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Brenna Sparks in Taming a Young Slut

Brenna Sparks in Taming a Young Slut
Full Scene Length 37:43

Brenna Sparks not only got caught sneaking into her house from an unapproved outing, but also got caught sharing naughty letters with boys. Her sugardaddy was not pleased.

He called her into his office and had her strip down like the little slut she was. She then laid down on stepdads lap and received a harsh spanking. He then dragged her to the shower to clean herself up.

Once all dry Brenna was tied up, mouth fucked, and stretched vaginally until her older man’s cock was ready to cover her face in cum. That should teach her!

Jade Kush in The Realest Workout

The Realest Workout
Jade Kush in The Realest Workout

The thick and busty Jade Kush has set herself up with quite the rigorous exercise regimen. She always starts with a pre-workout that consists of push ups, resistance training, and then intense stretches.

Once she’s nice and warm, she has her trainer give her the realest part of her workout which is the hardcore sex. She works her neck and calf muscles by performing a downward dog cock suck, then gets rammed in elbow stand to build up her shoulders and core. Follow up with a protein filled shot of jizz and it’s all in day’s work!


Jade Kush Sloppy Blowjob

Jade Kush in The Sloppy Blowjob

Jade Kush sees a cute guy at the bar and offers to be him a drink. What kind of drink? A sloppy blowjob! It’s more of a drink for Jade actually since she starts to guzzle down your cock with a fierce sucking oral vacuum.

Jades favorite part of the sloppy blowjob is the garnish of course. Freshly milked cum straight from your throbbing cock. How about another round???

Elle Voneva Two on One

Elle Voneva in Tiny Thief Gets Trapped
SkeetView Network Site:

Will and Romeo have noticed that all their stuff keeps disappearing out of nowhere! They have no idea who could be the culprit, so they decided to set a trap. They placed a pair of sunglasses under quite the cartoon like contraption. They pretended to leave the house then snuck in through the back to keep their eyes on the trap. Little Elle Voneva from across the way wandered inside to start looting. She noticed the shiny sunglasses right away and went in for the swipe.

Just as she grabbed them, Will and Romeo pulled the string and BAM! Elle was caught. It turns out that she had quite the stealing problem, but now her problem was about to get much bigger. Two large cocks bigger to be exact. Will and Romeo started to double team Elle to try and fuck the klepto out of her.

It looks like it may have worked, but towards the finale she still had no problem stealing both of these guys cum loads! She might need to seek professional help.

Ember Snow Asian Pussy

Ember Snow in Tiny Asian Pussy – Full Scene at
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The preciously petite Ember Snow is too cute to be true. She’s just under five feet tall and has the most radiant smile. She’s kind of a late bloomer though. Not only did she grow later in life, but she also realized how much she loved sex later in life too. She loved it so much that she wanted to get paid to do it! We put her through a rigorous QA session, and when it was over we felt like we knew everything about her.

Except how that pussy and mouth felt of course. It was time to get down to business. Her mouth was incredibly small, and could barely wrap around this stud’s monster dick. Ember was basically creaming herself at this point, begging to be dicked down. Our stud wasted no time and impaled that pussy with great force. Embers tight cunt had never experienced something that felt this good, and her screams just reaffirmed that.

She gave that cock one final suck and then jerked it until it spewed out creamy white goo all over her lovely little face. Ember was so happy 🙂


Jia poses nude

Jia –

Before the Shoot :
Abby Winters has arranged a girl/girl shot for my last day in Amsterdam. It ll be my first time. It’ll be my first time. For sure that … i’m still nerves about it. Really. Really, wish gonna got a happy ending !

After the Shoot :
Just done my G/G shoot with the other 2 models. They are sexy and very attractive. We had lots of fun. And actually quite easy job ! Really pleasent !

Jia for

Velvet blowjob

Star: Velvet Rain

01-thisgirlsucks-velvet-rain 02-velvet-teen-shows-tits 03-teen-in-shorts-wedgie

Thick butt, big tits, eye contact while sucking your cock, and she let’s the cum sit on her lips until you give her permission to lick it up.

