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Dirty blonde white girl loves Anal

blondie loves anal
She loves it up the ass

I would like to bring attention today to one of my favorite updates to, an update submitted by Shannon, a dirty white girl that loves to shove things up her ass and in her mouth. She’s got quite the body on her as well, as her ass looks nice and juicy, her tits are amazingly huge without being gross, and her face is just begging to get cummed on.

sex toy in her ass

Blondie Loves Anal Beads

Shannon’s most recent update is pretty self-explanitory. She’s alone. She’s horny. And all she has to entertain herself is a few anal sex toys, some lingerie and a camera. How could this possibly get any better?! Oh that’s right, she could post the full set of over 45 real homemade amateur porn anal pictures up on MyGFLovesAnal for all the world to see! I guess I wouldn’t be surprised that this blue-eyed bombshell would share such images, but Shannon is the type of girl that gets off on knowing that guys are beating off to watching her pleasure herself with one butt-filling toy after another.
sexy kitten likes to purr
Totally submissive, isn’t she?

The thought of her self made images and homemade movies running through your mind while you’re stroking your hard cock, waiting to explode all over your wife’s waiting face is enough to soak Shannon’s panties. She absolutely loves that she can make you cum long after you downloaded that first movie and made a stain in your boxers. She loves that the simple stares she gives can make a dick leak, and she absolutely adores the taste and feel of hot cum on her moist tongue – and she’s uploaded proof of that too. Be sure to check her out and leave her a nice little comment over at, trial for only a buck!

BJ Amateur loves to lick Fresh Cum

brunette loves to lick up cum

She loves to lick it up

What can I say? I am definitely a fan of Kathy’s submissions to! She is the perfect type of girlfriend any guy would love to have! Bi? Check. Swallows? Yup. Anal? Of Course! Cute? That’s a Yes! Loves Facials? Indeed. Loves playing with cum after she sucks it straight out of a penis? Hell Yes. Loves doing all of the above on camera and then shares it with the world? Double Check! And We know she isn’t just trying to make her profile look good either, she is always uploading new movies and pictures that consistantly outdo one another.

Today’s samples are from one of the first videos she did (she has since upgraded to a fancy HD camera) and it is a good introduction to what Kathy is all about. She loves deep throating a thick dick. Rubbing her moist tongue all around it as it swells in her mouth. She loves breathing her hot breath onto his balls, then gives a good licking from his asshole to the tip of the head. The full video is enough to make you cum in seconds, but we decided today to focus on the fact that her videos don’t just end with a cumshot. She sucks it out and continues to play with it in her mouth, letting it drip and sucking it back up – all the while shoving that cock down her throat again and again. Check out the samples below and you’ll see what I mean. Join the site today for a buck and you’ll also get to see all her movies and pictures. My favorites of course are the blowjobs, but she also has a few pov sex scenes and a couple of threesomes with her friend Katie. One thing is for sure, they ALL show her affection fresh, hot semen anywhere she can get it and for deep throating. Enjoy the Full movie and many more at

Amateurs get naked in Public

public flasher
Short skirt and no Panties

Up for discussion today is a site that I discovered almost on accident. It’s called PublicGFs, and it all about content that is submitted by real life amateur, girl next door types. The kicker, however, is that all the content featured on the site was taken in a public setting (think the park, mall, street, parking lot, playground nudity, etc) or when there were a bunch of people around, ie, parties. 

I understand that this is quite a turn on for most women. The rush of adrenaline they get from the thought of being caught. The auro of naughtiness they exude when they are doing dirty things in places they shouldn’t be doing them. It’s great stuff, for sure. In the sample image to the left, we have Shannon, who is quite the exhibitionist. The gallery of public nudity and public sex pictures I have for you has a variety of women flashing and more, but I wanted to concentrate on Shannon’s pic. The reason is simple really. Shannon has a ton of pictures and videos up at – so I know that she’s the real deal when it comes to loving to show off her goods. I’ve seen her posing in a train station, a bunch of panty-less upskirts while on stairs, her naked on a park bench with people behind her, on a playground, and pretty much anywhere else she could get naked or give a quick flash at. Another thing that I like about her style is that she always makes sure to prove that she’s always at the risk of getting caught. In almost every single one of her photos and movies, you see people very close in the background, some of them are guys can tell whats going on and just want a quick peek, but most have not a clue in the world. Who knows, maybe you are in one of the pics up at PublicGFs, a thought that I think would actually be kinda cool, lol. Another cool perk about is that when you join up, you’ll also get access to 15 other Amateur Girlfriend sites – now that’s one hell of a deal!

