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Anita Bellini takes on two cocks at once

15 Free Pictures

15 Free Pictures

Anita Bellini takes on two cocks at once in these hot pics from our friends over at Watch Anita as she goes from alternating blowjobs on this big dick studs to taking them both on in some Double Penetration action! She even goes skiing by jerking them off side by side until she feels they are ready to make her cum like she never has before. Anita’s enthusiasm for sucking dick does not wane throughout the course of her scene, as she always makes sure that she has a cock near her mouth. This is all in eager anticipation of course, as she waits for those warm loads to fill her mouth and cover her face.

Amateur Punk Band Shares Pics

Rocker babe teases

So Brian is a member of an up and coming punk rock band. He and his band run the circuit, touring from city to city hitting up all the rock clubs along the way. It has always been common knowledge that it doesn’t take more than “being in a band” to get lucky with the scene chics, but nowadays gettin’ lucky isn’t the only thing that a guy can get out of it. Brian hooks up with them online as well. Nothing like getting a girl you just left in a random town to start sending you nude pics and naughty videos as she eagerly waits for you to drive back through her boring city. Enjoy the pictures and videos, and be sure to check out the rest of the samples here

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Sara Luvv sucks and fucks in POV action!

Sara Luvv loves to suck

Sara is a 5’0″, 110 lbs brunette with some of the perkiest tits you have ever seen! She is absolutely thrilled to be getting filmed, and you can tell just how much she is enjoying it by the amount of dirty talk she does for the camera.

After she teases for a little bit, slowly unveiling her glorious breasts, and pulling her thong over her curvacious ass. She makes direct eye contact with the camera as she starts moving her lips lower and lower until she has them all over a rock hard cock. She keeps teasing with her moist lips, peeking her tongue out between them just enough to wet the tip of the head. After a little more dirty talk, she keeps those big brown eyes focused, and starts taking a mouthful of cock, slamming inch after inch into her wet mouth. She sucks like a pro, almost ending the video a little early at times, lol. Luckily, she does not, and her soaking wet pussy could not be more thankful. She backs her ass up on the dick and starts sliding it in.

She takes turns between bouncing her ass up and down, riding the hard cock, and various other positions. After a gushing cumshot, she takes the time to lick up any remnants and swallow it down. Be sure to swing by the site and join for the full HD Pictures and Video…

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Blonde chic shared naked pics

Naked Blonde

Nude Blonde shares Pics

Long time no post, here are a few sample pictures from a Compilation Trinity sent to her ex bf. The reason he is now an ex is because he had them saved on his computer, and a friend decided to leak the pics on his Twitter account. Check them out and join up to Hacked GF’s for more first time amateurs and more.

Forgot Airis Tit pics!

Ok, so apparently yesterday I didn’t post enough pictures of Airi’s tits to justify calling it a big boob amateur post. Without further delay, here is a gallery that has a few more pictures of those Extra large melons, straight from BadAssGFs. Be sure to join the site and vote her up today!

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Emo babes love to show their tattoos

Airi is an emo co-ed that loves to show off her huge tits. She uploads new pictures and movies all the time to BadAssGFs because she loves “to see how high her votes will get”. She is an avid fan of anime and one day hopes to make it in the real world as an anime artist and eventually, director. Her all time favorite is Fist of The North Star (Not bad).

In the meantime, she’s paying her school bills by posing naked on camera and submitting pictures for prize money. Enjoy her milk jugs and be sure to check out BadAssGFs for only a buck – you’ll also get access to 20 other Real Girlfriend sites with over 8000 GBs of Videos and Pictures!

Jasmine takes her first facial

jasmine's casting couch tape

Jasmine in her Casting Couch video

Hello everyone! Today I’ve got quite the treat for you, in the form of a video preview from Jasmine’s Casting Couch session from our good friends overs at Casting Couch-X. She’s a willing and able babe that has been wanting to get into porn for the past couple of years. She finally made the drive, and now is her big chance to shine! Watch as she teases with her fingers. See her sucking off the casting dude and then proceed to lick him good – from his asshole, all over his balls, to the tip of his cock. She absolutely loved it! The eye contact on this one is awesome too! She also gets pounded in a couple of different positions before being introduced to her very first facial, well, she know what it was “It’s where you cum all over my face” All this in just the PREVIEW VIDEO…Be sure to Join Casting Couch-X for the full thing! Enjoy!

Amateurs having fun

white girl dancing

Shaking her Ass

So there exists a site that exists solely because sometimes, a chic deserves revenge. Whether she ‘s a cheater, a liar, a backstabber, or whatever – her video will get uploaded by lovers scorned to They also get videos from amateurs that just plain love sharing videos of themselves,  sucking dick and getting facialed, or just having fun hanging out. That’s whats pretty cool about this site – there’s a ton of content where you see that a girl is just having fun naked, not suspecting that any video would make its way online. A lot of ‘behind the scenes’ type of stuff.

Amatuer Blonde Loves the Cream Pie

she loves him to cum inside

She loves getting filled up

So it seems like you guys really enjoyed our last post, so today I’ll share another. Sharon is an amateur dirty blonde that loved her first video for so much, that she decided to come back for another! She’s as eager to fuck and it shows. She sucks that cock like it’s the last one on Earth, and loves when he starts fucking her hard from behind. She really enjoys herself here, and honestly, I think she really came back because her boyfriend cheated on her and this is her way of getting him back. I mean, seriously, how better to get even with a cheating boyfriend than to fuck on camera, for the world to see – and then let the guy cum in her pussy. Some women are just plain ruthless, ha!

Blondie sends her man a masturbation video

toying herself

She misses him so…

Kate is a typical stay at home Army wife. She stays home, makes sure the bills are paid on time, and takes care of the house while Dante is off protecting the country. She is also sure to excercise to keep herself in shape so that she knows her man has something positive to look forward to when he gets home. This latest video uploaded to shows exactly how she keeps Dante updated on her progress. She uses her newest toy to fuck herself on camera, teasing him while he watches from abroad. Kate likes to show off how wet her pussy gets while thinking of Dante, remembering how he feels while inside her, how she loves sucking his dick until he is cumming on her face. She absolutely loves talking dirty in these video logs, and all of her actions are without limits.  Added bonus from YourGirlfriends? This couple also submits their homemade videos, mostly POV style…enjoy.