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Passion HD Naughty Neighbor Alex Blake

Site: Passion Hd
Title: Naughty Neighbor
Actor: Alex Blake

Watch as this hot redhead Alex Blake gets her tight shaved pussy fucked hard by her lucky neighbor!

She has a tight pussy, small tits and a round booty on her petite frame – and when its all said and done, she will have a thick hot load of cum on her pretty face!

Bobble Head

Update: Bobble Head
Star: Kendra Lynn

Kendra Lynn is a bobble head.

What might that be? Well think about that figurine you have of your favorite sports star. They are basically the same.

The only difference is Kendra is a human and bobbles that head on your cock. Wow, you don’t even tap her either! She just keeps going, and going, and going.

Not only is she more fun to watch than a traditional bobble head, she gives you 1000 times the pleasure too. Such a little cock fiend!

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Red Hot Head Game

Update: Red Hot Head Game
Star: Lylian Red

In this update we get to see new starlet Lylian Red in a scene from the POV Blowjob Niche site from the network, Lylian is, fittingly so, a redhead – but she’s a redhead with attitude. She has a toned body, landing strip shaved pussy and comes fully decked out with tattoos and piercings. She displays her rocker body by doing a striptease before the scene, revealing her thick round ass and spreading her vagina wide open before dropping to her knees and sucking cock with her tits peeking out from the only piece of clothing she has left on. It all ends with Lylian getting a mouth full of cum. She lets it ooze over her tongue piercing and drip out of her mouth. Enjoy!
Official Synopsis: They call her Lylian Red for a reason. She will suck your cock until its redder than a cherry. She will start by playfully licking it, then looking you in the eyes so yo know its time to shove it down far it can go. You can even get rough with her if you want, she totally loves it. She might take a break to jerk you off with her feet, but don’t be disappointed. If you aren’t feeling it she will cup the head of your cock with her mouth to catch the jizz and jerk you until it comes out. Lylian is such a pleaser!
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Breaking Up and Diving In

Update: Breaking Up and Diving In
Stars: Karlie Brooks and Luzbel
Site: (Get access to the whole network at!)
Karlie is forced to stay at her moms friends place for a while, which isn’t too bad except her daughter Luzbel is a real b-i-t-c-h. She begins to get bored and sneaks into Luzbel’s room. She hears Luzbel’s phone ring and sees what it was all about. Luzbel got a message from another girl asking to fuck! This is weird since she supposedly has a boyfriend. Just as Karlie is about to screenshot it, Luzbel walks in. Luzbel is feeling diabolical at this point, offering the gossip and her boyfriend to Karlie in exchange for eating her pussy. Karlie would love to put Luzbel in her place, so she allows it. Luzbel gets to lick that virgin cunt and dyke out her asshole. Karlie has never had that before (literally)…
The sex was great, but then Luzbel had to go and tell Karlie how shes been broken up with her boyfriend, and how this was a trick to get all up in that pristine little twat of hers. Luzbel really lived up to her reputation, and left Karlie confused and dripping wet.

Redhead Dolly Leigh fucked with a Passion

Redhead Dolly Leigh fucked with a Passion at
Star: Dolly Leigh

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Angel and Alice Threesome

Scene: “Fun Sized Friends Take a Hot”
Stars: Alice March, Angel Smalls & Chad Alva
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Alice an Angel do everything together! They shop for extra small clothing, exercise, and even shower as one. Today, after their workout, Alice was wondering about Angels bro’s friend. Turns out she hasn’t really got to know him. Alice didn’t really care about that though, she just wanted to know if he was hot and if he was single. Angel had no time for her childish ways, so she insisted they go shower and get ready to study. They always shower together since they are so small its tough to reach the hard spots and the help of a friend makes it so much easier. Just as they are getting lathered up, Angels bro’s friend walks in and is shocked at what hes seeing.
Luckily, Alice invites him in and this shower goes from warm to steamy real quick. Chad starts fucking both of them in the shower until he bangs them so hard the dirt literally falls off. Once clean and sparkly, he moves these little spinners to the bed and finishes them off. He crams their tight pussies with rock hard dick making them beg for a taste of his seed. These two tiny sluts get a load to remember and this lucky bro will never be able to take a normal shower again.



