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Rae plays with her Wii naked

brunette naked wii

Wii Play? Yes Please!

I’ve got a set of fun videos for you guys straight from’s webcam section. I absolutely love this place, simply because we get to see real amateur girlfriends taking it off and getting naughty live on camera! Allow me to introduce you to Rae. She’s a gamer girl who loves to dance, and play video games. Combine the love for dancing with the fun of gaming and some naughtiness for good measure, and we’ve got Naked Dancing Wii! Fun concept, no? Anyhoo, she loves to give the guys that favorite her webcam show more than just moans and solo play. Rae interacts, and as you can see in this video, rushes to the good stuff just in time for one of her fans to catch the show. She starts off fully clothed, and by the end of the video, she is completely naked and dancing around while playing her Wii the way that Princess Peach would shake her head at her for, but that would make Mario’s mushroom triple in size! That is why I love SeeMyGF, it’s full of amateur home videos and pictures, as well as hot and fun webcam shows for us all to enjoy! Definitely get more bang for your buck! And when you join you can watch Rae’s whole video – let’s just say that I’m sure Nintendo didn’t mean for their WiiMote to be played with that way. What do you think?


Sasha swallows every drop

redhead babe makes movie

Red head likes to film

Today we got Sasha, a hot red head that is here to prove that real amateurs can be just as nasty and just as hot as all those porn stars coming out of Chattsworth.

After she caught her boyfriend Dan stroking it to some hot porn, Sasha felt a little self-conscious and wanted to prove to Dan that she can fuck harder and hotter than any porn star, and that guys around the world would want to stroke it to HER! To prove her point, Sasha submitted her video to and the rest is history!

You’ll love the way this red head sucks and fucks her way to your heart and making all the porn stars in the world proud by swallowing a huge load just for our pleasure. Be sure to sign up and see her movie, no excuses, because two day trials are only a dollar! So what do you think fellas, based on Sasha’s decision to feature herself, is it true, do Red Heads really have more fun?

Big Titted Amateur Dresses Up

smooth tits in costume
Big Titties, Check!

It’s never too early to get into the Halloween Spirit, that’s exactly what Courtney said when she decided to post her latest set to She went to a Pre-October Party dressed as a sexy big titted Rag Dolland decided to share her pictures with us – including the after-party pictures where she gets down and dirty with her man. He has some fun with that, as she exposes her giant breasts one at a time, slowly removing her panties so he can lift her skirt and fuck her till she cums. She even leaves the wig on, which makes it pretty hot when he’s pulling on her braids as he’s scewing her from behind, or as she’s got his cock balls deep in her mouth. Oh, that Courtney sure knows how to get into the Spirit!

wet tongue waiting for cock

Insert, Here!

She is obviously and justifiably proud of her huge knockers, as she quite often posts new sets up on GFMelons, most of which focusing on her milk jugs. Don’t get me wrong, she loves showing off the rest of her body just as much, and when you see it you’ll know why. This girl has a thin waist, tight looking pink pussy, and a big smooth ass to go along with her thick lips and big tits – add to that the fact that according to her bio she seems to have a fun loving personality, and an overtly lust for sexual contact – male of female, and it makes her updates some of the main ones you look forward to on GFMelons, making it well worth the price of admission. She includes not only pictures of her sexual exploits, but also of her everyday party girl lifestyle. It’s pretty cool seeing how her night progress from a night out on the town, or a house party, to one sexual encounter after another.  Be sure to check Courtney’s samples out, and Join the site for a cheap and easy trial.

Emo Blonde Sucking Dick

Alt babe loves cock
Alt Suck-Job

So I’ve recently come to the slow realization that I have a thing for Emo Chics. And by thing, I mean a raging hard-on. What can I say, I love the way alternative babes look. Whether they be the aforementioned Emo, Goth, Skater, Punk, or whatever the hell else there is out there these days, I completely and totally dig them. I can’t really explain it either. I don’t know whether its the edgy or different look, or if it’s their seemingly unrelenting sexual addiction. The skirts, the tight clothing, the high socks, the bright hair…OK, so maybe it is the crazy sexual antics or do-anything attitude they exhibit.

Today I’ve got a couple of screen grabs to share from Pagan‘s latest orally fixated video straight from It’s a site full of SuicideGirl wanna be’s and regular amateur babes that happen to live an alternative lifestyle. Anyway, Pagan’s video is pretty hot. She licks the dick up and down, slowly at first, then gradually upping the pace. She lowers her tongue to the balls and stares straight at the camera as she starts to suck on them, and giving a few licks to the taint every now and again. She makes her way up the shaft and swallows up the head, and continues to stroke and suck until he blows his load; giving her a faceful of hot cum. She licks up and swallows what she can, just like a good alt girl, then smears the rest all over her face. Enjoy…