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Leah gets a messy Mouthful of Cum

hot cumshot facial
Leah Gets a Mouthful

I was trolling around for new homemade porn sites when I happened across a site that was one of the original “ex-girlfriend” sites around: It’s been around for more than a decade, and has a TON of homemade amateur content to prove it! In deciding what movies to share with you today it was either clips from a submitted video complete with a cumshot, or a regular cumshot compilation video. I know, I know, the compilation videos are good for showing variety of the women in the site, but I figured you’d see all that on the tour page of RevengeTV anyway.

Allow me to present to you Leah. In this 27 minute long submission we get to see her dancing around, and slowly teasing us with glimpses at her perky tits and thick ass. It becomes clear soon though, that she isn’t looking to get laid this time, as she starts to lick her juicy lips and gives us the starry eyes as she yearns for a dick to be placed on her moist tongue. She loves to perform for the camera, and her man lets her do all the work, with her hand and her mouth. He’s a little shy at first, taking a while to get hard – a fact that she seems to enjoy as she she shoves his cock downher throat. Leah is also a fan of sucking on his balls, as she doesn’t hold back on that regard either. She truly does love that the camera is on, and isn’t shy about staring at us through that lens – she knows she’s teasing and she loves it – Especially when she gets the mouthful of cum! Be sure to check out Leah and the thousands of other amateurs at!

Amateur Brunette gets Wet while Posing

great tits on brunette
Does She Like It?

So by now it should be no surprise that I’m a big fan of all natural girl next door amateur porn. Judging by the type of site that this is, it’s a given! And if you happen upon this blog with any kind of regularity you also know that I’m a big fan of brunettes – not really on purpose, but I have noticed that a lot of the hot and naked amateur pictures and videos that I share with you happen to feature brunettes. And big asses, but that’s a different story all together, haha! Back to my original point though – I enjoy amateurs, amateur brunettes, and amateur brunettes with big asses. But know what kind of amateur I enjoy most? The kind that abso-fucking-lutely loves posing naked for the camera, taking dirty pictures and sucking and fucking on film. The ones that crave the attention, and get turned on by it. Not the slutty ones that would do it just because, mind you – but the ones that love doing it because it excites them to pose or perform for their man (or woman).

finger licking good

Yup! So Moist!

It was a long intro, but today I present to you Vicky, sharing some homemade porn with us that she made in her apartment and posted up at, part of the MadPorn Network. I’m quickly becoming a big fan at the high quality amatuer pictures that Vicky posts up for us, and a big fan at how finger-licking wet she gets while she’s taking those pictures. Of course, the moistness of her pussy in pictures pales in comparison to how soaking hot she gets when she’s making a blowjob video, or knows she’s about to get fucked from behind (her favorite position is on all fours with her ass in the air), but that’s a different post for a different day – or the members area of – which ever is easier, lol. Anyhoo, I decided to share her strip teasing pictures solely based on how much joy she seems to be getting out of posing in them. She starts off by undressing, frame by frame, teasing us along the way – and before long she is running through a bunch of the dirty poses she’s probably seen in magazines or in pornos – spreading her pussy open while sitting on a bar stool, showing off her asshole while spreading open her butt cheeks, and so on. She REALLY gets into this stuff, and in the full set she goes a bit further and starts sucking off her man while fingering her soaking wet vagina. Be sure to support her by joining and voting for her, and she’ll keep on cumming for us – trials start at a buck, and they got this whole Halloween thing goin on right now, so that’s pretty cool too.

Evelyn helps Double Team a Hard Cock

facebook mirror pic

Takin' it off

Evelyn is one kinky slut. We all know it, and she loves the attention that she gets from it. She has a bunch of posts up on and is constantly adding up more. Her latest Sex-capade displays how she can be a greedy cock lover one minute, and be all about sharing that pleasure the next. She invites her sexy friend over to do exactly that, and they do not dissapoint.

Loves to suck

That's a good Cock Sucker

Evelyn gets the party started by by slowly stripping things off and taking a couple of facebook type mirror pictures. Getting a little more naked and a little more slutty with every picture. We get to see a few of the same type of pictures from her hot friend Kat. These girls really do know how to get a cock hard simply by taking off their clothes! After having a little fun and teasing us with pictures of themselves rubbing tits and licking pussies, we get to the real meat of the session. Evelyn starts off by slowly licking a bobbing on the lucky bastard’s rock hard cock, slurping up on her spit as it slides down his shaft. She also gurgles by his balls a bit, just to make sure she got it all. It isn’t long before Kat joins in the fun and they each take turns sucking on either side of his cock and sucking on his balls.

sharing semen

Cumshot for Two.

Evelyn is taking a break from licking his taint and moves on to eating Kat’s ass when she decides that she can’t resist having a dick inside her any more. She crawls over Kat and gets her own tight little asshole licked a bit, and then slides her wet moist pussy onto that waiting penis head. She and Kat take turns riding him, never taking a moment from kissing, rubbing, or licking each other, and move into other positions – my favorite of which being when they stack up bend over and he alternates between their pussies and buttholes. After a nice sex session they girls move into position. Kat on the bottom getting fucked, and Evelyn on top of her getting fucked doggystyle. He switches between them a few times, building up a massive cumshot, before he pulls out and lets loose all over Kat’s tits and face. Evelyn, being the good girl that she is, does not let any of the hot cum go to waste, as she slowly starts licking up his spooge and shares it with Kat. The sample post has a few screen grabs from the video they submitted, but be sure to join the full site of for the 100% Downloadable HD Video. They got some of the best prices around, and some of the highest quality amateur porn on Earth. Enjoy!

