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Ashley Adams Anal Play

Star: Ashley Adams


01-sislovesme-ashley-adams 02-sislovescum-ashley-adams-fingering 03-banana-challenge
Ashley woke up pissed as fuck. Her sneaky stepbro stole the batteries from her vibrator and used them for his tv remote. What an ass! She decided if she couldnt use her vibrator then big bro had to get her off instead. He fingered her little cunt until she got more wet than the ocean. Ashley was a happy stepsis!
04-blowjob-challenge-pov 05-step-sister-blowjob 06-pouty-face-teen-brunette-blowjob
The next day, Ashleys stepbro got sent a snap from one of his friends. It was of Ashley being slutty and doing the banana challenge. Thats where girls see how deep they can shove the phallic fruit down their throats. Tony threatened to show the video to mom and dad. Ashley almost began to cry. She would do anything to save her good girl reputation.
07-cum-in-step-sis-mouth 08-cum-in-teen-mouth-polo-shirt 09-brunette-coed-animal-tail-butt-plug
She decided it was in her best interests to deepthoat her brothers fleshy banana, for the sake of not being grounded. She even swallowed his cum too. Finally, a day later, her stepbro intercepted a package with his name on it that he didnt order. Turns out Ashley was using his credit card to order sex toys. How fucked up is that? This gave her stepbro the freedom to literally fuck her. He utilized the shiny raccoon tail butt plug she bought to stretch her little asshole wide. It was gaped so good that her stepbro couldnt help but stick his cock in it.
10-teen-fucking-herself-with-butt-plug 11-fox-tail-butt-plug-in-teen 12-teen-wearing-fox-tail-butt-plug
The sensation of the inside of her innocent asshole caused her stepbro to orgasm and blow semen out of his cock and onto her stomach. Ashley loved it, and loved even more that this would forever be their dirty little secret.
13-hardcore-anal-step-sis 14-teen-brunette-riding-cock 15-riding-with-her-asshole


16-pov-buttsex-while-fingering-herself 17-cum-on-teen-stomach 18-spreading-her-pussy-after-cumming


Teen Lesbian Threesome after Yoga

Update: Knowing the Right Positions
Teen Lesbian Threesome after Yoga Class
Stars: Megan Sage, Nina North, Arya Faye

Arya and Nina have heard great things about their new yoga teacher. She supposedly knows the most practical poses plus has a rockin body that almost anyone could appreciate while doing some relaxing stretches. Their first class starts, they begin to notice her curves right away. The funniest thing about this was that their teacher was noticing them too.
She helped them on their stretches, her hands seemed to slightly wander away from the safe zones. The girls didnt mind it, until she started voraciously grabbing their tits and pussy. The teacher stops herself, and insists on a break. The girls decide to bring it up to the teacher, who was surprisingly very humble about it. This kind of put the girls more at ease. So much ease that they allowed the yoga instructor to stretch out their pussies too. She took tantric finger fucking to the next level and left these girls twats more wet than their bodies would be after a hot yoga session. This class was a 10/10 must attend again!

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Gina gets back at Cheating husband

Gina on!

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Lauren gets tickets to the Asshole Parade

Update: Tickets to the Asshole Parade
Star: Lauren Phillips
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When you break up with someone, all ties should be severed. Lauren apparently didn’t get that memo. She hits up her ex Chad to try and get the concert tickets he had bought for her birthday. Chad is not feeling it at all, and is kind of annoyed. Lauren continues to beg and chad gives her an ultimatum. Take her pants off and maybe she can earn them.
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Lauren was expecting to get her pussy fucked and go see a band, but turns out those tickets were for chad to fuck Lauren right up her asshole! Her reaction was priceless, and the pleasure she got from it will be timeless. Watching her huge tits bounce around as her brown eye got destroyed was a treat and a half. She even swallowed Chads dirty cum, making us wonder why the fuck they even broke up in the first place?

Alice wants some ButtSexxx


Alice wants some ButtSexxx in this latest update to the Team Skeet Network!

Update Title: “Wifi Wifey’s Anal Fantasy”    Full HD Scene Length: 30 Minutes 33 Seconds

Starring: Alice March

teensloveanal_alice_march_004teensloveanal_alice_march_020 teensloveanal_alice_march_029 teensloveanal_alice_march_035

Today we have for your fapping pleasure, an anal sex scene starring your favorite red head Alice March. In this scene she is a hot and horny babe with an addiction to The story goes that her wifi kicks the bucket, and she plays an upset internet customer very well. I’m sure that if you have ever had your internet go out, you would relate very well to that portion of the scene. After a while, the cable guy shows up and starts checking out the issue. He uses her laptop to test and finds out what she has been looking at. The embarrassed Alice tries to explain why she was on that site, and one thing leads to another, as porn tends to do, then drops to her knees and starts sucking his dick. We get a few POV and wide shots, then they move on to her hiking up her skirt and getting her asshole licked and tongue fucked. After than, some hot anal action ensues, going through multiple positions and ending with a nice messy facial! Enjoy!

teensloveanal_alice_march_038 teensloveanal_alice_march_043 teensloveanal_alice_march_046teensloveanal_alice_march_054

Official Synopsis:

