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Sharon gets tanned and fucked

Blonde loves it hard

Tanned and Fucked

Sharon is a naughty tanning studio employee that did what a lot of the dirty minded girls that work there always fantasize about – she sucked and fucked the clientele. Now, normally this wasn’t too big of a deal – a lot of them think about it, and, with limited supervision, it happens. Things started getting out of hand though when clients started showing up only when Sharon was working and flat out refused the services of any other employees. After a couple of warnings, the owner got a bit fed up and recruited one of his “player” type friends to hit on Sharon and get her to fuck video – just to teach her a lesson. Sharon eventually confessed to stealing a bunch of the studio’s cash, and skipped town before paying it back.
Sharon deserves to hear… F U Bitch, I Leaked Our Video…join for a buck.

Brenda sluts it up in the Restroom

messy facial amateur

Heartless Facial Lover

Brenda and Rene were introduced to each other at a mutual friend’s house party. They connected almost instantly, sharing flirtatious smiles and seductive stares. Rene knew Brenda was down to fuck – he could tell her hot pussy was yearning for carnal pleasure – literally dripping in anticipation. Rene’s just coming off a rough break up with his ex, but was ready to get back in the game and get into Brenda’s warm slit. They continue mingling and flirting and after a few more drinks, Brenda could not wait any longer for a deep dicking. She took Rene into the restroom and proceeded to suck his cock like a pro. She sucked harder and noisier when he pulled out the camera – she completely became inhabited and let her inner nympho emerge. Soon they fucked in multiple positions, taking full advantage of the huge mirror. She absolutely loved riding his dick while he sat on the toilet and licking his balls by the counter. Brenda had the night of her life and was even rewarded with a messy cum facial and a lifetime of memories.

They went back to the party and enjoyed the rest of the night. Rene, still firmly planted in Rebound Mode, asked Brenda out for a proper date – hopeful he’d get some more sperm on her lips. She declined though – and admitted to using Rene to get back at her boyfriend!
Needless to say…Rene said F U Bitch, I Leaked Our Video…join for a buck.

Ex-GF Tries Anal in Porn

blonde babe ass fucked

Cute Ex tries Anal

So I’m sure you all know by now why this site was started, and if you don’t, please allow me to recap it for you. I was minding my own business one day, trolling around on the internet looking for some hot videos of girl next door type amateur girls, then bam, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I found a video of my girlfriend on an amateur porn site. There she was, getting fucked balls deep by some douche bag skater type – she got nasty with him too, slapping his cock on her face and drooling all over it as she pulled it out of her mouth. The only thing that made me feel at all better was that I usually gave her a bigger load on the face than he did in that video – that, and emailing the link to her family (they always hated me, so this was my way of giving them a big F- you before I dumped their precious daughter). Oh well, that was then and now I have a site dedicated to guys like me who just wanted to see some hot amateur porn…

blond shows open buttcheeks

Serving it up for you, Dan

Unfortunately for Daniel, the same thing happened to him, but on a more extreme note. See, he was dating this prude named Stephanie, and she was the type of girlfriend that we all hate to have. Hot, but unwilling, or just too damn scared to try new things. Dan told me that he was forever trying to get Stephanie to let him stick it in her tight asshole, but she always gave him the ‘exit only’ response, or complained that she’d heard it would hurt too much. She didn’t even like getting facialed all that much either. And here we have her – now going by a stage name of Gianna – in Porn. Getting fucked in the ass – With a Bat. Taking a massive facial. On Video. For the World to see. On a site called Teach My Ass, no less! What can we say Dan, some girls just end up doing crazy shit like that once they move on – kinda made me wonder though – did you dump her or did she dump you? Considering the fact that she sent him an email link to her first anal video, I’m willing to bet money that Dan either cheated on Gianna or did something stupid to cause her to exact this type of revenge on a public forum. What do you think?


Leah gets a messy Mouthful of Cum

hot cumshot facial
Leah Gets a Mouthful

I was trolling around for new homemade porn sites when I happened across a site that was one of the original “ex-girlfriend” sites around: It’s been around for more than a decade, and has a TON of homemade amateur content to prove it! In deciding what movies to share with you today it was either clips from a submitted video complete with a cumshot, or a regular cumshot compilation video. I know, I know, the compilation videos are good for showing variety of the women in the site, but I figured you’d see all that on the tour page of RevengeTV anyway.

Allow me to present to you Leah. In this 27 minute long submission we get to see her dancing around, and slowly teasing us with glimpses at her perky tits and thick ass. It becomes clear soon though, that she isn’t looking to get laid this time, as she starts to lick her juicy lips and gives us the starry eyes as she yearns for a dick to be placed on her moist tongue. She loves to perform for the camera, and her man lets her do all the work, with her hand and her mouth. He’s a little shy at first, taking a while to get hard – a fact that she seems to enjoy as she she shoves his cock downher throat. Leah is also a fan of sucking on his balls, as she doesn’t hold back on that regard either. She truly does love that the camera is on, and isn’t shy about staring at us through that lens – she knows she’s teasing and she loves it – Especially when she gets the mouthful of cum! Be sure to check out Leah and the thousands of other amateurs at!

