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Ivy Aura Gets Her Anal Fix

Update: Fixing Her Cumpooper
Star: Ivy Aura
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Ivy Aura always relies on her neighbor when she has a computer problem. She just goes right over, s it off, then a few hours later he returns it all fixed! When he went to assess the issue this time around, as soon as he booted up the system porn started glaring on the screen. It was pretty dirty stuff too, he needed an explanation for this. He went to off the computer and Ivy pretended like everything was normal. Her neighbor then gets slick and tells Ivy if she continues watching lesbian porn then her computer is going to keep fucking up.

Why lesbian anyway? Does she not like dick? The neighbor then proposed a deal. If he fucked her ass and she enjoyed it, maybe she can cut down on the lesbian stuff. Sounds like a deal! Ivy proceeds to gape her meaty arse hole and her neighbor is amazed. It’s the perfect diameter to fit his large dick in. Before he can plunge into there, she has to suck him up a little first. Once he’s nice and lubed he thrusts his meat stick up her meathole. Ivy was gasping with pleasure as her sphincter was rammed.

The pressure was so orgasmic that our boy couldn’t help making a cum cocktail up her asshole. Ivy was pleased, and so was her poophole 😉

Miranda Miller in Butt Fuck On Your Bicycle

Miranda Miller in Butt Fuck On Your Bicycle

The beautiful Miranda Miller was put to the test when her bicycle starting giving her trouble. She was forced to roll it up a steep hill in order to make her way home, and boy was it intense. She was getting more and more tired with every step. Luckily, a friendly young man saw her struggling and decided to lend her a hand (and eventually his cock). He went to check out the back wheel, only to see Miranda’s plump booty exposed right above it.

She even had her tight asshole plugged up too! This girl was a freak and our boy was determined to let her freak flag fly. They ending up using the bike as a pedestal for Miranda to lay on so Nathan could mount her. She removed her butt plug and allowed for her velvet textured asshole to be reamed.

Both parties thoroughly enjoyed this sexual adventure, especially Miranda when she was able to receive a sloppy nut to the face. Although her bike wasn’t able to be fixed, she surely got her cum fix for the week. Looking good Miranda!

Lesbo Up a Little

Update: Lesbo Up a Little
Stars: Brooke Haze & Val Dodds

Val Dodds is a sexy blonde who is very concerned about her friend Brooke Haze. Brooke has done nothing but study since she moved in with her mom. Val is sick and tired of seeing Brooke be such a wet blanket and starts throwing crumpled balls of paper her. Brooke is not amused and tries to get Val to stop, but Val is relentless.

Brooke finally gives in a little and starts to goof off. The goofing off starts to turn into some lesbian girl on girl groping and kissing. Soon, the tiny Brooke Haze is stripped naked. Her petite body is squeezed like dough by Val. Then, Val starts to finger Brooke?s tiny pussy. Suddenly, it turns into finger jab fucking. Brooke is really cutting loose as Val starts to much her box.

All kinds of bottled up sexual girl on girl tension is breaking loose as the two girls start some pussy friction rubbing. Both girls leave each other a lesbian cum drenched mess.

Sub for some Fire

Update: Sub for some Fire
Star: Abbey Rain

Abby Rain is a ginger with a very tight and very fuckable body. She is wearing a cute skirt and sporting some beautiful curly read hair while playing video games. Her game is suddenly interrupted because her subscription needs to be renewed. She doesn‘t have the money for it, but her stepdad does. She runs to the counter, grabbing his wallet to make off with it. She is spotted and called back by her stepdad.

The races him, but he catches up to her. He says he‘ll pay for her videogames but it will cost her. He unzips his pants and BOING! His fully stiff dick pops out. She doesn‘t want let him fuck her ginger pussy, but she really wants to get this subscription renewed. She begrudgingly agrees to selling her hot body for videogame money. She lays out on her belly giving him head. He then strips her nude and you get a great view of this naked ginger body. She is so fucking hot and she has a nice red hairy pussy.