Amateur Teen BBW takes Self Pics

Big titted coed

Cute with Huge Tits. Check.

 So, I pretty much just have to be up front and spit this out: Holy Shit, Jewel has some huge fucking tits, there, I feel better. She recently submitted this set up at and boy am I glad she did. I don’t know if she’s big enough to be qualified as a bbw, as she’d be well enough to just simply be a BW, or Beautiful Woman. She’s cute, she’s a little thick, and she loves to take pictures and make movies of herself doing naughty things – fuck it, that qualifies her as a bbw in my book!

sexy ass in lingerie

Thick Slappable Booty

She obviously loves the attention she gets from the members over at MyBBWGF, as she is constantly adding new pictures, most of which go straight to the ‘rate me’ section, which I, myself, tend to frequent pretty often. She does deserve every single vote she gets though. Whether its from that thick slappable booty, or those amazing tits that make you salivate, or her very well groomed pussy – and let’s not forget about those sexy as hell lips – combined with the wanting stares she gives as she looks into the camera. Fuck, it’s kinda hard not to imagine sticking your dick right into her warm, wet mouth so she can show her oral skills and firmly etch her name into the hall of all time bbw greats. Luckily you don’t really have to imagine much, as she submits sexually satisfying oral, vaginal, and anal (!) videos regularly in the video submission section. I sure do loves me some hot bbw action – especially when they treat warm hot cum as a delicatessen, as Jewel does…. Be sure to check out all her submissions up at, trials starting at a buck.

Wife with Great Ass strips while singing

cougar stripping

Song and Dance

Up on tap today is a nice submission for Roxie, a hot amateur housewife who likes to have fun making homemade porna nd taking homemade pictures. She’s also likes to let loose the charismatic entertainer in her, as she allows hubby to film her singing, dancing, and stripping out of a bathrobe so that they could post it up on one of my all time favorite amateur milf/wife website, It’s a pretty chill site, stuffed full of horny amateur wives, ranging from 20-something newlywed type who are spreading their affection for each other by posting up tons of videos of themselves fucking and sucking in all kinds of places, to 30-somethings and Cougars who are sexually free and express their lustful feelings through the extra raunchy acts they catch on film. Nothing better than an older woman who knows how sexy she is showing off her pillates-honed body and amazing sexual talents.

great ass

Cougar Bubble Butt

Great stuff up at DirtyWivesExposed, I simply love the amateur acts of real next-door wives getting down and dirty in the privacy of their own homes, or their own vehicle, or their own table at a restaurant…you get the point, haha! Anyhoo, Roxie has a ton of singing and dancing videos up on the site, and it definitely turns her on, as usually when she’s done dancing around, she grabs ahold of the closest thing to a mic she can, and starts showing her throating skills that are unmatched. After watching her deep throat a cock, it’s pretty arousing to see her bouncing her amazing ass up and down on it, as she yearns for that hot warm feeling of semen in her face…kinda like a spotlight.

Annabelle Loves to be Covered in Cum

annabelle opens her snatch
Teen Open and Waiting
Today we’ve got a teen hottie named Annabelle who absolutely loves to be covered in hot sticky cum any way possible. This couple has so many sets up at that it boggles the mind. Her dude must be on some sort diet that allows him to generate enough semen to satisfy her urges for his high protein sauce. We’ve gone ahead and gathered up a couple of pictures from the different sets that Annabelle has up and posted them here so you can preview. This chic is perfectly happy with a dick in her mouth, pussy, or asshole – so long as she gets to have some warm cum splashed on her face, spread on her tits, smothered on her ass, or as a filling for her tender pie. If I had to pick a favorite though, I’d say she loves getting mouth-fucked the best, as she seems to be really love looking up at the camera while she’s swallowing some man-meat.
glasses babe facial

