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Quinn Wilde Oasis of Cum

Update Title: Oasis of Cum
Star: Quinn Wilde

Quinn doesn’t sweat the small stuff, especially when its cock related. That’s why she took so kindly to our boy Ike’s dick. It was love at first suck.
With each motion down his long cock, Quinn could not get over how big it was. She utilized her tongue to constrict it and weaken the head with pleasure. After she kept her head still and Ike ferociously fucked her mouth, it was perfect timing for a nut
Quinn sucked that gizm down like a dehydrated hoe who had just spent seven days in the desert. That dank load left her feeling like she was in an oasis… of cum!


Tattood blonde Arya gets anal

Star: Arya Faye
Update Title: The Rebuttal
Site Link:

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So the story goes that Arya needed to get a couple of things done at the house – so she calls her friend Dylan over. She has him work on a couple of things around the house, and when he is done he asks her if there is anything left for him to do. He knows that she has had a huge crush on him for a while, but was always tied down with her longtime boyfriend. He decides to take a shot and asks Arya Faye if she wants cock.
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Arya tried talking about being loyal to her boyfriend and how she didn’t want to be a cheater. Dylan sells her that if they have anal sex, it technically isn’t cheating. Arya goes for it, so in no time this tattood dirty blonde has a throat full of cock (to lube it up, of course). After giving a nice blowjob, she lays back and spreads her buttcheeks wide open. She moans as he slides his thick cock inside her tight asshole. Site Link:
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Arya wondered how something that felt so good could also make her feel so bad. Luckily for her boyfriend, this was as far as she was gonna go – until she couldn’t resist letting Dylan give her a sloppy load of cum on her face. Arya might now really feel like she’s cheating, but at least she gave the poophole loophole a shot!
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Velvet blowjob

Star: Velvet Rain

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Thick butt, big tits, eye contact while sucking your cock, and she let’s the cum sit on her lips until you give her permission to lick it up.

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I gotta give credit where credit is due – and when it comes to sucking a thick cock, this chick has it locked down! The inside of her throat is soft as velvet and she wont stop sucking until she’s got you raining cum. See it all at

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Maybe it is a coincidence that her parents named her Velvet Rain? Who knows for sure, but if you ask me – Hell Yeah that’s why she’s got that name!

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Alone with a Drone

Star: Brice Bardot
Update Title: Alone with a Drone
Full HD Video Length: 29:09
The oh so sweet and petite Brice Bardot was super bored at home. She was rummaging around the house for something to play with, and boy was she in luck! Her brother had left his drone in the house. Soon Brice saw it she knew it was time to have some fun. She flew it all over the neighborhood, recording herself from far above. Shes already pretty small but on this drone footage she looked even tinier than an ant! Anyways, one of her hot neighbors spotted her playing with the drone. This gave Brice an idea. Maybe she could spy on this guy covertly with the drone. Sure enough, she catches him right after a shower and sees his huge cock whip out. Shes so shocked that she s the drone controller, causing the drone to crash land right in front of this guys window. She might be fucked LITERALLY. She lays down a few garbage cans to get her little ass over his fence before he could spot it. She wasn’t fast enough, and got caught. Her neighbor knew what she was up to, and before she could leave, he asked if she wanted to see more…
She followed him inside and couldn’t wait to get her tight mouth and pussy on that meat rocket. First she sucked it to moisten it up, then she got her pussy turnt out like a good little neighborhood slut. Watching her take a hefty load of cum to the face was almost exciting as flying the drone itself. What a fun day Brice had!

Beauty of a Blowjob

Update: Beauty of a Blowjob
Star: Kirsten Lee

 Kirsten really enjoys the beautiful things in life. Through her eyes, there is nothing more beautiful than a fat slippery cock being thrusted down her throat. She loves the way it looks, tastes, and feels.
She could lick it and jerk it all day long, but she fiends for a steamy load to coat her soft skin so she can take selfies with it. Isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever heard?
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Tease Stretch Penetrate

Update: Tease Stretch Penetrate
Full Length HD Scene: 35 Minutes 22 Seconds
Star: Jade Jantzen w/ Kyle Mason
Jade Jantzen is a freckled latina that takes a big dick (provided by Kyle Mason) up the ass after doing a little stretching with anal toys and oiling herself up. The video starts off with a quick interview and striptease before Jade starts getting into the oiling and toying. The hot sex scene follows, with Jade sucking cock then getting her tight butthole fucked hard before taking that cock into her mouth again and getting a gooey thick facial. Enjoy!
Official Synopsis: There is only one thing the lovely Jade Jantzen loves more than getting oiled up. It’s getting oiled up and fucked in the ass! She’s all about the experience of it. She takes her time with toys to stretch it out, then uses her fingers to start enticing. After you oil her up, her tight little bootyhole is basically begging for your cock.
But wait! She has to suck it first for that little extra lubrication. At this point, you can squeeze your cock in and out of her brown eye with pleasure and ease. Her anal contractions are sure to make you burst, but just make sure its on her face because that her favorite thing to do after getting anally dominated.

