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Brenna Sparks in Taming a Young Slut

Brenna Sparks in Taming a Young Slut
Full Scene Length 37:43

Brenna Sparks not only got caught sneaking into her house from an unapproved outing, but also got caught sharing naughty letters with boys. Her sugardaddy was not pleased.

He called her into his office and had her strip down like the little slut she was. She then laid down on stepdads lap and received a harsh spanking. He then dragged her to the shower to clean herself up.

Once all dry Brenna was tied up, mouth fucked, and stretched vaginally until her older man’s cock was ready to cover her face in cum. That should teach her!

My Daughter The Cam Queen

Update: My Daugher the Cam Queen
Star: Ember Stone
The Site features HD Scenes shot in POV style, you will feel like you were there! Each scene usually has three parts, which means we usually get three different cumshots per update!
Ok boys what should I take off next? OMG DAD! You are supposed to knock before you come in my room. Now you know my secret. Ive been webcamming since you lost your job to help support us. I know its degrading but look at how much im making! Looks like these guys are willing to tip big if we have sex. This could be fun! Please lets try this :). Ill split the money with you 50/50 and consider it an early birthday present hehe. Thanks papa :*.

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Gina gets back at Cheating husband

Gina on!

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Dirty Teachers and Allora Ashlyn


Update title: Dirty Teachers Exposed
Starring: Allora Ashlyn
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In this update we see Allora Ashlyn, a thin brunette with a nice set of tits, take on two older dudes. The story is that she overheard a couple of teachers talking about how many college girls they’ve fucked and how they did it. This, of course, makes Allora horny and she walks in to get added to their list. As always, the comedy ensues and the sex follows shortly after. It’s a pretty good scene with Allora getting cocks on each end then getting a messy dirty facial that drips down to her nice tits. Get your membership trial through for $1!
Official Synopsis: Allora stumbles upon two of her teachers in the middle of a highly inappropriate conversation. They were talking about all the girls they had slammed out on their desks over this past grading period. They could lose their jobs for this! They are so lucky that Allora was horny as fuck. She offered to keep it a secret if they got naked right there and double teamed her. How could they say no?? Within minutes Allora was added to her pervy teachers tally count, getting taught a sexual lesson by two dirty old educators.
She had known how to get a facial previously, but never with some creamy white cum from two men. It was new for her, but she still came out a shining star. Allora and her teachers pinky promised to keep things a secret, lets see how long she can last before this gossip gets around the the entire school!

Babysitters Club takes action to save it

Layla London, Kirsten Lee, Roxxy and Karly Baker –

It’s time for the Babysitter Club to address some nagging issues! It turns out that Roxxy has been causing trouble at Mr. Dean’s place. Partying, making a mess and even leaving condom wrappers everywhere (even though she says she doesn’t use them). Mr. Dean isn’t too happy with all this, and he wants to shut the club down…unless he can get a deal like Mr. Johnson did; he got the sweet deal where he gets to put his cock in the babysitters’ mouths!

The girls agree to the same deal as long as the club gets to stay out of trouble…so they drop to their knees and start sharing his cock. After they take turns blowing him, these babes thought they were done, but nope!

Mr. Dean wants to one up ‘ol Johnson; he wants to fuck them too! Kayla and Layla offer up their teen pussies in the name of business!

They fucked him while Roxxy and Kirsten rubbed their wet clits! In the end, the babysitters shared a hot cum facial and the club lives on for another day!

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Amea Moretti gives head on the couch


Amea Blowjob Surprise

Amea Moretti got a quick shock as her dude hid in the room and scared her when she walked in looking for him. He was recording to get her reaction from the jump-scare so he could share it with their friends. Amea had different ideas for the recording. In order to make sure that the video did not get leaked to their friends and family, she decided to make it a sex tape instead.

It wasn’t long before she was posing naked in front of him. Dancing around showing off all of her assets. Once Amea was done with her booty shaking dance, she came over to the couch to get the real show started. She started off by teasing his balls with her tongue, slowly and sensually. She started a slow lick from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his cock – getting it wet with her moist tongue. She bobbed up and down on it, using her tongue like a pro. Amea knows how to work that dick, so he was ready to cum in no time at all – but she didn’t want to cumshot yet. Before he knew it, she was aiming her ass at him, rubbing it against his dick before teasing her pussy with it. Amea knew that he was about to pop his top, so she made her way back to the meat she loves, and made it rain all over her face. Too bad for her, the video leaked anyway to ThisGirlSucks….Enjoy the update fellas….


Amateurs love their facials

Brunette loves facial

They sure do love that hot mess

So JizzOnMyGF gave us another great update today. I’ve included some pictures for your pleasure, including a few from Mya, who happens to have one of the messier cum facials of the set. Be sure to swing by and check out the site, you’ll get access to thousands of real homemade photos and videos. Yes, thousands. Most of them submitted to JizzOnMyGF by members like you! Chicks like Mya love submitting their photos online for us to vote on and favorite, giving them all that nice warm feeling of accomplishment. Nothing like knowing you’re a dirty thought in men’s minds everywhere, I suppose. No matter the reason they show off these pics, I’m not complaining!


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Amateurs having fun

white girl dancing

Shaking her Ass

So there exists a site that exists solely because sometimes, a chic deserves revenge. Whether she ‘s a cheater, a liar, a backstabber, or whatever – her video will get uploaded by lovers scorned to They also get videos from amateurs that just plain love sharing videos of themselves,  sucking dick and getting facialed, or just having fun hanging out. That’s whats pretty cool about this site – there’s a ton of content where you see that a girl is just having fun naked, not suspecting that any video would make its way online. A lot of ‘behind the scenes’ type of stuff.

Amatuer Blonde Loves the Cream Pie

she loves him to cum inside

She loves getting filled up

So it seems like you guys really enjoyed our last post, so today I’ll share another. Sharon is an amateur dirty blonde that loved her first video for so much, that she decided to come back for another! She’s as eager to fuck and it shows. She sucks that cock like it’s the last one on Earth, and loves when he starts fucking her hard from behind. She really enjoys herself here, and honestly, I think she really came back because her boyfriend cheated on her and this is her way of getting him back. I mean, seriously, how better to get even with a cheating boyfriend than to fuck on camera, for the world to see – and then let the guy cum in her pussy. Some women are just plain ruthless, ha!

Cock Loving Blonde On Video

She loves to suck

Not shy about the Video…

Everybody knows that every girl loves to feel all hot and sexy and stuff. Some of them love porn, some hate it. Either way though, they will be more than willing to take off their clothes and put a dick in their mouths if you can make them feel hot enough for doing it. Case in Point, Tess. She was apparently never really a fan or porn, always the type to ask what the porn star had that she didn’t. Luckily for us, the only thing missing was a video camera! Once her dude pressed record, she was more than willing to stick a dick in mouth, get fucked and take a facial just like the stars. As long as Rob kept it private, you know? LOL, “don’t show this to anybody” – lines like that are the reason the internet is full of this stuff. Bet she regrets leaving poor Rob now!

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