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Beth shares her cell phone facebook pics

self-pic boob

Pic for a "Like" - SURE!

Beth is the type of babe that absolutely loves to pose and show off her goods for the camera. We love these types of girls over at You know, that girl on facebook that is always posting duck-face pictures of herself and constantly complaining about how fat she is just so that she can get guys to comment about how hot she is and how hard they want to fuck her? She’s that girl. I swear, this chic would do anything for a few more ‘likes’. Funny enough, she’s also the type that would send a random stranger nude pics just because he agreed that she wasn’t that great looking and ‘needed work’ – ahhh, sometimes getting girls to send self-shot nude pics is too damn easy. Enjoy her pics and a ton more at!

Alt Babe in Batman Cosplay Strips Naked

Stripping off the costume

Dropping her Gear has had a rabid fanbase for years. It isn’t your typical porn site. Sure, the main theme is naked tattooed models, and there are over 304,000 nude pictures inside. But rest assured, this is art. It’s kinda comparable to Playboy, for this generation. The pictures are all tasteful, and there is a definite vibe that those involved in the shoot had a blast during it. If you are a fan of Pin-Up babes, tattoos, piercings, and all things alt, SuicideGirls is defintely recommended for you. It’s also a good site if you happen to enjoy model interaction. You can comment on their shoots, write on their walls, and message them. And in case you think this underground thing is small – there are over 1,500 official Suicide Girls, and over 3,500 hopefuls (amateur girls submitting naked pictures, in hopes of becoming a SG).





hot naked sg babes

Punk Rock Pin Up Girls

Kinky babes love jizz facials

jizz facialed

Facial Lover

I hadn’t made a good facial post in a while for you guys, so today I decided to step it up a notch and give ya’ll a bunch of different amateur chics with jizz plastered faces., courtesy of The Girlfriend Network and one of its 16 websites for the price of one, Up for your spanking pleasure today are 15 different amateur girls sporting facials pics from their homemade pornos. It’s pretty funny how the same girl that thinks cum is gross and that facials are stupid, is the same girl that will beg for you to cum on her face as soon as the camera is on, isn’t it?! Anyhoo, today’s mix of cream faced beauties is a nice variety, we’ve got a few brunettes, redheads, and blondes, all with dripping hot sperm fresh on their faces. My favorites are the ones that are smiling and seem to be really enjoying having that batter oozing off their tongue and down her chin – good stuff. See thousands more pictures and videos for a buck today by joining – you’ll also get access to the entire GF Network.






network of amateur gfs

Join the best network for All Amateur Homemade Porn!

Big Tit Facebook babe takes self pics

brunette shares pics

Deleted from FB for nudity

I’m all about chics that like to take slutty pictures and share them with the world, but that should be a given considering what type of blog this is, lol. What I don’t understand is how these girls think that a public and corporate social media website would allow them to post nude pictures of themselves. I know in this day and age these girls are extremely hungry for attention and love to compete for ‘likes’ but it really messes up my day when I click on a thumbnail of a nice pair of tits, and I get a big ol’ deleted for tos violation message. That’s why I love sites like GF Melons. It’s a site where big-tittied babes can share all the images and videos that they please and they can still compete with each other for the most ‘favorites’ – same concept as regular social media, but ten times as fun!


co ed tight body

Showin' off the tight body

Today I decided to share some thumbs from Cassandra, a college freshman who absolutely loves to show off pictures of her amazing perky tits and thick lipped pussy. Join GF Melons today for only a buck!

Lesbian Teens Spank on Camera

spanking teen lesbians

Rebecca loves to Spank

I was never really a fan of Lesbian porn until I found amateur lesbians. Then again, I never really liked porn in general until I found out that there were amateur websites out there that thrived on content filmed and photographed by real people like you and me. That obvious fact aside, lesbian adult movies never really did it for me. I guess it’s because I felt like they could go on forever…no ‘moneyshot’ or grand finale…they just..ended. Then something happened. I realized that it wasn’t all about cumshots and facials in the lesbian genre, unlike in the regular straight movies. Yes, they have orgasms and get into just as much, if not more than the straight sex – but this stuff is more about fun, passion, and an unbelievable amount of sex appeal.

I know that was quite the little rant up there, but the point is, fuck. I’m a fan of lesbian sex now. Rebecca and Ryan are an example of why this niche is so damn cool. They started off like many girls that make homemade movies – submitting pictures of themselves having fun, posing in different types of clothes and places. Then naked pictures…then naked pictures together…then Ryan made a solo masturbation video….then Rebecca made one…They submitted a few where they’d give each other a ‘helping hand’ but then on one video…Rebecca just jams her face straight into Ryan’s soaking wet pussy. Jackpot!  It was hot because it delivered a surreal sense of spontaneity – like it was just something she couldn’t help but do. Rebecca just licked and fingered, and made Ryan cum so hard that once I saw this video, I was hooked! They still make and submit their homemade videos, and this is a sample from one of them. Join and watch the whole thing today (You’ll get access to all the sites they’ve submitted to, part of the GF Network), and you’ll be stuck like glue to these hot teen lesbians.