Itsy Bitsy Hotspot

Update: Itsy Bitsy Hotspot
Star: Lilly Ford
Today’s update features the petite Lilly Ford. In regular Skeet fashion, the scene starts off with a funny scenario where the girl is just to short for something. This one goes outside and the story goes that Lilly was trying to get a wifi signal and ended up near some bushes. Her phone falls into the bushes and the neighbor finds it. He goes through it and finds nudes of Lilly! At least now he knows whom it belongs to….
Official Story: It’s tough for Lilly to connect to wifi. She has no problem finding the signals but shes so damn short that they can barely reach her. Today she really needed to send out some emails on the go, found a connection, but was barely getting one bar. She tried jumping up by the bushes to get something, but ended up just dropping her phone. The kind owner picks it up to return it, but gets a glimpse of some of the racy photos she has on there
When she comes around to get it back, before returning it, he uses it as bargaining chip to maybe get a little glimpse at her hot pink little hot spot. Lilly is a social media princess and needs her phone asap. She follows the man inside and a fuck-a-thon ensues. This guys towering size over Lilly made it easy for him to maneuver her around. Spinning her over his shoulder to suck his cock then throwing her back down to split her slit wide open. It was so good he pressed some gooey yogurt out of his dick all up into Lillys little pussy turning her itsy bitsy hotspot into an an exxxtrasmall wet and creamy cum spot.

Brooke Underhill gets a cream pie

Update: No Condom No Problem
Star: Brooke Underhill & Johnny Castle
Brooke is extremely excited for her boyfriend Johnny to come over. Its been a while since shes gotten shagged and is having heavy cravings plus her parents are away making this the perfect scenario. As soon as Johnny gets into the house things escalate quickly, and Brooke tells him to prepare the condom. Too bad Johnny totally forgot to bring that mega pack of flavored rubbers he just bought. Looks like they will have to perform a search and rescue around the entire house to see if any are laying around. After scavenging the entire house, they reach Brookes parents room (the last resort) and there’s nothing.
Instead of depressing Johnny further, Brooke takes one for the team and offers him a chance to fuck as long as he pulls out and pops on her back. Sounds like a deal! Unfortunately, Brooke squirted at some point leaving Johnny’s cock in a sea of sensation. He barely realized he nutted all up in that uterus, but as soon as he did he was quick to dip and not be too vocal about the fresh cream pie he had nestled into Brookes tight little pussy. Talk about a DICK move…

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Angel and Alice Threesome

Scene: “Fun Sized Friends Take a Hot”
Stars: Alice March, Angel Smalls & Chad Alva
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Alice an Angel do everything together! They shop for extra small clothing, exercise, and even shower as one. Today, after their workout, Alice was wondering about Angels bro’s friend. Turns out she hasn’t really got to know him. Alice didn’t really care about that though, she just wanted to know if he was hot and if he was single. Angel had no time for her childish ways, so she insisted they go shower and get ready to study. They always shower together since they are so small its tough to reach the hard spots and the help of a friend makes it so much easier. Just as they are getting lathered up, Angels bro’s friend walks in and is shocked at what hes seeing.
Luckily, Alice invites him in and this shower goes from warm to steamy real quick. Chad starts fucking both of them in the shower until he bangs them so hard the dirt literally falls off. Once clean and sparkly, he moves these little spinners to the bed and finishes them off. He crams their tight pussies with rock hard dick making them beg for a taste of his seed. These two tiny sluts get a load to remember and this lucky bro will never be able to take a normal shower again.



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Elizabeth Jolie Stepbro Be Gone

Star:                  Update Title:
Elizabeth Jolie Stebro Be Gone
Full HD Scene Length: 41 Minutes 21 Seconds
The semi-taboo site is great in that it usually delivers three scenes in one. Each episode delivers a couple of different scenarios all shot in POV fashion and each with a different cumshot ending. This update stars Elizabeth Jolie as the step-sis who comes home to find her new step-bro with her panties in his hand. She thinks he is sniffing them and kicks him out. We then get the first scene – a solo fingering session. That is followed up by a nice POV blowjob scene with a cum in the mouth ending. Lastly, we get the fuck session that ends with a nice thick load all over Elizabeth. Enjoy!
Official Story: Elizabeth meets her stepbro for the first time in quite an odd situation. He discovered her panties in his room, began to examine them, then sis walks in and thought he was sniffing them! She thought it was weird, but also thought it was pretty hot. She couldn’t help but pleasure herself thinking about his face as soon as he left the room. The next day, big bro caught Elizabeth stinking up the house with some reefer. He felt like telling because he didn’t like the way she was getting down.
The only way he would keep it a secret is if she got down — on her knees and sucked his cock. She gave quite the sisterly performance, but was a bit grossed out when he came in her mouth. She handled it cutely though. The next day, just as big bro was about to watch the game, Elizabeth gets home and ruins everything.


Plus, she stole the batteries from the remote for her gameboy, so he is fucked in literally every way possible. Elizabeth then reveals that she wants to be fucked, and in hopes of finishing quick and getting to vibe, he does it. He tops her off with a vast spray of semen to the stomach and the promises of secrecy to mom and dad, making this endeavor another one for the books!

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