Uh-oh! Alices wifi is out and shes trying to get off to some hot anal porn on! Looks like shes gonna have to call up a repair man. He gets there pretty quick, so quick in fact that Alice forgets to clear her browsing history and cache. This guy officially knows shes a freak and wants to expose it in his favor. Turns out she just wants to stay a virgin, and heard anal is a great way to preserve her vaginal virginity. Its time for Alice to stop fantasizing and finally try the real thing. The repair guy places her hand on his cock and from there, its pure first time anal bliss. This guys huge cock barely fit into Alices tight little brown hole, but with some persistence it fit in effortlessly and gave Alice one of the most rewarding sexual experiences she has ever had, plus a freshly churned facial so she can know what that baby butter is all about for future reference.

teensloveanal_alice_march_060 teensloveanal_alice_march_061teensloveanal_alice_march_064 teensloveanal_alice_march_091


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Priority Content Pusher

Update “Priority Content Pusher” for Dyked.coJoin the Network through
Starring: Tali & Aurora Belle

Aurora just finished up in the studio and Tali thinks it’s gonna be a hit! All she has to do is push it along to the executives and it will be on the radio! Unfortunately, sometimes that takes a while.
Tali is pretty close to an exec or two though, and she thinks that she can make Aurora a priority. All Aurora has to do is let her DYKE her pussy out and then dildo fuck her hard. If she does, she will have the spotlight in no time!
Aurora can’t wait to be famous, so she turns into the fiercest cunt licker one has ever seen! Enjoy this hot scene from, join the whole network through today!

Angel Smalls has buttsexxx

Star: Angel Smalls
Full HD scene length: 27:31
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After her dude kept falling asleep on her, Angel Smalls was pretty freakin’ horned up. She decided that the way she wanted to keep her dude’s attention was to offer him up something new, her tight butt hole!


She decides to do a little practice first, and since he is asleep in the living room anyway, she pulls out a sex toy and starts to have some fun. She uses her mouth to get the toy nice and wet then she squeezes it into her butthole …Join through


After a while he walks in and is pleasantly surprised. After the shock wears off, he gets into position and pulls out his cock. He slides it in and the real fun begins. His cock is bigger than her ass is, so he goes very deep inside of her! (note, she goes ass to mouth in the full scene!) He finishes her ass off by filling it with a hot load. Enjoy!



Maci May Rectum just in time

Maci May Rectum Just in Time

Update at – preview by

teensloveanal_maci_may_002teensloveanal_maci_may_008 teensloveanal_maci_may_016 teensloveanal_maci_may_024

Maci May was enjoying a warm shower when she suddenly realized that her boyfriend and her are supposed to be at her mom’s house in less than an hour! She jumps out of the shower and is shocked to see that her boyfriend is not ready to go at all. He knows he has to shower, but he really wants to fuck her. Maci is a little horny so they decide he can shower after dinner. He pulls her over and starts to rub her wet pussy. Maci squeels a little, turns out she is still sore from their last fuck session.

teensloveanal_maci_may_032 teensloveanal_maci_may_034 teensloveanal_maci_may_043teensloveanal_maci_may_044

Luckily, Maci loves getting her tight asshole penetrated just as much as she loves having a thick dick in her mouth or pussy! She serves herself up and gets a rough and deep anal pounding, loving every minute of it!

teensloveanal_maci_may_048 teensloveanal_maci_may_050 teensloveanal_maci_may_054teensloveanal_maci_may_075

Maci gets her butt penetrated in a bunch of different positions before she gets the payoff of a large hot load of cum straight into her asshole. Not one to let cum go to waste, Maci squeezes that jizz out of her butt and on to her boyfriends dick. Then she licks it off!

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teensloveanal_maci_may_077 teensloveanal_maci_may_086 teensloveanal_maci_may_091teensloveanal_maci_may_098




Gina Valentina in Sundae Slut

Title: Sundae Slut
Starring: Gina Valentina
Full Scene Length: 25:04







Beat the Heat with Jenna Reid

Beat the Heat with Jenna Reid in this hot update from

01-jenna-reid-beat-the-heat02-jenna-reid-wet 03-jenna-reid-pov-blowjob 04-jenna-reid-teen-gagging-on-cock

So it was hot as hell outside and Jenna Reid wanted to cool off. What’s the best way to cool off on a hot day, you ask? Well, to get Wet, of course! See Jenna in glorious 4K resolution as she spends some time cooling off with some fun with water.

05-Jenna-reid-69-and-fingering-butthole06-spinner-babe-jenna-reid07-big-butt-lowered-onto-cock 08-closeup-jenna-reid-riding

Watch her get soaking wet and peel off her clothes to cool off a little further. That still wasn’t enough for her though- she had to get even wetter! She heads inside for some action in the A/C. She sucks off a huge cock like a pro – she must of thought it needed to get wet too, because she gagged and drooled all over it!

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09-jenna-reid-thick-ass-fingering10-fucking-jenna-with-thumb-up-her-butt 11-jenna-reaid-holds-pussy-open 12-fucking-teen-brunette-jenna

After she sucked it for a bit, she decided to slide it into her soaking wet pussy for good measure! She rode this dude’s lucky cock, bouncing her thick ass up and down while getting wetter by the second. She must be chilled now, better check the temperature! With no thermometer handy, she decides to use her fingers and his thumbs for good measure. She ended up getting fucked good and hard – and worked up a slight sweat. Luckily, she knew that the last resort to cool off was a nice squirt from his hose, and she got it all over her face!

13-small-tits-brunette-riding 14-pov-fucking-jenna-reid15-sliding-into-her-wet-pussy 16-thumb-up-her-ass


17-jenna-reid-messy-cumshot 18-Jenna-Reid-cum-facial-dripping