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Kiley Jay Excited for Dick

Kiley Jay in Tiny Chick Excited For Dick

Kiley Jay is a puny virgin teen who can’t wait to get some dick! She’s so excited that she hasn’t been able to sit still all day. Once her man arrived, she was beyond ready. After a quick dance rehearsal, her man slung her over his shoulder and began spanking her tight ass.

Kiley then got on her knees and was stunned by how huge this guys cock was. She seductively licked it then began to shove it down her ripe throat. Things escalated when she began to ride him like a cowgirl. She could feel his girthy cock splitting her stomach in half.

Kylie continued to get rammed until our boy was ready to finish. He blessed Kylie Jay with a fat load, then used her perfectly sized head as a cock rest for his throbbing dick. All in a day’s work!


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After browsing through a couple of profiles on hook up sites, Ike set up a date. He found Joseline Kelly  – and there is no way she needs a dating site to get fucked. He drove up to pick her up, and she was flagging him down by flashing her tits! We are off to a good start!


Ike could tell from the start that Joseline was wild and crazy – and would make a great addition to his POV files. She knows exactly what is up as soon they get to his place. She strips off her clothes, shaking a squeezing her perky tits before she reveals her bubble butt. She drops to her knees and start to suck for a while, licking and stroking like a pro.


Then its time to get inside of her. The faces that Joseline Kelly makes with a cock inside her are priceless, she moans, whines and orgasms with pleasure – body gyrating and eyes rolling to the back of her head.


She also rides like a bull rider, bouncing her ass up and down on his balls. After some more blissful sex, she drops back to her knees a deep throats that cock some more before getting a thick and gooey cum shot all over her face!

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A sweet spinner takes on a huge dude’s dick in an exclusive audition tape for Mofos. He takes advantage of her 80lb body, lifting her high over his head to tickle her clit, then tries hard to get a cock the size of her arm into that little pussy. Check out her pictures and free preview right here!

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Blondie sends her man a masturbation video

toying herself

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Kate is a typical stay at home Army wife. She stays home, makes sure the bills are paid on time, and takes care of the house while Dante is off protecting the country. She is also sure to excercise to keep herself in shape so that she knows her man has something positive to look forward to when he gets home. This latest video uploaded to shows exactly how she keeps Dante updated on her progress. She uses her newest toy to fuck herself on camera, teasing him while he watches from abroad. Kate likes to show off how wet her pussy gets while thinking of Dante, remembering how he feels while inside her, how she loves sucking his dick until he is cumming on her face. She absolutely loves talking dirty in these video logs, and all of her actions are without limits.  Added bonus from YourGirlfriends? This couple also submits their homemade videos, mostly POV style…enjoy.

Blonde Amateur strips Naked

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Rick had been dating his girlfriend Reanne since a week after they met during his junior year in college, her freshmen year. They were a pretty dirty couple, always screwing each other at house parties, giving each other head any chance they got, you know, being normal co-eds – always having a great time. When Rick graduated and went off to graduate school, they decided to carry on a semi-long distance relationship.  Reanne would record “naughty diaries” for him – usually videos of her in skimpy clothes, stripping off layer by layer, teasing him with her soft tits and tight pussy. She’d dance around, talking about how she can’t wait to have his cock in her mouth, or how she loves when he’d stick it in her ass. Her favorite place to shoot these vids was in the shower, because it allowed her to get penetrated by ‘blue,’ her favorite toy. One day Reanne accidently sent a video message of herself giving another man a blowjob. Needless to say, Rick’s collection of videos is now online.
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Mia give Road Head

Sex on the road

Nothing beats Road Head...

Brent sent it this nice video preview featuring he and his girlfriend Mia Malkova. They submitted their homemade video to and it got selected! Mia was teasing Brent while he was driving, she was getting all worked up and by the time you know it she was rubbing her pussy and squeezing her nipples. Mia couldn’t wait any longer and demanded he pull over so she could get to work sucking his cock. We also get to see Mia’s ass bouncing up and down on Brent’s dick in their bedroom, and finally a thick gooey cum facial.

Brent’s words on his adventure with Mia:

“My girlfriend would not stop teasing me in the car, complaining about how much she wants me to fuck her. So I did what I had to do: fucked her in the car, then fucked her home and painted her pretty face with an enormous cumshot.” Check out more today at today, on the cheap!

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Lynne has always been the freaky type – ever since she started dating Rey this chic just couldn’t keep her clothes on or her pussy dry. On their first date, they went to the park, and Rey got a blowjob at the picnic table – he knew she was a keeper. Every chance Lynne got she was whipping out her tits or taking a deep dicking without a care in the world. Pretty soon Rey got smart and started bringing along a video recorder…needless to say, this brought out the inner porn star in Lynne. This girls’ pussy went into overdrive! A girl that wild isn’t easy to tame, and needless to say, Rey’s journey with Lynne is over. She cheated on him by getting her asshole stuffed by some dude she met at work. Not to let his collection go to waste, Rey decided to say F U Bitch, I Leaked Our Video…join for a buck.

Found GF on Dating Site

Found real gf on site

Busted on Dating Site

Well I knew it wouldn’t be very long before a reader of this mighty fine blog site shared his story of finding his ex-girlfriend in various states of undress and sexual positions online.

John (real name witheld, naturally) was a typical working class dude, very old school “man works, wife stays home with kids” kinda guy. He started dating a fine MexicAsian by the name of Emiliana and before long, she was living in his house, taking care of normal household stuff while he was off slaving away at his 9-5.  John is a church-going man, and had convinced a fellow co-worker of his to come along one Sunday. John was pretty used to guys taking a look at Emiliana and being stunned by her beauty, but something was a little different this time.

It wasn’t until John went back to work the next day that his buddy shared why he had been so uneasy while talking to Emiliana and why he couldn’t stop staring – and it wasn’t because he found her unbelievably attractive. He told John how he liked to frequent porn sites, and had lately started checking out, a hookup site. Turns out, he recognized Emiliana from a recent profile that he’d replied to, along with a few videos that had been made for Fling.

John didn’t believe it – he thought his leg was being pulled, and was a little offended. That’s when friend pulled out his phone and gave him the web address of the profile so he could check for himself. Totally in denial. John soon found himself staring at his soon-to-be Ex having sex on the internet; ass in the air, pussy full of dick, mouth full of cum, and all on the bed that they share. Sux to be John. Interested in seeing local babes in your town? Join for Free. Or click here for Emiliana.