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This Cute blonde teen girlfriend places her cam on her coffee table and sits across from it on the couch and fucks her pussy hard with her plastic vibrator..and of course, there is an awesome video preview! has one of the best collections of girlfriend videos on the net! Good videos, and their  premium collection of full videos is in WMV/Flash & Mp4/Mobile formats and huge complete pic sets of each of our girlfriends in our GF galleries.

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Rick had been dating his girlfriend Reanne since a week after they met during his junior year in college, her freshmen year. They were a pretty dirty couple, always screwing each other at house parties, giving each other head any chance they got, you know, being normal co-eds – always having a great time. When Rick graduated and went off to graduate school, they decided to carry on a semi-long distance relationship.  Reanne would record “naughty diaries” for him – usually videos of her in skimpy clothes, stripping off layer by layer, teasing him with her soft tits and tight pussy. She’d dance around, talking about how she can’t wait to have his cock in her mouth, or how she loves when he’d stick it in her ass. Her favorite place to shoot these vids was in the shower, because it allowed her to get penetrated by ‘blue,’ her favorite toy. One day Reanne accidently sent a video message of herself giving another man a blowjob. Needless to say, Rick’s collection of videos is now online.
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Krissyn is an amateur dirty blonde that absolutely loves the way she looks on camera. She is a straight up wanna be porn star and knows exactly how to get noticed. She uploads to quite a bit, each video hotter than the next. She not only loves sharing videos of herself sucking dick and getting facialed, but she also has a bunch of still pics where she shows off her amazing ass and perky tits. She is addicted to guys “voting” her videos to the top, and she isn’t shy about giving us what we want. If you’re a fan of POV movies and feeling like it’s Your cock in her warm mouth, Your dick penetrating her tight pussy, Your Spunk on her tongue…You will not be dissapointed. Join for a buck.

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Sharon is a naughty tanning studio employee that did what a lot of the dirty minded girls that work there always fantasize about – she sucked and fucked the clientele. Now, normally this wasn’t too big of a deal – a lot of them think about it, and, with limited supervision, it happens. Things started getting out of hand though when clients started showing up only when Sharon was working and flat out refused the services of any other employees. After a couple of warnings, the owner got a bit fed up and recruited one of his “player” type friends to hit on Sharon and get her to fuck video – just to teach her a lesson. Sharon eventually confessed to stealing a bunch of the studio’s cash, and skipped town before paying it back.
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Diane is a wild thin blonde that just strives for attention. You know the type of girl –  the one that will complain about being fat on all her pictures and how ugly she is so that guys will “Like” them and comment about how hot she is. Yeah, she’s one of those. It was this need for approval that got her to submit herself giving an amazing blowjob and getting a messy facial to Her boyfriend helped convince her, of course, but that’s beside the point – I mean, seriously, we all know that she would have blown anyone on camera for a few followers. Whatever led to Diane showing off her fallatio skills and letting cum drip down her chin – we benefit. Be sure to vote on her video so she keeps making more. And maybe she’ll blow you in the next video – turns out her boyfriend didn’t take too kindly to Diane sharing the video link with his friends..he’s such a bitch!

Brenda sluts it up in the Restroom

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Heartless Facial Lover

Brenda and Rene were introduced to each other at a mutual friend’s house party. They connected almost instantly, sharing flirtatious smiles and seductive stares. Rene knew Brenda was down to fuck – he could tell her hot pussy was yearning for carnal pleasure – literally dripping in anticipation. Rene’s just coming off a rough break up with his ex, but was ready to get back in the game and get into Brenda’s warm slit. They continue mingling and flirting and after a few more drinks, Brenda could not wait any longer for a deep dicking. She took Rene into the restroom and proceeded to suck his cock like a pro. She sucked harder and noisier when he pulled out the camera – she completely became inhabited and let her inner nympho emerge. Soon they fucked in multiple positions, taking full advantage of the huge mirror. She absolutely loved riding his dick while he sat on the toilet and licking his balls by the counter. Brenda had the night of her life and was even rewarded with a messy cum facial and a lifetime of memories.

They went back to the party and enjoyed the rest of the night. Rene, still firmly planted in Rebound Mode, asked Brenda out for a proper date – hopeful he’d get some more sperm on her lips. She declined though – and admitted to using Rene to get back at her boyfriend!
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Mia give Road Head

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Brent sent it this nice video preview featuring he and his girlfriend Mia Malkova. They submitted their homemade video to and it got selected! Mia was teasing Brent while he was driving, she was getting all worked up and by the time you know it she was rubbing her pussy and squeezing her nipples. Mia couldn’t wait any longer and demanded he pull over so she could get to work sucking his cock. We also get to see Mia’s ass bouncing up and down on Brent’s dick in their bedroom, and finally a thick gooey cum facial.

Brent’s words on his adventure with Mia:

“My girlfriend would not stop teasing me in the car, complaining about how much she wants me to fuck her. So I did what I had to do: fucked her in the car, then fucked her home and painted her pretty face with an enormous cumshot.” Check out more today at today, on the cheap!

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Lynne has always been the freaky type – ever since she started dating Rey this chic just couldn’t keep her clothes on or her pussy dry. On their first date, they went to the park, and Rey got a blowjob at the picnic table – he knew she was a keeper. Every chance Lynne got she was whipping out her tits or taking a deep dicking without a care in the world. Pretty soon Rey got smart and started bringing along a video recorder…needless to say, this brought out the inner porn star in Lynne. This girls’ pussy went into overdrive! A girl that wild isn’t easy to tame, and needless to say, Rey’s journey with Lynne is over. She cheated on him by getting her asshole stuffed by some dude she met at work. Not to let his collection go to waste, Rey decided to say F U Bitch, I Leaked Our Video…join for a buck.

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Sharpie Holder?

Not really sure what the say about this other than I have no idea what goes through a girl’s mind in that moment that she decides to stick a few Sharpie’s up her ass and snap a photo with her camera phone. My mind was boggled even more so when I heard that she tried to post it on facebook, or that she sent it to some dude she was crushing on, in hopes that he’d give her the time of day. Sluts with Phones man, sluts with phones. The crazy thing though, is that Sharpie girl over there is just one of thousands of girls in, one of the 100% amateur sites in the Amaland Network. If you’re thing is chicks doing dirty things to themselves or making cell phone movies or taking pictures while fucking, then this is your site! There are TONS of women on here posing, fucking, sucking, and playing – don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of ‘duck face’ too, but that’s because all of the sets are from cell phones, usually even the whole images folder. A lot of the files in the site were also sent in by angry ex-boyfriends who would get them in text messages – luckily the girls in question never deleted them…why do they give smart phones to girls that can sometimes act so dumb. Oh well, better for us I guess. These girls are 100% amateur and obviously like all the new attention that they’ll be getting from – and to think they do it all free. Join today for a buck and check it out!

Beth shares her cell phone facebook pics

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Beth is the type of babe that absolutely loves to pose and show off her goods for the camera. We love these types of girls over at You know, that girl on facebook that is always posting duck-face pictures of herself and constantly complaining about how fat she is just so that she can get guys to comment about how hot she is and how hard they want to fuck her? She’s that girl. I swear, this chic would do anything for a few more ‘likes’. Funny enough, she’s also the type that would send a random stranger nude pics just because he agreed that she wasn’t that great looking and ‘needed work’ – ahhh, sometimes getting girls to send self-shot nude pics is too damn easy. Enjoy her pics and a ton more at!