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Velvet blowjob

Star: Velvet Rain

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Thick butt, big tits, eye contact while sucking your cock, and she let’s the cum sit on her lips until you give her permission to lick it up.

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I gotta give credit where credit is due – and when it comes to sucking a thick cock, this chick has it locked down! The inside of her throat is soft as velvet and she wont stop sucking until she’s got you raining cum. See it all at

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Maybe it is a coincidence that her parents named her Velvet Rain? Who knows for sure, but if you ask me – Hell Yeah that’s why she’s got that name!

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Friendship Day

Avery is super excited to spend this year’s friendship day with her besties! They exchange gifts and make sure to film the entire occasion so they can look back on it next year. The girls all try on their lingerie, and seeing each other in this light made them think. They are such good friends but never even kissed. What’s up with that? They start to lock lips and realize what they have been missing out on this entire time. The lips tasted so good, but what about their tits and pussies? The girls proceed to explore their deepest darkest BFF fantasies, not leaving any area of their hot teen bodies untouched. Not only were the girls super glad they decided to do that, but so were we, and we think you will be too. One of our sexiest scenes to date!

Alexa Grace Sucks It

Star: Alexa Grace
Full HD Scene Length: 23 Minutes 35 Seconds
Alexa not only has a rockin’ tight body, but she has a tight throat too! Her moist mouth is the perfect hole to stick a hard cock. The way her warm spit lubes the walls so you can glide your meat rocket in and out with ease is amazing. She even plays with your balls while the head of your cock rattles her tonsils around. All she wants in return is your cum on her face and maybe a little booty spanking!…


Alone with a Drone

Star: Brice Bardot
Update Title: Alone with a Drone
Full HD Video Length: 29:09
The oh so sweet and petite Brice Bardot was super bored at home. She was rummaging around the house for something to play with, and boy was she in luck! Her brother had left his drone in the house. Soon Brice saw it she knew it was time to have some fun. She flew it all over the neighborhood, recording herself from far above. Shes already pretty small but on this drone footage she looked even tinier than an ant! Anyways, one of her hot neighbors spotted her playing with the drone. This gave Brice an idea. Maybe she could spy on this guy covertly with the drone. Sure enough, she catches him right after a shower and sees his huge cock whip out. Shes so shocked that she s the drone controller, causing the drone to crash land right in front of this guys window. She might be fucked LITERALLY. She lays down a few garbage cans to get her little ass over his fence before he could spot it. She wasn’t fast enough, and got caught. Her neighbor knew what she was up to, and before she could leave, he asked if she wanted to see more…
She followed him inside and couldn’t wait to get her tight mouth and pussy on that meat rocket. First she sucked it to moisten it up, then she got her pussy turnt out like a good little neighborhood slut. Watching her take a hefty load of cum to the face was almost exciting as flying the drone itself. What a fun day Brice had!

Surprise Poolside Anal

Update: Surprise Poolside Anal
Star: Jillian Janson
Chad noticed his girlfriend lounging by the poolside when he arrived home. He took his sunglasses off for a better look, and it turns out she was fingering herself. She must have been missing him all day, the least he can do is go help her out.
Chad immediately starts to assist her, then goes somewhere he has never gone before. Right into Jillian’s pristine little brown hole. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head his thumb penetrated her, but she couldn’t help to love it. Chad continued to ram her tight anal cavity until she convulsed from the purest orgasm she has ever received…
Chad wasn’t done yet though, he continued to thrust until his massive cock was good and ready to bust all over Jillian’s face. This anal experience turned out to be the perfect getaway for both of this kinky little love birds.

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Best Friends Lick Together

Update: Best Friends Lick Together
Stars: Abby Cross, Molly Mae
In the latest update at Dyked, we have stars Abby Cross and Molly Mae. They scene set is that they are about to get evicted because Molly didn’t pay her share of the rent. To make the cash, they get the idea to do a cam show. They start off with some light playing and teasing, but eventually move into some hardcore lesbian sex. Enjoy!
Abby gets home pissed when she finds an eviction notice. She confronts her roommate Molly about it. Turns out she had her share saved up but lost it all. Abby thinks they are probably fucked, but Molly has a bright idea. A friend told her about this webcam site where you can make hella cash. The girls decide to check it out. They really don’t have a choice at this point. These two blonde beauties get viewers right away and the requests start pouring in! They thought it would all be pretty PG rated, and it started that way, but then the dirtier requests came in with a heftier reward. They decided that for the sake of not being homeless dyking each other out could be appropriate…
They start kissing and rubbing each others pussies, then the coins come rolling in! They get even more when they start to lick each other. Looks like they found the perfect gig to save them from eviction, and the perfect career to exercise their deep down inner lesbians for a lifetime.


Hippies Do It Better

Title: Hippies Do It Better
Star: Lyra Law, Ike
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Ike was driving down a deserted road. The route was pretty boring until he saw Lyra sporting her peace, love, and anything helps sign. He just had to pull over and see what her deal was. It turns out she was a free spirited runaway just trying to raise a little money to get a head start on her next adventure. Ike thought she was weird, but also pretty hot. He invited her to go hike with him. Lyra joins and they get to talking, But Ike is distracted by the beautiful scenery AKA Lyras hot body.
He knows shes struggling so offers her 20 bucks to see those sweet tits. She grudgingly allows, but then Ike wants to get a glimpse of that hippy muff too. Lyra could use the cash, so she does it, and sees that Ike is pretty ballin right now. She decides to gofarshe can to raise her bankroll for her future travels. Lyra gives Ike a wet blowjob right in the seat of his car then lures him outside. She starts fucking him, but Ike wants to be more comfortable. They return to his crib and make a hot cash and fluid exchange. The cash ended up in Lyras purse, and the fluid all over her face. Join at Today!


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Aggressively Trying New Things

Update Title: “Aggressively Trying New Things”
Stars: Jayden & JB

Jayden’s phone is broken and she has an important date tonight. She asks JB to wake her up in exactly an hour so she doesn’t miss it. This guy was willing to try some new sex stuff with her and she’s been craving a good fucking. Unfortunately, JB forgets to wake her up and Jayden is pissed. JB tries calming her down, and wants to know exactly what she was going to do with this guy. She briefs him on her getting slapped, thrown around, and dominated.
JB agrees that shes at the age where she deserves to be fucked right, and even compares her to her mom. Jayden then asks if maybe JB can fuck her right? He responds with a crisp slap to her face and some forceful commands. He pulls her down to her knees and aggressively fucks her adolescent face. When she starts to choke he slaps her again then bends her over the desk and destroys that pussy. After JB nuts all on her face, Jayden realizes she didn’t know exactly what she was getting into, but is sure glad she did it with someone she knows before she did it with a stranger. On to the next one!

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Mae I Suck Your Cock

Update: Mae I Suck Your Cock
Star: Ashlee Mae
Today’s update features Ashlee Mae. She is dressed up in knee high socks and denim booty shorts, and her main job today is to suck a cock til she gets a face full of cum. Watch as this naughty teen blonde poses seductively then crawls over to get started on her goal.
The full HD scene is 22 minutes and 22 seconds.
Official Write up: With a last name Mae, you have got to be polite. Ashlee sure shows that innate eloquence when it comes to deep throating man meat. First she tells you how much it turns her on just thinking about your huge pulsating penis in her mouth. Then soon she gets the chance she begins to slob on it…
You can either stay still and let her work,put her in her place while you fuck that tight little gullet. Either way, Just make sure to nut on her face and she will make sure to drain your balls of cum every chance she gets.