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Lacey Channing in No Rubber For My Lover

Lacey Channing in No Rubber For My Lover
Star: Lacey Channing
Full HD Scene Length: 41:52
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Lacey Channing may have finally met the perfect guy. They spent the whole night together and related to each other emotionally on a level that neither of them knew existed. After their long night was over they moved things to the bedroom where things started to get interesting.

Her boyfriend was super nice and attempted to use a condom, but Lacey is all about the raw life. No need for a rubber if you’re her lover! She sucked his cock raw then let him jam it inside her tight pulsating twat. Her pussy was then filled with a heaping helping of cum.

Her dude started freaking out, but Lacey kept her cool. She’s a creampie veteran!

Vaginal Creme De La Creme

Update: Vaginal Creme De La Creme
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Star: Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs had her friends over a lovely dinner by this professional Chef. As the guests leave she looks at this strapping chef in his coat and says she‘s kind of upset she didn‘t get any dessert. Chef offers to leave to buy supplies to make her some, but she insists he has everything she needs. So the chef starts by peeling her nude and then warms her up for a few minutes until she‘s tender and juicy of course.

Jennifer Jacobs is enjoying how Chef is handling her and she moans and asks him to skewer her. Chef lays her out on the table like he‘s platting a turkey and spreads her legs like a wishbone. He really gets cooking taking her missionary all over the breakfast bar. While she‘s on her back he is kneading on her breasts like he wants them to rise, and let me just say he is enjoying these very bouncy b cups. Then he decides to lift her totally nude body up and continues to fuck her like a sack of flour while using his hips to thrust in scoop style.

Then he‘s on the chair with her sitting cowgirl for some fantastic ass bouncing off his lap while his meat stick is porking her tenderloin. Oh Jennifer is indeed the other white meat. Finally she is on top and bouncing up and down on Chefs cock waiting for his cream canister to explode and oh does it ever. This chef pounded her pussy pastry and left a massive creampuff that drips out like an elegant drizzle. If only he had a cherry to leave on that snatch while kissing his fingers! Bon Appetit!

Cream Pie Payback

Cream Pie Payback
Star: Jill Kassidy

Its been Jill’s dream to move up in her career. She would do whatever it would take to get her to the top. She always came in early, left late, and even let her boss fool around with her when he felt like it. The day of Jill’s yearly review had come and she was almost sure this would be her big break. Sadly, the review brought her nothing in return.

Jill was super bummed out, and caught the eye of her bosses son. They were both able to bond over the fact that he was an asshole, and his son even empathized with Jill further, knowing of their special late night appointments as well. Jill wanted to get back at her boss, and she figured her son would be the perfect boy to help her out…

When they would fuck, Jill never let him cum inside. Now her bosses son Brad will finally get to outperform his father. Jill spread her succulent pussy lips open and allowed Brads cock a slow but phenomenal entry. Once inside, Brads cock made Jill feel great, but she needed that cum to truly orgasm.

Sure enough, Brad filled her up with a whopping load of whipped man cream and was fully satisfied. They even took pics to send to her boss! Paybacks a bitch, a cum filled bitch!



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Riley Renee Teen Pie

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Star: Riley Renee
Full HD Scene Length: 35 Minutes 21 Seconds

Today we have Riley Renee in a Hot and Juicy Cream Pie Scene! The story goes that she locked herself out of her condo. Luckily, there is a pervy dude with a talent for lock picking watching her. He comes up to her and introduces himself. She is a little hesitant at first, but when he says he could help her out, she allows him to do so. After he opens up the door for her, he says goodbye – but Riley invites him in. He is clearly nervous, as he has had a crush on her for a while. After getting some info from him (like why he was watching her) she decides to pay him back for his locksmith work, with a sample from her own trade – as a porn star! She teases him by flashing her nipples at him – the lucky dude is stoked! She makes her way over and drops to her knees to start sucking his cock.

All this is captured beautifully, with some POV angles to get you really into the action. After he throat fucks her for a while, he lays her down on the bed and pulls aside her red thong so he can lick her shaved pussy. He eats her out for a while then decides its time to slide his thick dick into her tight twat. She lifts up her stocking covered legs and he starts pounding her like none before. Even her male co-stars couldn’t compare! They have some more fun, including some light bdsm play, he turns her around and bounces her thick round ass against his balls as he rams her from behind! They go through a couple of different positions before he gives her a dickload of cum, straight into her pussy! She squeezes it out, and we have another hot scene completed from the talent over at Enjoy!

Official Story:
Riley has trouble unlocking her door. Luckily, there was a strapping young onlooker who would be able to help her out. He went up stairs, gave the door his signature fist bump, and voila! The door opened smoother than it ever has before. She invited Tyler inside after, but he kept spacing out. Imagining her naked was just about all he could do.See the whole scene at

Riley asked what he had been up to, and he hurriedly replies with getting some lol. He may have just blew it. Luckily Riley has been too, she became a porn star! He didnt understand what she meant, until she spread her pussy lips wide open and let him plow her down real good. Her birth control regimen was also pretty massive at this point, so pin some seed inside her was no issue at all. The only problem? Squirting it out gracefully. Riley was able to do it with ease though ;).