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Dolly Leigh Blowing the Skin Flute

Star: Dolly Leigh
Update: Blowing The Skin Flute
Today’s update to the network features a new red head starlet named Dolly Leigh. The story goes that Dolly is horrible in music class. Like, really bad. So bad in fact that she doesn’t even know how to properly hold a flute. The scene is set up in a humorous way, and involves Dolly shoving the flute into her mouth – which gives her professor an idea. Maybe the skin flute is more on her level. Sexual escapades with a skirted school girl ensue, and the ending shows Dolly with cum dripping onto her tits. Enjoy!
Official Synopsis: Dolly has been supremely slacking in her music class. When she confronts Mr. Oliver about it he makes her a deal. If she can play at least one of the instruments in the classroom, she gets an A in his class! Should be easy right? Wrong. Dolly is the least musically inclined person in the entire school.She tries to play a riff on the guitar and she can barely hit any of the notes. Then she gets to the flute and doesn’t even know how to use it! Mr. Oliver tries to help her out and screams BLOW IT! Dolly then proceeds to suck the flute like a dick. Shes hopeless. Mr. Oliver sees this and figures maybe she might be a natural at the skin flute.
He shoves his dirty cock in her mouth, and dolly was a prodigy! She even excelled to the point where she could play the skin flute with her pussy too! Mr. Oliver’s skin flute was so happy it whistled out not just a lovely tune, but a barrage of finely tuned man pearls also. Dolly was delighted to get the grade she needed, and even happier that Mr. Oliver was extremely satisfied with her work.
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Lauren gets tickets to the Asshole Parade

Update: Tickets to the Asshole Parade
Star: Lauren Phillips
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When you break up with someone, all ties should be severed. Lauren apparently didn’t get that memo. She hits up her ex Chad to try and get the concert tickets he had bought for her birthday. Chad is not feeling it at all, and is kind of annoyed. Lauren continues to beg and chad gives her an ultimatum. Take her pants off and maybe she can earn them.
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Lauren was expecting to get her pussy fucked and go see a band, but turns out those tickets were for chad to fuck Lauren right up her asshole! Her reaction was priceless, and the pleasure she got from it will be timeless. Watching her huge tits bounce around as her brown eye got destroyed was a treat and a half. She even swallowed Chads dirty cum, making us wonder why the fuck they even broke up in the first place?

Knob Nodding by Bonnie Grey

Title: Knob Nodding by Bonnie Grey
Star: Bonnie Grey

Watch the Full HD Scene (17:50):


Now, This girl can really suck! If you are a fan of white girls sucking hard cock while making the loudest slurping noises around, you are in for a treat today! Bonnie Grey’s scene (see it at is the latest in the network of sites brought to you at and features plenty of deep throating, wet slurping, cock licking action. This girl also loves to talk dirty while stroking hard cock between sucks. You will enjoy her telling you how much she loves that cock and how she can’t wait to get that cum! Be sure to sign up today for the full scene and the rest of the daily updates!
Official Synopsis:Bonnie is usually one to put up a fight, but when it comes to dick sucking she always agrees. She will nod her head on your dick as if you just asked her all the right questions. That dark throat of hers stays extra moist when theres a cock in it, making it easy to go as deep as you can take it. If she can tell you are about to cum she will start to jerk you off. She wants that jizz and she wants it NOW. If you cum in her mouth and on her face she might just bake you some cookies after. Who doesnt want cookies after a fire BJ? This girl is BAE.

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That Fire Head

Update Title: That Fire Head
Scene Length: 18 Minutes 35 Seconds
Star: Chloe Carter
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Petite Chloe has the deepest eyes and the sexiest look. She’s like an emo girl that evolved into a hot pin-up model. She’s doesn’t like to waste time, so she gets straight to the point, and she makes it clear that she is there to suck dick and suck dick only.
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Chloe slobs that knob with conviction, using her fingers to spread her saliva around and edge the tip of your cock. She takes it deep too, which just adds on to this girls overall sex appeal. The only thing she expects from a guy after she sucks the day away is a juicy shot of baby batter to the face or down her throat. Make that happen for her, and we can almost guarantee you a lifetime of the most fire head you have ever received.
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