He starts to fuck her from behind while she is playing her game. Then she mounts him while playing and getting fucked. Her perfect tits are flopping around with red hair flying everywhere! Her stepdad is basically latched on her from behind while hammering her tight body until he finally jizzes all over her red pubes.

Loni Petite Teen Legend

Loni Petite Teen Legend
Update Title: Tall Lanky Hoes are a No No
Star: Loni Legend
Duration: 00:28:58
Format: Stream or Download MP4
Loni just found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with a tall lanky hoe. Loni Legend is the definition of petite, and she knows that just like there are tall lanky hoes out there, there are tall studs ready to fuck a tight petite pussy.
She decided to visit a few of her friends to find out which one was the tallest and had the biggest dick. She wanted to get back at her boyfriend in style, and the best part is, she is gonna record the whole thing on her phone! The lucky guy that she finds has a cock bigger than her arm!
She rubs her face against it, and that meat stick covers it with room to spare! She takes a deep breath and shoves it in her mouth, with her lips barely able to reach all the way around it!
He mouth fucks her for a bit before he has Loni spread her legs slides his thick rod into her shaved pussy! She bounces her thick round ass off him as he fucks her from behind. After they go through a few more positions, with Loni making sure to get maximum penetration – and with her occasionally talking on camera to her boyfriend – she gets a face and chest full of thick white cum.

Teen Lesbian Threesome after Yoga

Update: Knowing the Right Positions
Teen Lesbian Threesome after Yoga Class
Stars: Megan Sage, Nina North, Arya Faye

Arya and Nina have heard great things about their new yoga teacher. She supposedly knows the most practical poses plus has a rockin body that almost anyone could appreciate while doing some relaxing stretches. Their first class starts, they begin to notice her curves right away. The funniest thing about this was that their teacher was noticing them too.
She helped them on their stretches, her hands seemed to slightly wander away from the safe zones. The girls didnt mind it, until she started voraciously grabbing their tits and pussy. The teacher stops herself, and insists on a break. The girls decide to bring it up to the teacher, who was surprisingly very humble about it. This kind of put the girls more at ease. So much ease that they allowed the yoga instructor to stretch out their pussies too. She took tantric finger fucking to the next level and left these girls twats more wet than their bodies would be after a hot yoga session. This class was a 10/10 must attend again!

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Breaking Up and Diving In

Update: Breaking Up and Diving In
Stars: Karlie Brooks and Luzbel
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Karlie is forced to stay at her moms friends place for a while, which isn’t too bad except her daughter Luzbel is a real b-i-t-c-h. She begins to get bored and sneaks into Luzbel’s room. She hears Luzbel’s phone ring and sees what it was all about. Luzbel got a message from another girl asking to fuck! This is weird since she supposedly has a boyfriend. Just as Karlie is about to screenshot it, Luzbel walks in. Luzbel is feeling diabolical at this point, offering the gossip and her boyfriend to Karlie in exchange for eating her pussy. Karlie would love to put Luzbel in her place, so she allows it. Luzbel gets to lick that virgin cunt and dyke out her asshole. Karlie has never had that before (literally)…
The sex was great, but then Luzbel had to go and tell Karlie how shes been broken up with her boyfriend, and how this was a trick to get all up in that pristine little twat of hers. Luzbel really lived up to her reputation, and left Karlie confused and dripping wet.

Nina Drowning in Ellena’s Flower

Nina Drowning in Ellena’s Flower
Update Title: “Drowning in Her Flower”
Starring: Nina North, Ellena Woods


Ellena notices Nina is staying at her grandmas, so she decides to invite her over to chill. Nina was relieved because Ellenas pool is so much nicer than her grannies plus it will be refreshing to spew with a girl her age. Nina opens up to Ellena about why her parents sent her to live with her grandma.


Turns out she was going way too boy crazy and they were worried for her well being and safety. Before they can continue the conversation, the breeze picks up and it was getting way too cold. They move over to the jacuzzi to finish this conversation topless! Once all nice and warm, Ellena tries to pry a bit. She asks Nina if she has ever been with a girl before. Its so much more low key and her parents would probably never put two and two together. Turns out Nina has been too busy fucking guys to lick some muff, but it has crossed her mind. Ellena takes that as an invitation. She offers Nina a chance to stroke a womans pussy for the first time, and within seconds shes hooked. From there she had to taste and feel every single part of Ellenas body she could. This scene got hot and steamy real quick, and not just because of the jacuzzi!






