the MILF niche, as the name would imply. I’m sure not all the couples featured on the site are married, but fuck it, it’s real homemade amateur porn, and that’s all that matters.
group having sex

Wife Swapping Couples is a great site as far as the quality of the self-shot videos and pictures go, and the couples themselves also include bios or recaps of what was going on when they decided to make the homemade porn, or decided to submit the pictures. It’s pretty interesting and adds a layer of depth that other sites do not have. Makes the real couples involved feel even more real, as we get to see what their personality is like and a little bit of background on them. It kinda makes it sort of a blog everytime they post more pictures of themselves. Some do it for the cash prizes awarded for best video/pictures, but some do it just cuz they love the share their homemade videos. There’s a pretty good story about a guy that went on a vacation with his wife and her best friend on the tour page – let me just tell you, it was a very, very good trip for him. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the pictures, be sure to take the tour and join the site for a ton more!


Hot Threesome with Double Facial

homemade amateur threeway
Bounce Her Ass

I love watching hot and horny co-ed babes fucking each other, Licking that warm pussy, rubbing clits, enjoying their tight little assholes, squeezing their tits, and kissing with all sorts of passion. Hell, the only way I’d think you could improve on seeing two babes having some lesbian sex is by adding another woman, or getting in on the action yourself. In this post from amateur porn site, this is exactly what we get. A Threesome ending with a double facial. Ahh, it’s the little things in life that we enjoy the most, haha!

hot cum on two faces

Sharing is Caring

In these sample pictures from Melanie’s update we get to see this wild threeway through stills. Mel and her sexy friend start off by doing some making out, kissing each other passionately, soon using their tongue to moisten the others tight slit. The scent of sex in the air is too much for them to handle and they soon invite the lucky camera guy in to help give them a little more. They put him through a few different positions, bouncing ass up and down on his cock while they make out, ramming their pussy into his balls as he fucks them doggy-style, grinding their clits against his body as they ride him – this lucky bastard had his “work” cut out for him, lol. It’s not all work for him though, as they take turns sucking his dick and licking his balls between positions, and soon even this is too much to handle – he gives them a double facial that they absolutely love. So much so in fact that they are soon sharing the cum with each other and making out with it on their lips and faces. Be sure to check out to see all the pictures, and also to see the video from the Camera they had set up. They capture that double facial nicely.

Blonde BBW Masturbating with Toy

fingering her pussy
Getting Her Fingers Wet..

I love curves. Hell, I think most men love curves – something about them is so damn appealing. Maybe it’s in our physche that we automatically love curves because it reminds us of women. Almost every good design or product can be described as sexy, mainly due to the fact that the form has some sort of curve to it. Absoultely love them, but my favorite curves are definitely on a woman.


Allow me to introduce you to Alice’s Sample Pictures, straight from her posts on There is something so irresistable about them, an elegance that I just can’t pinpoint. Maybe it’s the natural beauty in the soft shadows as she’s rubbing her moist clitwith her fingers. Maybe it’s the way she arches her back


Whatever it is, YES please!

looking on with her suductive eyes. Or maybe its the way her big tits move around as she’s fucking herself with her vibrator. Who knows, but I definitely am a fan of this Masturbating curvy big beautiful woman. I know technically she’s not even that big, but she does have a little meat on her – and its totally in all the right places. I’ve seen some of her homemade movies, and believe me, when she’s bouncing her amazing ass up and down on a thick dick, or milking a cock between her breasts with a smile on her face and cum in her mouth; sensational! If you enjoy her pleasuring herself in the free picures, be sure to check out her videos along with a couple thousand more at; trial for a buck and you’ll also get access to the entire GF Network. Have Fun checking out those irresistable milk jugs.