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Iced Pussy Pastries

Update Title: Iced Pussy Pastries
Star: Avery Adair
Avery has spent all day baking a fresh creamy pie for her culinary class final. Everything has to be perfect or else she doesn’t pass. Just as she puts it in the oven, she hears a knock on the door. It was her brothers friend Chad who was here to chill, but Avery’s bro wasn’t home yet. Chad vibed and watched as Avery completed her pie. As soon as she takes it out, shes furious.
She somehow fucked it up. She throws it in the garbage and tells Chad about how it wasnt just any pie, it was a CREAMPIE! Believe itnot, Chad had actually made a few of those in his day. Avery was desperate and needed Chads last minute help…
Sure enough he wasnt talking about an edible creampie, but a coitus creampie. He rammed his thick cock around Avery’s pussy like a whisk, and made sure to spread his luscious cream all around that fresh hot pussy.
The pie they made may not be enough to pass her culinary exam, but we are willing to bet she will have no problem acing a pregnancy test 😉

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My Daughter The Cam Queen

Update: My Daugher the Cam Queen
Star: Ember Stone
The Site features HD Scenes shot in POV style, you will feel like you were there! Each scene usually has three parts, which means we usually get three different cumshots per update!
Ok boys what should I take off next? OMG DAD! You are supposed to knock before you come in my room. Now you know my secret. Ive been webcamming since you lost your job to help support us. I know its degrading but look at how much im making! Looks like these guys are willing to tip big if we have sex. This could be fun! Please lets try this :). Ill split the money with you 50/50 and consider it an early birthday present hehe. Thanks papa :*.

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Ashamed to have Cream Pie

Star: Nickey Huntsman
Update Title: Ashamed to have Cum
01-teenpies-nikki-huntsman02-teen-pies-nikkin-huntsman 03-brunette-glasses-blowjob04-babe-in-dress-sucking-cock
Its taken Nickey almost her whole life to find a decent boyfriend, and she has not even come close yet!she tries yet another dating site and sorts through all the pervs and creeps, she finds a possible match! A cute yet nerdy boy with similar interests. He might be worth her time, so she decides to make it a date!
05-blowjob-after-night-out06-ball-sucking-brunette-teen 07-thick-round-ass-teen-riding-cock08-hairy-pussy-brunette-teen-closeup
After a few drinks, Nickey can tell she is really feeling this boy. He was even kind enough to walk her home. Thats the perfect equation to get some pussy in Nickey’s eyes. She invited him into her house and whisked him away to the backyard, then climbed on top of him and took charge. Nickey knew exactly what she wanted, some hot dick and some cool cream to finish her off. Nickey rode this guy to the point of no return, and he was so ashamed when he popped his load all up in that perfectly pink pussy. Nickey didn’t mind though, so she decided it would be ok if they kept that creamy secret between the two of them.
09-fucking-nikki-huntsman-from-behind10-doggystyle-whitegirl-teen-brunette11-fucking-small-tits-teen 12-bush-pussy-penetration

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Ashamed to have Cream Pie



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Brooke Underhill gets a cream pie

Update: No Condom No Problem
Star: Brooke Underhill & Johnny Castle
Brooke is extremely excited for her boyfriend Johnny to come over. Its been a while since shes gotten shagged and is having heavy cravings plus her parents are away making this the perfect scenario. As soon as Johnny gets into the house things escalate quickly, and Brooke tells him to prepare the condom. Too bad Johnny totally forgot to bring that mega pack of flavored rubbers he just bought. Looks like they will have to perform a search and rescue around the entire house to see if any are laying around. After scavenging the entire house, they reach Brookes parents room (the last resort) and there’s nothing.
Instead of depressing Johnny further, Brooke takes one for the team and offers him a chance to fuck as long as he pulls out and pops on her back. Sounds like a deal! Unfortunately, Brooke squirted at some point leaving Johnny’s cock in a sea of sensation. He barely realized he nutted all up in that uterus, but as soon as he did he was quick to dip and not be too vocal about the fresh cream pie he had nestled into Brookes tight little pussy. Talk about a DICK move…

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Angel Smalls has buttsexxx

Star: Angel Smalls
Full HD scene length: 27:31
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After her dude kept falling asleep on her, Angel Smalls was pretty freakin’ horned up. She decided that the way she wanted to keep her dude’s attention was to offer him up something new, her tight butt hole!


She decides to do a little practice first, and since he is asleep in the living room anyway, she pulls out a sex toy and starts to have some fun. She uses her mouth to get the toy nice and wet then she squeezes it into her butthole …Join through


After a while he walks in and is pleasantly surprised. After the shock wears off, he gets into position and pulls out his cock. He slides it in and the real fun begins. His cock is bigger than her ass is, so he goes very deep inside of her! (note, she goes ass to mouth in the full scene!) He finishes her ass off by filling it with a hot load. Enjoy!



Maci May Rectum just in time

Maci May Rectum Just in Time

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teensloveanal_maci_may_002teensloveanal_maci_may_008 teensloveanal_maci_may_016 teensloveanal_maci_may_024

Maci May was enjoying a warm shower when she suddenly realized that her boyfriend and her are supposed to be at her mom’s house in less than an hour! She jumps out of the shower and is shocked to see that her boyfriend is not ready to go at all. He knows he has to shower, but he really wants to fuck her. Maci is a little horny so they decide he can shower after dinner. He pulls her over and starts to rub her wet pussy. Maci squeels a little, turns out she is still sore from their last fuck session.

teensloveanal_maci_may_032 teensloveanal_maci_may_034 teensloveanal_maci_may_043teensloveanal_maci_may_044

Luckily, Maci loves getting her tight asshole penetrated just as much as she loves having a thick dick in her mouth or pussy! She serves herself up and gets a rough and deep anal pounding, loving every minute of it!

teensloveanal_maci_may_048 teensloveanal_maci_may_050 teensloveanal_maci_may_054teensloveanal_maci_may_075

Maci gets her butt penetrated in a bunch of different positions before she gets the payoff of a large hot load of cum straight into her asshole. Not one to let cum go to waste, Maci squeezes that jizz out of her butt and on to her boyfriends dick. Then she licks it off!

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