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I gotta give credit where credit is due – and when it comes to sucking a thick cock, this chick has it locked down! The inside of her throat is soft as velvet and she wont stop sucking until she’s got you raining cum. See it all at

07-nice-tits-blone-wants-cock 08-blonde-in-shorts-blowjob 09-deep-throat-blowjob

Maybe it is a coincidence that her parents named her Velvet Rain? Who knows for sure, but if you ask me – Hell Yeah that’s why she’s got that name!

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Lea Heart anal in HD

Lea Heart anal in HD from

01-lea-heart-nude02-lea-heart-posing 03-lea-heart-blowjob 04-lea-heart-sucking

Lea Heart gets everything her heart and her body desires when she steps foot into the scene. She slowly undresses and strikes a couple of strong poses to show that the only thing that’s gonna happen is exactly what she wants to happen. And today, that happens to be anal.

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She teases, showing off her tight body, and slowly makes her way over. Before long she has a thick cock in her mouth, pleasuring it with extreme passion, her pussy starting to drip with anticipation. Before long she is ready for penetration – she takes it in her pussy for a bit – but she knows what she wants, and she is going to get it! He slides it into her tight asshole, and starts fucking her butt to her pleasure. She takes it in different positions, even riding it for maximum depth! When it is all said and done, she has a pleasantly fucked butthole and a face full of warm cum.

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Leah gets a messy Mouthful of Cum

hot cumshot facial
Leah Gets a Mouthful

I was trolling around for new homemade porn sites when I happened across a site that was one of the original “ex-girlfriend” sites around: It’s been around for more than a decade, and has a TON of homemade amateur content to prove it! In deciding what movies to share with you today it was either clips from a submitted video complete with a cumshot, or a regular cumshot compilation video. I know, I know, the compilation videos are good for showing variety of the women in the site, but I figured you’d see all that on the tour page of RevengeTV anyway.

Allow me to present to you Leah. In this 27 minute long submission we get to see her dancing around, and slowly teasing us with glimpses at her perky tits and thick ass. It becomes clear soon though, that she isn’t looking to get laid this time, as she starts to lick her juicy lips and gives us the starry eyes as she yearns for a dick to be placed on her moist tongue. She loves to perform for the camera, and her man lets her do all the work, with her hand and her mouth. He’s a little shy at first, taking a while to get hard – a fact that she seems to enjoy as she she shoves his cock downher throat. Leah is also a fan of sucking on his balls, as she doesn’t hold back on that regard either. She truly does love that the camera is on, and isn’t shy about staring at us through that lens – she knows she’s teasing and she loves it – Especially when she gets the mouthful of cum! Be sure to check out Leah and the thousands of other amateurs at!

Found GF on Dating Site

Found real gf on site

Busted on Dating Site

Well I knew it wouldn’t be very long before a reader of this mighty fine blog site shared his story of finding his ex-girlfriend in various states of undress and sexual positions online.

John (real name witheld, naturally) was a typical working class dude, very old school “man works, wife stays home with kids” kinda guy. He started dating a fine MexicAsian by the name of Emiliana and before long, she was living in his house, taking care of normal household stuff while he was off slaving away at his 9-5.  John is a church-going man, and had convinced a fellow co-worker of his to come along one Sunday. John was pretty used to guys taking a look at Emiliana and being stunned by her beauty, but something was a little different this time.

It wasn’t until John went back to work the next day that his buddy shared why he had been so uneasy while talking to Emiliana and why he couldn’t stop staring – and it wasn’t because he found her unbelievably attractive. He told John how he liked to frequent porn sites, and had lately started checking out, a hookup site. Turns out, he recognized Emiliana from a recent profile that he’d replied to, along with a few videos that had been made for Fling.

John didn’t believe it – he thought his leg was being pulled, and was a little offended. That’s when friend pulled out his phone and gave him the web address of the profile so he could check for himself. Totally in denial. John soon found himself staring at his soon-to-be Ex having sex on the internet; ass in the air, pussy full of dick, mouth full of cum, and all on the bed that they share. Sux to be John. Interested in seeing local babes in your town? Join for Free. Or click here for Emiliana.