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Amea Moretti gives head on the couch


Amea Blowjob Surprise

Amea Moretti got a quick shock as her dude hid in the room and scared her when she walked in looking for him. He was recording to get her reaction from the jump-scare so he could share it with their friends. Amea had different ideas for the recording. In order to make sure that the video did not get leaked to their friends and family, she decided to make it a sex tape instead.

It wasn’t long before she was posing naked in front of him. Dancing around showing off all of her assets. Once Amea was done with her booty shaking dance, she came over to the couch to get the real show started. She started off by teasing his balls with her tongue, slowly and sensually. She started a slow lick from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his cock – getting it wet with her moist tongue. She bobbed up and down on it, using her tongue like a pro. Amea knows how to work that dick, so he was ready to cum in no time at all – but she didn’t want to cumshot yet. Before he knew it, she was aiming her ass at him, rubbing it against his dick before teasing her pussy with it. Amea knew that he was about to pop his top, so she made her way back to the meat she loves, and made it rain all over her face. Too bad for her, the video leaked anyway to ThisGirlSucks….Enjoy the update fellas….


GiGi Rivera toys with her huge vibrator

Babe Masturbates

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So Solo Interviews is a pretty awesome site that was concocted by the guys over at TeamSkeet. They pretty much get a camera in front of a fresh faced ‘right off the bus’ wanna be porn star and see what she can do. These are all surprisingly candid, and quite hot. For those of you that get tired of seeing the same ‘first time in porn’ videos – where the girl strips down and awkwardly starts to finger herself and play with a toy in the most uncomfortable way ever – SoloInterviews is right up your alley. Imagine all the good parts of first time videos, but with none of the timidness or unnatural acting. The interviewer is actually good at getting the girls comfortable and ready to perform. They all usually cum pretty hard within a few minutes, because for a lot of them, this is the first time they actually get to cut loose and have fun with a big and powerful toy.

Check out Gigi’s sample pictures right here. She is a coed and she absolutely fell in love with the idea of multitasking with multiple toys, another first for her.

Gigi Rivera looked so fucking hot in her black dress but naturally it had to come off so she could show us her tight little vag. She quickly undressed and pulled out her toy and the fucking thing was bigger than her! I can’t believe she fit that inside her tight little pussy…”

Oh, and for those of you that aren’t sure how her first time went…Gigi came back for more, and delivered even more hot solo action. Check out her sample video here from her second scene.