Alice wants some ButtSexxx


Alice wants some ButtSexxx in this latest update to the Team Skeet Network!

Update Title: “Wifi Wifey’s Anal Fantasy”    Full HD Scene Length: 30 Minutes 33 Seconds

Starring: Alice March

teensloveanal_alice_march_004teensloveanal_alice_march_020 teensloveanal_alice_march_029 teensloveanal_alice_march_035

Today we have for your fapping pleasure, an anal sex scene starring your favorite red head Alice March. In this scene she is a hot and horny babe with an addiction to The story goes that her wifi kicks the bucket, and she plays an upset internet customer very well. I’m sure that if you have ever had your internet go out, you would relate very well to that portion of the scene. After a while, the cable guy shows up and starts checking out the issue. He uses her laptop to test and finds out what she has been looking at. The embarrassed Alice tries to explain why she was on that site, and one thing leads to another, as porn tends to do, then drops to her knees and starts sucking his dick. We get a few POV and wide shots, then they move on to her hiking up her skirt and getting her asshole licked and tongue fucked. After than, some hot anal action ensues, going through multiple positions and ending with a nice messy facial! Enjoy!

teensloveanal_alice_march_038 teensloveanal_alice_march_043 teensloveanal_alice_march_046teensloveanal_alice_march_054

Official Synopsis:

Uh-oh! Alices wifi is out and shes trying to get off to some hot anal porn on! Looks like shes gonna have to call up a repair man. He gets there pretty quick, so quick in fact that Alice forgets to clear her browsing history and cache. This guy officially knows shes a freak and wants to expose it in his favor. Turns out she just wants to stay a virgin, and heard anal is a great way to preserve her vaginal virginity. Its time for Alice to stop fantasizing and finally try the real thing. The repair guy places her hand on his cock and from there, its pure first time anal bliss. This guys huge cock barely fit into Alices tight little brown hole, but with some persistence it fit in effortlessly and gave Alice one of the most rewarding sexual experiences she has ever had, plus a freshly churned facial so she can know what that baby butter is all about for future reference.

teensloveanal_alice_march_060 teensloveanal_alice_march_061teensloveanal_alice_march_064 teensloveanal_alice_march_091


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Kylie Quinn is a needy babysitter

Kylie Quinn is a needy babysitter…or a naughty babysitter…

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As Mr. Knight is going to write Kylie a check for a job well done, she politely asks if she can get an advance on next weeks payment as well. Mr. Knight is a bit reluctant, saying how she should learn how to save or start a small business. Then, A light bulb goes off in Kylies cute little head. Maybe she can sell her slightly moist panties! Mr. Knight bites, gets one sniff and is in heaven. For sure a great investment.


The next day, Kylie was super late for her scheduled babysitting time. Mr. Knight missed his appointment, and called the babysitters club to let them know that Kylie had fucked up bad. She needs this job, so she does what any needy girl would do. She gets on her knees and begs. But thats not all, she opens her mouth wide to give a repenting blow job too. As she chokes on his fat cock, hes on the line with the babysitters club telling them how it was all a big misunderstanding and how great of a babysitter Kylie truly is.


A few days later, the Mr. Knight finds Kylie sleeping on the job! This is the last straw and shes not sucking her way out of this one. Good thing Kylie is way more friendly than all other babysitters though.

10-pov-teen-doggystyle-big-booty 11-thick-booty-kylie-gets-fucked 12-small-tits-brunette-teen-sex14-kylie-quinn-loves-getting-fucked

Shes able to use her sweet little pussy to escape this one, letting him ram her until shes forgiven. It seems like all sins are usually absolved with the busting of a nut, especially on a cute face!

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15-kylie-quinn-blowjob-for-cum 16-cumshot-on-kylie-quinn 17-cum-facial-on-teen-brunette18-playing-with-cum-on-tits

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