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Cute Amateur Brunette with Big Tits, Blonde with Great Ass

Hot brunette
Got Milk..Jugs?

So I’m pretty sure that with a title like the one I’ve selected above, that you know today’s Post is gonna be a good one. In my never-ending quest for great sites with great amateur porn, my journey has brought me to one of my new favorites: Now, at first it may sound like a swingers site or something like that, but in reality, the shared part just means that the couples or lovely ladies themselves uploaded their own pictures and movies to share with all of us!

great ass blonde

Ready and Waiting

The sample galleries are huge, which is always a plus! And speaking of huge – check out the tits on that cute brunette to the left. Doesn’t she have a pair you just want to bounce up and down over and over again right before you cum all over her pretty face? Funny, because that is exactly what happens in the the full sets of pictures and a couple of the homemade movies that she uploaded to the site. Score one for the amateurs, lol. And since we’re talking about scoring, check out that blonde ass to the right – pretty good, huh? Did I mention that this smooth ass dirty blonde loves to take it in the butt? That she even loves to go ass to mouth, because she heard it in a Kevin Smith movie once? Yup, all waiting for you inside – Be sure to check out their Amazing Trial Offer – One Week, for One Dollar! And at the time of this post, it’s Non-Recurring, meaning you don’t gotta cancel if you don’t want to stay a member – but let’s be honest, you are definitely gonna love this site.

Real Amateur Cream Pie and Facials

hot cum drips from her lips

Drippin' Hot Cum

internal cumshot
Filled Pie

They other day I was sitting back, relaxing, when a thought just popped into my head. I really want to fill a pussy with my warm jizz. After a few minutes I realized that the placement of the jizz didn’t really matter as much as the act of getting it out of my body, but you get the picture. I don’t know why the thought of the ‘ol Cream Pie came into my mind though – maybe it was just a natural thing to imagine, I am a man after all, and our most basic of instincts is to ensure the survival by spreading our seed. I guess the whole cumming on the tits, face, ass, in the mouth, in the ass, on the stomach, on the feet, etc thing was birthed out of recreation and perversion; but that’s a different story altogether, lol. Back to the point – in the end I attributed my thoughts of internal orgasms to nature and the fact that I happen to find the image of having my cum on or in a sexy and wet pussy incredibly hot.

All of this brings me to today’s pictures, straight from what has to be one of my favorite sites of all time, I love the fact that this site is dedicated to Amateur Facials, CreamPies, Swallowing, pics and vids of cum on tits, asses, stomachs, and any other place a guy can get sticky cum on a hot girl. Check out the sample pics here, or go straight to and start downloading everything in site for only a buck.

Thick BBW with Huge Tits Posing and Sucking

alt co-ed shares her homemade self pics
Thick and Curvy

I’ve got a thick one for your thick one today. Being the fan of all women that I am – ie – I appreciate the beauty that can be found in all women, tall or short, thick or thin – I decided to share with you a few BBW pics today. I absolutely love BBW’s, for reasons I’ve pointed out before, but in case you need a refresher – it’s cuz they are pretty uninhibited and they can suck a mean dick.

Today’s Amateur Pictures and Movies are from, and featrure a couple of cute babes named Amy and Roxanne. They are both punk or emo type babes that are thick and curvy in all the right places. They’ve included a few pictures of them having fun and posing nude, as well as a few as they are covered in bubbles while taking a nice, wet, bath and a shower. I can’t get over the roundness of their tits, and how huge they are – you just want to stick your dick between them and watch as you titty-fuck them and they lick your dick until you explode all over their faces with thick, hot, cum. Then they’ll smear it all over their own face, and eat up the rest, because that is what a good big beautiful woman does – and they are damn proud of it.

smooth and thick naked amateur

Gives Great Head

They uploaded a few amateur blowjob movies to that are not to be missed! We get to see Roxanne’s pussy being eaten and licked by her man, then she starts to rub her fingers on her wet clit – but then we got some more hot action as Rox starts sucking. She treats that dick like it’s got gold in it and the only way to get it out is by getting mouthfucked until it erupts. She strokes it and deep throats it, all the while getting wetter and wetter, judging by the pussy rubbing that the lucky guy is doing, leaving his hand covered in her sweet juices.You won’t believe how much this naughy bbw amatuer can swallow afer taking a massive facial, only in the members area of course – You can see a preview of Roxanne sucking dick here, or Join the site for a buck to see the full thing and get access to the entire Amateur GF Network.

