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Sasha swallows every drop

redhead babe makes movie

Red head likes to film

Today we got Sasha, a hot red head that is here to prove that real amateurs can be just as nasty and just as hot as all those porn stars coming out of Chattsworth.

After she caught her boyfriend Dan stroking it to some hot porn, Sasha felt a little self-conscious and wanted to prove to Dan that she can fuck harder and hotter than any porn star, and that guys around the world would want to stroke it to HER! To prove her point, Sasha submitted her video to and the rest is history!

You’ll love the way this red head sucks and fucks her way to your heart and making all the porn stars in the world proud by swallowing a huge load just for our pleasure. Be sure to sign up and see her movie, no excuses, because two day trials are only a dollar! So what do you think fellas, based on Sasha’s decision to feature herself, is it true, do Red Heads really have more fun?

Dirty Blonde, Massive Facial in dressing room

Dirty blonde facialed

Public Facial

Suzanne is a dirty girl. I don’t know if it’s the fact that she likes to have sex and give head in public places, or if it’s the fact that she likes getting a massive facial and rubbing it into her skin, Idunno – whatever it is, she is one dirty girl. Which, coincidentally enough, makes her perfect for! She has a bunch of videos up, most of them involve getting fucked hard in a public setting, or smoking a meat stick and getting a warm lather on her waiting face. Suzanne’s obviously the type that likes the thrill of doing naughty things with a risk of getting caught, which makes me believe that in the ‘real world’ she is probably a teacher or some kind of professional.

babe loves cum

Got something on your chin...

Back to today’s clips. They are from one of her posts, accordingly titled, “dressing room blowjob and facial” – she forgot the word massive in there. This girl takes the load like a champ, and I swear it damn near blinds her, haha! She absolutely loves and respects that cock, licking and stroking it like the hot cum that is going to come out is the key to life itself (see what I did there, haha). Not only does she suck pretty damn well, but she loves to be filmed while doing it. She knows she’s going to post it on, and you can tell it gets her pussy soaked just thinking about men all the world over beating it to her sloppy oral skills. The way she stares at the camera while bobbing up and down, the way she lets the jizz collect on her face for a while before licking it up with her tongue…this girl knows exactly what she’s doing. Sign up for a Dollar Trial today and see the whole thing. On a side note, how many of you guys out there have a girl who would give you a blowjob in a dressing room (complete with facial) – and let you film it?

Amateur redhead Posing and Cum Facial

I’ve got a girl for you guys today that absolutely loves taking naked pictures of herself – mostly while naked and with her face dripping with fresh semen. You can tell just by the amount of pictures and movies that this girl has online at JizzOnMyGF that there’s nothing that turns her on more than sharing her naughty pictures – and getting facialed. Lyndsy is a smoking hot red-headed, blue eyed co-ed that hopes to one day make it into the commercial modeling world. I think that if any of her prospective bosses got a look at these pictures that she would not have any trouble at all making it to the “casting couch,” if you know what I mean.

Now, I’m all for hot amateurs posting their homemade sex pics and vids online, but why would this girl hoping to become famous one day release herself into a collections of porn, right now, before she makes it? Doesn’t she know that she could make a ton of money by releasing these after she makes it big? Oh well, guess it just goes to show what type of an uninhibited exhibitionist Lyndsy is, just like most of the hot pieces of ass up at, and hey, if she doesn’t make it to the runway, there’s always a career in Porn. What do you think, will Lyndsy make it, or should we start pre-ordering a blu-ray today?

Thick Amateur Brandy Loves to Share Pics

look at those juggs

Titties Galore

OK so we all know that BBW‘s are the best because they Love to impress and show that they can do everything that those skinny girls can do, but they can do it even better. It’s a simple fact, they love to over compensate by doing things with you that you’ve only seen in porno movies! That’s why I love, a site dedicated to the Big and Beautiful Girlfriends out there! These girls love to get crazy, and Brandy is not exception to the rule. I decided to share today, one of her older photo sets, simply because it shows us that Brandy always was, and always will be a wild and crazy thick chic.

big girls love to suck


From the second the camera turned on, she knew exactly what to do – she teases, poses, fingers herself…and all this is just while she’s in the car! Her set is pretty cool – I quite enjoy exhibitionism, and Brandy doesn’t disappoint on that end either – She whips out those amazing milk jugs and plays with her thick lipped pussy during the whole ride home. And when she gets there? Well, the fun has just begun – what we have today is just sample of the things she’s shared on MyBBWGF, be sure to join today for a buck and check them all out. Oh, one more thing, Brandy also fits the usual thick babe bill, in the fact that she gives and AMAZING looking blowjob. I included a few pics from that set as well….wait till you see what she does with a hot load. See ya on the Inside!