Real Amateur Girls Sign for thier Site

great ass dances by tub

Shake it good

Today I’m serving up a picture set coupled with a few hot videos, courtesy of the fine folks over at See My GF, one of the best sites on the internet for real homemade amateur porn. And that is what this site is all about now, isn’t it? I’m a big fan of See My GF, not only is it incredibly cheap, but it is also constantly updated, very well organized, and incredibly interactive. They have the usual ‘rate’ and ‘voting’ type stuff that a lot of other sites have, but they also have cash bonus contests for their members. It’s ingenious, because it keeps fresh, unique, and completely exclusive content coming at them and straight to your computer. One of my favorites is Sign Making, where an amateur babe can win moolah by holding up a sign that says See My GF on it, or writes it on her skin (Bonus points for that)!

amateur signer

Sign Making Amateur

I’ve included a few samples of sign making for See My on this preview, but have also included a few submitted videos for you. The first set features a thick ass babe prancing around in her restroom, then getting hot and bothered as she rubs her wet clit while sitting on her toilet. It’s hotter than I make it sound, believe me, haha. The second set of videos are close up POV shots of a wet mouthed teen sucking and milking a cock for all the hot jizz that it contains. She takes the load on her tongue like a champ, and doesn’t waste a drop. I quite enjoy the variety of homemade porn up at See My Its got great content (tons of it) at an affordable price. Of the samples I’ve included for you, which is your favorite?

Rae plays with her Wii naked

brunette naked wii

Wii Play? Yes Please!

I’ve got a set of fun videos for you guys straight from’s webcam section. I absolutely love this place, simply because we get to see real amateur girlfriends taking it off and getting naughty live on camera! Allow me to introduce you to Rae. She’s a gamer girl who loves to dance, and play video games. Combine the love for dancing with the fun of gaming and some naughtiness for good measure, and we’ve got Naked Dancing Wii! Fun concept, no? Anyhoo, she loves to give the guys that favorite her webcam show more than just moans and solo play. Rae interacts, and as you can see in this video, rushes to the good stuff just in time for one of her fans to catch the show. She starts off fully clothed, and by the end of the video, she is completely naked and dancing around while playing her Wii the way that Princess Peach would shake her head at her for, but that would make Mario’s mushroom triple in size! That is why I love SeeMyGF, it’s full of amateur home videos and pictures, as well as hot and fun webcam shows for us all to enjoy! Definitely get more bang for your buck! And when you join you can watch Rae’s whole video – let’s just say that I’m sure Nintendo didn’t mean for their WiiMote to be played with that way. What do you think?


Sasha swallows every drop

redhead babe makes movie

Red head likes to film

Today we got Sasha, a hot red head that is here to prove that real amateurs can be just as nasty and just as hot as all those porn stars coming out of Chattsworth.

After she caught her boyfriend Dan stroking it to some hot porn, Sasha felt a little self-conscious and wanted to prove to Dan that she can fuck harder and hotter than any porn star, and that guys around the world would want to stroke it to HER! To prove her point, Sasha submitted her video to and the rest is history!

You’ll love the way this red head sucks and fucks her way to your heart and making all the porn stars in the world proud by swallowing a huge load just for our pleasure. Be sure to sign up and see her movie, no excuses, because two day trials are only a dollar! So what do you think fellas, based on Sasha’s decision to feature herself, is it true, do Red Heads really have more fun?

Amateur redhead Posing and Cum Facial

I’ve got a girl for you guys today that absolutely loves taking naked pictures of herself – mostly while naked and with her face dripping with fresh semen. You can tell just by the amount of pictures and movies that this girl has online at JizzOnMyGF that there’s nothing that turns her on more than sharing her naughty pictures – and getting facialed. Lyndsy is a smoking hot red-headed, blue eyed co-ed that hopes to one day make it into the commercial modeling world. I think that if any of her prospective bosses got a look at these pictures that she would not have any trouble at all making it to the “casting couch,” if you know what I mean.

Now, I’m all for hot amateurs posting their homemade sex pics and vids online, but why would this girl hoping to become famous one day release herself into a collections of porn, right now, before she makes it? Doesn’t she know that she could make a ton of money by releasing these after she makes it big? Oh well, guess it just goes to show what type of an uninhibited exhibitionist Lyndsy is, just like most of the hot pieces of ass up at, and hey, if she doesn’t make it to the runway, there’s always a career in Porn. What do you think, will Lyndsy make it, or should we start pre-ordering a blu-ray today?