She loves that Cum

She really knows how to work up that cum explosion too. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Annabelle in action in a couple of her member videos, and damn, she works it Good! She definitely has the ways of the tease nailed down you complete eye contact as she slowly dances around, showing off her curves while she removes her clothes piece by piece. The way she crawls over to you and lets her hot breathe loose from down on your balls all the way up the shaft to the tip of your pounding head. The eyes she gives as she licks her lips in preporation for having a warm meat stick in her mouth. She licks it. She lets out some spit on the top of your head that’s been gathering as her mouth watered in anticipation, and quickly lets her tongue loose, giving a hot and heavy lather down from your asshole all the way to the tip of your dick. She can’t hold back any longer. She shoves your dick down her throat, which gets you even harder as you feel her warm throat squeeze around it. She stays there long enough to get a slight eye water, pulls it out and takes a deep breathe right before she shoves it right back in there. She takes some time to wrap her tongue around your already soaked in saliva balls, loving every minute of it. She knows that she’s working that cumshot up, and her yearning for it is at an all time high. Every slurp sound she makes gets you even closer to giving her the cum that she desires so badly. As she massages every vein on your cock with her tongue the sensations get closer and you know you’re just ready to pop, that’s when she goes into high gear, bobing up and down on the head, jerking your dick at a fast pace, aiming the tip of your dick at her face, paying extra attention to the noises you make as your about to cum. I’m telling you…this girl really knows what she’s doing, and all the exclusive pictures and videos of Annabelle in action are up and have dollar trials at


Lesbian Amateurs Licking with Halloween Spirit

licking homemade porn
Treats, No Tricks

Don’t you just love the time around the holidays? It seems that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, and people are just enjoying themselves and having a good time? One of my favorite holidays is Halloween..I mean, seriously, what other day is there that all these girl-next-door types try to find and dress up in the sluttiest outfits they could possibly squeeze in to? Not to mention that Halloween is pretty much just a fun time to begin with – where people are trying to scare the hell out of all these hot babes, usually resulting in us getting to see even more flesh that the costume intends!

Julia loves to lick

Nurse Licking a Devil's Pussy, nice!

For today’s post I decided to share a sample gallery from the hot and bi-sexual co-eds, Rita and Julia, that are shock-full of the Halloween Spirit, sharing their homemade porn pictures at They were at a Halloween Party and decided that the room could use a bit more entertainment once the drinks were flowing and the music was turned up a bit, they went at each other in an exhibiting display of passion. They start off by just teasing each other with their fingers, sliding an index finger around a soft nipple, then rubbing it by each others moist slits. The mood is definitely setting and the juices around their clits are really collecting, as each light pass with their fingers gets firmer and wetter. Julia can’t take much more teasing, and starts making her way south on Rita’s waiting body. By the time that Julia’s light kisses pass her belly button, Rita’s pussy is aching to get attacked by her long and eager tongue. It’s nice to see a horny little She-Devil getting her pussy eaten by a caring Nurse – and there’s even more in the full set up at, be sure to check them out along with a ton of other Halloween themed amateur homemade porn!

Leah gets a messy Mouthful of Cum

hot cumshot facial
Leah Gets a Mouthful

I was trolling around for new homemade porn sites when I happened across a site that was one of the original “ex-girlfriend” sites around: It’s been around for more than a decade, and has a TON of homemade amateur content to prove it! In deciding what movies to share with you today it was either clips from a submitted video complete with a cumshot, or a regular cumshot compilation video. I know, I know, the compilation videos are good for showing variety of the women in the site, but I figured you’d see all that on the tour page of RevengeTV anyway.

Allow me to present to you Leah. In this 27 minute long submission we get to see her dancing around, and slowly teasing us with glimpses at her perky tits and thick ass. It becomes clear soon though, that she isn’t looking to get laid this time, as she starts to lick her juicy lips and gives us the starry eyes as she yearns for a dick to be placed on her moist tongue. She loves to perform for the camera, and her man lets her do all the work, with her hand and her mouth. He’s a little shy at first, taking a while to get hard – a fact that she seems to enjoy as she she shoves his cock downher throat. Leah is also a fan of sucking on his balls, as she doesn’t hold back on that regard either. She truly does love that the camera is on, and isn’t shy about staring at us through that lens – she knows she’s teasing and she loves it – Especially when she gets the mouthful of cum! Be sure to check out Leah and the thousands of other amateurs at!