Michelle Loves Anal Sex

in her anus

Stick it in...

she loves cock
Lube it up….

So Michelle is a conservative office chic in the daytime and an absolutely sexually charged being with an insatiable appetite for having things in her anal cavity at night. True Story, according to the bio she wrote over at

It’s girls like this that constantly remind me why I love the great thing that is amateur porn. It’s crazy to think how many pictures and how many videos there are out in the world of sexy neighbors, teachers, nurses, bankers, waitresses, and all women from all walks of life getting drilled, spanked, facialed, analized and any other sexual act we can think of – seriously, it boggles the mind. Sorry, didnt mean to run off on a tangent there, but it just popped in my head like a boner pops in my pants when I see the sexy girls next door and imagine them sucking cock and getting fucked.
open asshole

Fill her up and Pull it out!

Now, back to Michelle. She’s got a bunch of posts scattered throughout the GF Network. She works in an office during the day and sometimes masturbates at her desk while nobody is watching, and she is sure to snap a few pictures under her desk while she does it, licking her fingers clean afterwards for our enjoyment (She likes to post those at straight from her computer.) After a long day of typing reports, emailing stuff, and dealing with her boring as fuck boss, and being all corporatey and shit, she likes to cut loose and have some fun with her lucky boyfriend. Now this usually entails her sucking him off and getting a facial or two so they can post up at Ahh, the life of a exhibitionist, lol. Her favorite site to post at though, has hands down got to be though. She has a ton of uploads to that site, and she absolutely loves taking it up her tight asshole, and judging by the amount of videos she does it in, does not mind at all going ass to mouth. Be sure to check out all her movies by joining *trial for a buck* MyGFLovesAnal, and you’ll also get access to all the other sites she uploads to with the GFNetwork Pass, enjoy!

anal website

Amateur Babes in Action

Hey all. Ever have one of those mornings when you want to do nothing more than Jizz on a hot girls’ face? Dunno what it is about the ‘facial’ that turns us guys on so damn much (so much that it is the standard ending for most Porn as well as in real life relationships). Maybe it’s a subconscious thing, ya know? Maybe to us, nothing is hotter than seeing our fresh seed being spread around and worshiped a bit, then being swallowed down.
Brunette in Glasses gets cum facial

Facials, Gotta Love 'em

Anyways, here’s today’s amateur delight. This site is dedicated to finding raw, uncut, and uncensored Videos and Pictures. Everything is 100% Downloadable and every photo and video shows a Hot Amateur Babe taking a

Babe smiles with cum on her face
She Loves that cum!

Load of warm Cum on Her Face, Her Tits, Her Ass, Her Stomach, Her Asshole, In her Pussy (Creampie), In her Ass (Anal Creampie), In Her Mouth, Etc.

As you can see in the photos, this alluring brunette just plain loves that cum. She opens her mouth wide open so that she is sure not to miss a drop, and then poses for the camera with a massive load sliding down her face. Her name is Roxanna, and judging by the amount of pictures she’s uploaded, she just plain loves having semen on her pretty face.

Just like in real life (cuz this IS real life, duh) there are plenty of different types of women in these videos. Short or Tall, Chubby or Thin, Blonde or Brunette, one this is for sure, these girls love Cum. I mean, you do get a few of the shy girls, or the first time facial girls (my favorite) that look just plain shocked when a load hits them in the cheek or eye; as well as the ones that can’t stop giggling after watching their man explode all over her face. As usual, there are thousands of Images and Movies of all amateur action, and, I wouldn’t recommend it if it was done any other way. You can Also Submit your own movie, so other fans of homemade porn can watch as you say “I’m gonna JizzOnMyGF.” Enjoy!

Brunette amateur tongues that Jizz

brunette tongues that cum
She loves the taste

Up today we’ve got a video submission sent in from Alexis, a hot and horny co-ed that loves the feeling of a thick, warm load all over her tongue. It comes to us courtesy of, one of the absolute best amateur websites around, specializing in video and images of sexy babes getting creamed on.