Cheating Blonde Sex and Facial Revenged

fingering her snatch
Wet Fingers

So Jane was the type of babe to pretty much bend to any of the sexual request that her man demands of her, especially when it comes to sucking dick and getting facialed on camera. Today’s sample video is a prime example of that, straight from the good people over at  She’s a little hesitant at first, as they sometimes are, but before long her pussy is nice and moist and her mouth is begging to have a dick in it. Before I get ahead of myself though, allow me to share the background from the video, according to the post that was made on the site that accompanied the video upload. Dew and Jane had gotten home a few hours ago from a couple hours of running errands, shopping, you know, typical stuff we all have to do.

oral conclusion

Facial Satisfaction

Dew had been griping that he needed to be home before the game he wanted to watch started, and Jane was equally enthused to get back since she had some work to do. Unfortunately for their plans, Jane was wearing a pair of tiny shorts all day, and everytime she stopped to look at something, Dew took a few moments to admire her asscheeks and great figure. Hormones being what they are, there was no chance in hell that Jane was going to get her work done early at all. They got back to their place and the game was about to start, Dew figured he’d be able to watch the game and fuck the ever-living hell out of Jane as soon as it was over. That plan didn’t last long, because as soon as the game went to commercial and he glanced over toward the computer, he was greeted by an irresistable ass showing out of Jane’s shorts, and a pussy peeking at him that was just begging to get fucked. Before long, Dew is fingering Jane as she tries to resist, and not long after that Jane is filling her holes with Dew’s meat stick – and getting a creamy mouthful before half-time.

Unfortunately for this couple, things didn’t work out. Jane’s work took her to a different city, and they decided that a long distance relationship wasn’t something they wanted ie, they didn’t want to wait for sex, lol. Dew moved on, burying the footage he captured deep in a closet so that his new girl Mel wouldn’t find it. Fortunately for us, Dew found out that Jane had cheated on him before they broke up and Uploaded that fateful video, along with a few of he and Mel, to – check out the Trial, or Join today for as low as $7.95 a month, not too shabby!

Found GF on Dating Site

Found real gf on site

Busted on Dating Site

Well I knew it wouldn’t be very long before a reader of this mighty fine blog site shared his story of finding his ex-girlfriend in various states of undress and sexual positions online.

John (real name witheld, naturally) was a typical working class dude, very old school “man works, wife stays home with kids” kinda guy. He started dating a fine MexicAsian by the name of Emiliana and before long, she was living in his house, taking care of normal household stuff while he was off slaving away at his 9-5.  John is a church-going man, and had convinced a fellow co-worker of his to come along one Sunday. John was pretty used to guys taking a look at Emiliana and being stunned by her beauty, but something was a little different this time.

It wasn’t until John went back to work the next day that his buddy shared why he had been so uneasy while talking to Emiliana and why he couldn’t stop staring – and it wasn’t because he found her unbelievably attractive. He told John how he liked to frequent porn sites, and had lately started checking out, a hookup site. Turns out, he recognized Emiliana from a recent profile that he’d replied to, along with a few videos that had been made for Fling.

John didn’t believe it – he thought his leg was being pulled, and was a little offended. That’s when friend pulled out his phone and gave him the web address of the profile so he could check for himself. Totally in denial. John soon found himself staring at his soon-to-be Ex having sex on the internet; ass in the air, pussy full of dick, mouth full of cum, and all on the bed that they share. Sux to be John. Interested in seeing local babes in your town? Join for Free. Or click here for Emiliana.

Allie, the Revenge Fuck

tantilizing brunette amateur
The Revenge Fuck

I know it’s not normally the thing to do, being as how my site pretty much revolves around horny amateurs sharing their sex tapes and naked pictures, but I decided to feature a different kind of site today. I’m justifying this site has a place here(and may regularly do so from here on out) based on the fact that the site involves some dude’s GF and that trials are $1.

Allow me to explain a little further. When I first got into the magical world of adult video, I was shocked and amazed at how many times I’d film a girl that was doing adult without her boyfriend (or husband) knowing; also shocking is that a lot of these girls were doing it to spite or as revenge against previously mentioned romantic link.
Today’s featured gallery stars Allie. Apparently Allie has had enough of her loser boyfriend cheating on her and decided to get back at him in the craziest way possible: on a public forum ie, SR is a site that specializes (preys on?) in finding attractive women who have a beef or issue with a loved one and putting them on camera getting that sweet, sweet revenge they yearn so dearly for. It’s crazy that the women don’t really think of the personal effect something like this may have on them down the line, but I guess Rage can cloud judgement a bit. Either way, they seem to really enjoy themselves as they take on a fresh dick, and I’m sure SexRevenger pays them pretty good too. Check it out, 3 days for a buck.