Amateur Brunette gets Wet while Posing

great tits on brunette
Does She Like It?

So by now it should be no surprise that I’m a big fan of all natural girl next door amateur porn. Judging by the type of site that this is, it’s a given! And if you happen upon this blog with any kind of regularity you also know that I’m a big fan of brunettes – not really on purpose, but I have noticed that a lot of the hot and naked amateur pictures and videos that I share with you happen to feature brunettes. And big asses, but that’s a different story all together, haha! Back to my original point though – I enjoy amateurs, amateur brunettes, and amateur brunettes with big asses. But know what kind of amateur I enjoy most? The kind that abso-fucking-lutely loves posing naked for the camera, taking dirty pictures and sucking and fucking on film. The ones that crave the attention, and get turned on by it. Not the slutty ones that would do it just because, mind you – but the ones that love doing it because it excites them to pose or perform for their man (or woman).

finger licking good

Yup! So Moist!

It was a long intro, but today I present to you Vicky, sharing some homemade porn with us that she made in her apartment and posted up at, part of the MadPorn Network. I’m quickly becoming a big fan at the high quality amatuer pictures that Vicky posts up for us, and a big fan at how finger-licking wet she gets while she’s taking those pictures. Of course, the moistness of her pussy in pictures pales in comparison to how soaking hot she gets when she’s making a blowjob video, or knows she’s about to get fucked from behind (her favorite position is on all fours with her ass in the air), but that’s a different post for a different day – or the members area of – which ever is easier, lol. Anyhoo, I decided to share her strip teasing pictures solely based on how much joy she seems to be getting out of posing in them. She starts off by undressing, frame by frame, teasing us along the way – and before long she is running through a bunch of the dirty poses she’s probably seen in magazines or in pornos – spreading her pussy open while sitting on a bar stool, showing off her asshole while spreading open her butt cheeks, and so on. She REALLY gets into this stuff, and in the full set she goes a bit further and starts sucking off her man while fingering her soaking wet vagina. Be sure to support her by joining and voting for her, and she’ll keep on cumming for us – trials start at a buck, and they got this whole Halloween thing goin on right now, so that’s pretty cool too.

Evelyn helps Double Team a Hard Cock

facebook mirror pic

Takin' it off

Evelyn is one kinky slut. We all know it, and she loves the attention that she gets from it. She has a bunch of posts up on and is constantly adding up more. Her latest Sex-capade displays how she can be a greedy cock lover one minute, and be all about sharing that pleasure the next. She invites her sexy friend over to do exactly that, and they do not dissapoint.

Loves to suck

That's a good Cock Sucker

Evelyn gets the party started by by slowly stripping things off and taking a couple of facebook type mirror pictures. Getting a little more naked and a little more slutty with every picture. We get to see a few of the same type of pictures from her hot friend Kat. These girls really do know how to get a cock hard simply by taking off their clothes! After having a little fun and teasing us with pictures of themselves rubbing tits and licking pussies, we get to the real meat of the session. Evelyn starts off by slowly licking a bobbing on the lucky bastard’s rock hard cock, slurping up on her spit as it slides down his shaft. She also gurgles by his balls a bit, just to make sure she got it all. It isn’t long before Kat joins in the fun and they each take turns sucking on either side of his cock and sucking on his balls.

sharing semen

Cumshot for Two.

Evelyn is taking a break from licking his taint and moves on to eating Kat’s ass when she decides that she can’t resist having a dick inside her any more. She crawls over Kat and gets her own tight little asshole licked a bit, and then slides her wet moist pussy onto that waiting penis head. She and Kat take turns riding him, never taking a moment from kissing, rubbing, or licking each other, and move into other positions – my favorite of which being when they stack up bend over and he alternates between their pussies and buttholes. After a nice sex session they girls move into position. Kat on the bottom getting fucked, and Evelyn on top of her getting fucked doggystyle. He switches between them a few times, building up a massive cumshot, before he pulls out and lets loose all over Kat’s tits and face. Evelyn, being the good girl that she is, does not let any of the hot cum go to waste, as she slowly starts licking up his spooge and shares it with Kat. The sample post has a few screen grabs from the video they submitted, but be sure to join the full site of for the 100% Downloadable HD Video. They got some of the best prices around, and some of the highest quality amateur porn on Earth. Enjoy!