Super Cute Blonde lets her Pussy Show

cute blonde in tank
Cute Seduction

Good Friday guys! In my opinion, there is no better way to get into the weekend spirit than by sharing a few good pictures of a sexy blonde teasing us with her wet pussy – just like a Friday teases us as we wait for the Weekend. She lays there, staring deep into our eyes, seducing us in a way we didn’t think possible through a computer screen – slowly undressing – exposing her tight tan pussy and perky tits…whew! I know it is not the typical site that I recommend on this blog, but I just couldn’t resist sharing with you guys the awesomeness that is Now, it does have some the attributes that we look for in amateur porn ie it contains tons upon tons of pictures and videos of amatuer teens and co-eds. These girls are real amateurs, completely new

picture of blonde pussy

Teasing with her wetness

to adult photo shoots, and for many of them, this will actually be the only time they do something like this. In that respect, it completely meets the ‘amateur’ rule. They also have a couple of videos of these girls in action, though not all of them, the ones that do decide to go forward with a video are completely worth the price of admission.

Anyhoo, the main reason I decided to share the site, is because it truly does live up to its name. Every single one of the hotties featured on is, in fact, a total super cutie. I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but I dare you to tour the site and find a girl that you wouldn’t stick your dick into – yeah, exactly. Be sure to check out this sexy, tanned blonde Maddie’s pictures, and Join the site today for Total Access to a wide selection of amatuer model wanna-be’s getting naked on camera!

Amateur Brunette POV Blowjob

Nice Pussy

Naked and Waiting...

Hello folks, today I’ve got for you an awesome little sample from Jean, an amateur babe that loves to share her dick sucking images and videos. I have no idea where Jean is from (though her profile says Great Britain) but if I ever find out, I am going to haul ass over there and try like hell to find one of them to suck my dick. If they are anything like Jean, I will be in for one hell of a blowjob.Suck it!



Suckin' IT

Today Jean is sharing a few pictures from her newest set, and like most of her others, it starts with her posing in a few different ways, showing off her amazing tits, round ass, and trim pussy. She strips off her lingerie, poses some more, then moves over to the real meat of the content, and slowly starts giving her man a blowjob that we could all be envious of. Be sure to check out the full update in the members area of, a site dedicated to posting the best pictures and videos of girls and groups of girls giving oral sex, all of which are self-submitted.

check it out

Black Booty loves to Tease that Dick

colored babe ready to suck
Teasing, or not?

Sometimes it feels so freaking good to be teased. I mean, honestly, the orgasm that follows a good tease session feels like it erupts from deep within, and seems to keep gushing forever! Allow me to introduce you to Moniqa (pronounced Monica, I think), she really knows how to tease a horny cock. In the video previews, straight from one of  the original (VHS days people) Amateur Porn Companies,


bouncing ass outside


She starts off by stroking a waiting dick, gently massaging it, caring for it as if it held the last drop of cum on earth. She starts getting a little faster, lightly teasing with her wet tongue between caressing and jerking. She then gets up and teases us even more by slowly undressing, unveiling her amazing caramel colored ass, then proceeds to make us want it even more by bouncing it up and down with a nice display of booty-poppin. She comes back to the waiting shaft, and strokes some more, this time rubbing it between her tits, moving her head closer and closer with each jerk. After a bit of teasing, and, in the members area, we finally get to see what all that foreplay has led up to – and it equals a massive load all over her tongue, lips, and tits. Be sure to watch the previews, or Trial the site for Free.

Brunette Babe makes surprise Homemade Porn


Homemade Fuck Tape

amazing co-ed butt
Love the Mirror Shots!

Ashlynn has that perfect combination in qualities that we look for in a chic. She’s cute, has a smoking hot body, loves sucking dick, begs for anal, and she isn’t shy about grabbing the video camera and sharing her homemade porn with the world. She posted her latest hi-def video up at, and, I must say: It is freaking hot.

She starts off by recording herself getting ready to surprise her dude when he gets home from wherever the hell he was, she’s posing in the mirror, teasing us with her whale tailin’ ass and her braless tits in a soft shirt. Her pigtails just waiting to be pulled down so her pouty lips can be wrapped around a dick as she looks up with her seductive eyes. When the dude finally gets there, that is exactly what happens: she has his dick in her mouth within minutes, and soon after he is pounding her bulbous ass like no tomarrow. After she gets fucked doggystyle for a while, it’s time for her favorite part – riding his dick with her tight asshole. She hops onboard and pounds his dick with her ass for a bit, right before going ass to mouth and getting a nice, thick, and goey facial. Be sure to check out her movie preview or Join today for the full video!