In one of her first videos (preview), we get to see Alexis get face fucked, an activity that she absolutely adores. What I love about this one is that you can see the total enthusiasm for what she is doing in her facial expressions and body language – you can tell that taking mouthful after mouthful is really turning her on, as she spends a lot of time rubbing her pussy while getting load after load.Then she starts playing with the cum on her tongue!  Alexis has a couple of different high quality videos up at, and none of them dissapoint. She has an unmatched appetite for taking on multiple partners, and completely craves the sexual attention she receives while she’s getting it. Watch all of her amateur homemade videos up at

Army Wife Tiffany poses in naughty Lingerie

sexy amateur poses

Ready and Willing

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I wish I could say that it was because I’ve been vacationing or out improving the world by inventing a great device that would change the planet as we know it, but I’ve actually been doing something much better! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks immersing myself in some of the best amateur porn that the internet has to offer. A ton of my time has been spent at Dirty Wives Exposed, part of the ultra amazing GF Network of amateur porn sites. As you can imagine, DWE is full of amateur movies and pictures that are made and uploaded by real women, most of which are, you guessed it, horny wives! I guess they could technically qualify for the MILF catagory, but a bunch of the wives that regularly update range from teen and twenty-something to cougar – in other words, it’s a nice variety of ages and body types.

amateur in the shower
Hot and Wet

What I really like about Dirty Wives Exposed is the fact that all the girls that upload pictures and movies aren’t doing it to try to win a contest or just cause they like the attention. Take Tiffany for example; she is an Army Wife that figured the best gift she could give her deployed husband is the gift of porn. She knows he’s alone and horny, so instead of getting him a softcore edition of Playboy, or a dvd that will get worn out in less than a week, she submits pictures to DWE and gets a free membership for him. She gets to pose for him, teasing him with her dirty little outfits, shower for him so he can remember what she looks like wet, rub her clit for him so he can know how horny she gets for him while he’s away. A favorite thing of Tiffany is to make masturbation movies for Jared. She likes to set up the camera and hit record, then go off into a random area and start pleasuring her aching pussy, rubbing her moist slit until it erupts in a full squirt of pleasure..being the exhibitionist that she is, Tiff also likes doing these things in public. Check out all of her submissions at, trials only a buck!

Red Head Amateur Teen Squeal’s with Delight

teen doggystyle
She Moans with Pleasure

This redhead is on fire! I know its’s kind of a cliche but I really have no other way of describing this sexy set of clips. This is just one of the angles from the video she and her dude submitted, and to be honest, it doesn’t really show much, but fuck, her squeaky voiced sounds of pleasure make this video a spank-tastic contender! Mel is fairly new to the amateur video submissions game, so she only has one or two more videos up at, and (like all thick girls, Mel knows how to handle a cock in the mouth and jizz on the face) – but man, are they hot. In the full video that this clip is from, we get to see Mel’s amazingly huge tits bouncing everywhere as she gets her tight, moist pussy pounded, and we get a nice POV shot of her ass bouncing off that dick as he rams himself into her aching pussy harder and harder with each thrust. And when it’s time to pop a load, Mel knows her place, as she quickly gets on her knees and opens up for a nice and thick load all over her face and tongue. This one’s a keeper for sure! Exclusively up at (special here, sign up for MyBBWGF and you’ll also get access to! Even on $1 Trials!)

Latina teen with huge Tits takes Self Pics

Latina with Huge tits and guitar
Great tits and a Guitar? Sign me Up!

I sure do loves me some Latina women! I don’t know if it’s the unique spiciness they bring to the table, or the wide variety of body types they cover, or if it’s just that uncanny sensual look that they inherently possess – either way, I love ’em. Luckily for me, being a fan of amateur porn and all, there are sites dedicated to amateur porn submitted by Latina Women – one of my favorites being

sucking on bottle

Teen loves to Tease

The update I bring to you today is from Selena, a very heavy chested senorita from down in Texas. She likes to submit her naked pictures and varies it up by included different facets of her personality – a winning formula for keeping us all entertained, indeed! She recently added some photos of her and her guitar, re-affirming her affection for sex, love, and rock n’ roll. Selena is a very big Elvis fan, according to her bio, and she is a major fan of being naked at any point she can – mostly when her parents are not home. Oh yeah, she’s 19 and fresh out of hight school. It was pretty funny, on one of her videos that she made, we see her react lightning quick to hearing her mom arriving home from work. Selena was fingering her tight little pussy, teasing it with her curling iron, and licking her warm juices straight off her fingertips. She obviously gets off on making these pictures and movies, as she loves teasing the camera, taking her wet fingers and rubbing them all over her tits and amazing ass. Remember what I said about wide body types earlier? Yeah, this sexy Latina is in her prime – she’s got curves in all the right places, ie, her face is cute, lips are thick, tits are huge, vagina tight and wet, and her ass is thick and firm. Check out the rest of her updates at and add her to your favorites to keep them coming. I love me those Latina booties, What do you admire most about Latina women?