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Emo Blonde Sucking Dick

Alt babe loves cock
Alt Suck-Job

So I’ve recently come to the slow realization that I have a thing for Emo Chics. And by thing, I mean a raging hard-on. What can I say, I love the way alternative babes look. Whether they be the aforementioned Emo, Goth, Skater, Punk, or whatever the hell else there is out there these days, I completely and totally dig them. I can’t really explain it either. I don’t know whether its the edgy or different look, or if it’s their seemingly unrelenting sexual addiction. The skirts, the tight clothing, the high socks, the bright hair…OK, so maybe it is the crazy sexual antics or do-anything attitude they exhibit.

Today I’ve got a couple of screen grabs to share from Pagan‘s latest orally fixated video straight from It’s a site full of SuicideGirl wanna be’s and regular amateur babes that happen to live an alternative lifestyle. Anyway, Pagan’s video is pretty hot. She licks the dick up and down, slowly at first, then gradually upping the pace. She lowers her tongue to the balls and stares straight at the camera as she starts to suck on them, and giving a few licks to the taint every now and again. She makes her way up the shaft and swallows up the head, and continues to stroke and suck until he blows his load; giving her a faceful of hot cum. She licks up and swallows what she can, just like a good alt girl, then smears the rest all over her face. Enjoy…

Ball Sucking? Yes, Please!

sexy ball licker
Nothing Satisfies quite like…

There are a few “feel good” things that a woman can do to a man that just feel so damn good that we can just sit there and enjoy it for as long as possible. Kinda like just relaxing by the pool, or sitting on the river bank with a fishing pole, or, one of my personal favorites – staring at a juicy piece of ass that’s bending over in front of you. But, those are not the “feel good” things I would like to discuss today. Today is all about getting your balls sucked and/or licked. Nothing so simple feels so damn good. And the women for some unbeknownst reason look so fucking hot doing it.

cock sucking


Today’s pictures are of Eve from her posts on She has a bunch of pictures and movies of her going down on a couple of different dicks and sucking and loving a few pairs of balls. Kinda makes me wonder if she’s just built up the collection over the years, or if she just likes the variety in her life. Maybe she’s a swinger or something. Who knows? All I know is that I love that she loves performing the oral arts. And boy is she good at it. Whether the guy she is with is shaved or not, big or small, wide or thin, she absolutely loves taking pictures for OralGFs. Maybe its the cash prizes that she’s trying to win, or maybe its just the genuine love for fellatio (not to mention the cum that follows, but that’s a different post)! Visit the site for more of Eve, and with Dollar Trials, what more could you ask for besides a deep throat, dirty dicking blowjob?! Enjoy!