Amateur babes crazy for Cash

amazing round butt
Bouncing booty for Cash

Welcome to the Labor Day post for (if you’re American, and the Monday post if you are not)! We tend to think that we work hard for our income, even though half of us work behind desks all day and the rest are overpaid or on government assistance. But that’s a different subject. I’m here today to share with you a site that pays people ie hot chics to do crazy stuff, all in the name of getting paid a cold hard stack of cash! The site in question is the appropriately named

vagina simpson

Ever wanted to Kiss Homer?

In this episode we get to see a few some crazy shit. We got a pussy made up to look like our favorite working class cartoon character Homer J Simpson smoking a cigarette, babes getting into a lowrider so we could see their titties and asses bounce up and down, and some good old fashioned pay for play debauchery thrown in for good measure. In honor of extra content just for kicks, the pictures I’m linking to today also include a free video preview, complete with a hot hostess controlling the fun-loving variety show of sexual escapades. If you have never seen MoneyTalks before, be sure to be shocked at the stuff girls will do for cash, and hope to high heaven that you’re girlfriend isn’t one of them, haha! I’ve seen a few episodes – it is wildly entertaining, and extremely satisfying seeing these wild co-ed amateurs having fun for cash. Take the Tour, or Join now for a Buck!

Amateurs Give Double Blowjob

Naked Amateur
Buttcheek Mirror Shot

I was browsing around looking for some of stroke-riffic material, as is my usual routine, when I found something pretty interesting to share with you today. Bailey posted a crapton of pictures accompanied by a hi-def video to, and I immediately favorited them based on one simple piece of content: the amateur double blowjob. Maybe its just me, but I have a firm belief that it is and always has been every man’s dream to be with more than one women at once. Some men get to live it out, but most of ya’ll (lol, ok, us) will have to settle for watching it in porn or by looking to PlayBoy‘s Hugh Hefner and guys like Charlie Sheen as inspiration – ok, maybe not Charlie Sheen.

share that dick

I love it when they Share

Anyway, this update had everything we look for in amateur porn. It starts off with a couple of girls just having fun, getting ready for what was apparently a night out boozing and partying. The pictures at the beginning are mostly self-shots and other random moments, with one my favorites being Bailey showing off her sweet ass as she sits on the counter. We see the girls in the car, heading to the club or whatever it is, partying for a bit, and then heading back to the hotel for some good old fashioned sucking and fucking. It’s when they get back home that the video kicks in as the lucky guy records Bailey and her blonde friend Kristen sucking his cock like a lolipop. They do that for a while then take turns riding him, being sure to lick one another’s pussy while its getting stuffed. The action is great and the guy is quiet enough that it really lets u get into the moment, and oh, what a moment! Nothing like cumming on the faces of two hot pieces of ass while they lay there making out – sharing that warm nut. Be sure to check out the full video and pictures at, right now they are even offering two day trials for a buck, plus you’ll get access to the insanely huge MoFo’s Network with your membership, so there is no reason so skip out on this one!

Cute blonde loves Jizz on her Face

facialed blondie
She Loves Facials…

It’s a pretty well documented fact that I am a brunette fan. What can I say, of all the types of chics I love to see naked, getting fucked, sucking dick, and getting covered in cum, they are by far my favorite. That’s not to say that I only prefer them, oh hell no, but I seem to give them the most of my attention. Today, I shall divert some of that attention to a boner-giving blonde I came across this morning (no pun intended). Her name is Brit, and she’s a down home Southern Bellefrom the great state of Texas. As it turns out, country girls have plenty of time on their hands, and they absolutely love to fill that time getting sucking, fucking, and getting covered in cum – well, whenever they are not riding horses or milking cows, or whatever the hell else they do on the ranch.

Sexy blonde loves cum

I like to think they they just spend all day sucking and fucking on the fields, in the barn, on the haybails, or wherever else they can, lol!

Back to the matters at hand though, Brit is a southern cutie that loves getting facials. I think she loves cum period, going by all the pictures and videos she’s uploaded onto A couple of them also seem to hint at some sort of bon-fire lite orgy cum bath, judging by the dimly lit blonde surrounded by a couple of cowboy looking silouettes. She’s no brunette, but I couldn’t help but keep looking at her pictures and watching her short movies. Seeing her affection for semen in action coupled with her tight body and country accent absolutely seemed do drive my bulge straight through my pants. Check her out for yourself for a buck, and you too might be rubbing one out for the country girl, have fun!