Emma gets some batter in her Pussy…

Hiding her vagina

Teasin' It

sI was checking out one of the newer videos up at and I instantly gave it a 5-Star rating – simply because it has two of my favorite things in it: a woman in the kitchen, and a woman getting fucked in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I also love that Emma can give a blowjob that most men would kill for, and the fact that she isn’t shy about tasting what obviously wasn’t pancake batter with Both sets of lips! I’ve decided to share Emma’s Video Preview here, and hope that when you join you enjoy it at least half as much as I did.


fucking her from behind

Her Mixin' Stick


I guess I should at least let you know about the submission that Emma sent in, huh? Rey was playing around with his new little flip video recorder thing when he decided that he should interrupt Emma Mae while she was cooking some breakfast. I’m pretty sure that whatever she was making already smelled good enough to eat, but Ray couldn’t help himself, a video camera in his hand and an eager pussy in his kitchen sounded like the perfect combination for a new video for, and she totally agreed.

cock rider

Loves the Ride

It didn’t take much for the scene to turn from a sexy homely girlfriend making some food to an all out sex session that involved multiple positions, multiple rooms, and multiple orgasms. Ok, that was corny, I know, but come on, I couldn’t resist! Anyhoo, after cracking a few eggs open, Emma was soon sucking on some, enjoying a hearty serving of her favorite breakfast, Sausage and Eggs! After Emma Mae sucked on his meat stick for a few minutes Ray couldn’t hold back the anticipation of having his cock deep in her tight pussy – he stood her up then bend her over the nearest chair he could find, and proceeded to pound her ass till she Came for the first time that day. Before long they were running the gamut of sexual position, changing them as they moved from room to room. It’s pretty intense seeing the sexy faces Emma made as she Rode Ray’s Rock Hard Cock, licking her pouty lips over and over again until her pussy was filled with hot jizz that she couldn’t help but have a taste of.  I’m telling you, great stuff here! Be sure to check out the video preview, and then Join for the full thing, and a ton more – trials only a buck, or take 3 Months for $20!

Webcam amateurs do what you Please..

showing off that booty
Ass up, Face down

So by now, it’s not really a surprise that I have a thing for homemade amateur porn, that thing namely being a huge fucking erection! I love amateur girls that love to show off their homemade videos of themselves fucking and sucking, or just posing around naked, showing off their amazing bodies. But…I’ve just lately discovered that I’m a big fan of the other type of amateur porn that exists – amateur webcam models. When I first visited, it totally blew away my fucking mind! It’s pretty much Live amateur porn that you can direct. Seriously, if you’ve never webcamed a naked babe and told her what to touch while saying your name and teasing you – well, what the hell are you waiting for, go directly to and register for their free membership.

Open Pussy lips

Flint would be Proud

Of course, its not all about watching hot naked ladies masturbating with the sex toys on their wet clits and the squeezing of their nipples and such. There are a ton of actual amateur couples on sites like, and a lot of them let you direct the action any way you see fit. Want to watch them just kiss eachother passionately? Just ask. Want her to blow him until he busts a nut on her face? Sure. Want her to call your name while she’s getting fucked from behind? No Problem. These amateurs love to show off what they can do, and they are completely open to your direction! There are also a bunch of solo girls on there that are good to build up a friendly relationship with (she might even show off the goods for free, lol), but you’ll find me in the couples section, having my name called out as a hot brunette toys with some spooge….

Is YOUR Girl out at a Bachelorette Party?

Married Whore

If Her Husband Knew...

So has YOUR girlfriend or wife been to a bachelorette party lately? Did she give you any crap about going to the strip club and getting a table dance from a stripper that you weren’t even allowed to touch, and had pasties over her nipples? It’s crazy how a woman will get all uptight and offended when you tell her that you slipped a one to a dancer after she shook her ass in front of you. Of course, as soon as you get that crazy woman with her friends, get a little alcohol in them and get that party atmosphere going, its amazing how quick she forgets that she’s taken, and how little convincing she needs to suck a male stipper’s dick when she’s getting rooted for by her friends.

oral sex

Yup. She's Married Too

party girl sucking cream

I Think this one is single..

Allow me to introduce you to a site that knocks down the walls at bachelorette parties and exposes what really goes on behind closed doors: Just checking out the Video Previews definitely intrigues the mind. Now, you might be asking why the hell these girls would allow their video cameras into the parties, or why they would be doing these things on camera at all. The answer is pretty simple really. The guys at BoozedWomen actually offer to pay for the parties in exchange for the rights to film them. So in other words, the women pretty much get that the all-out party that they want, for free, and they usually get as wild as they can because when you’ve got endless supplies of liquor and tons of friends with you – why not? I just find it absolutely insane that all these girls are willingly licking whipped cream off this male dancer’s cock, some of them play with his balls, and a few of them have actually fucked the dancer while he holds his towel up to ‘hide her’ – I mean, he encourages the debauchery as well, but fuck, if this is what goes on at bachelorette parties with a film crew, I don’t even want to think about what goes on when nobody is watching! LOL, anyhoo, check out for a buck, and get all the full parties caught on film, and hope to Jeebus that YOUR  wife or girlfriend wasn’t one of the lucky few that enjoyed a little more than whipped cream from a can that night…

Cum Loving Amateurs Share Pics and Vids

cum on tongue
Qiero Cum
cum soaked pussy

Her GF Licks that Up

 So today I’ve got for you a variety of amateur pictures and videos from ladies who got nice and lathered up in cum straight from their man’s dicks. Some of them looked surprised at the amount of jizz on their faces, and some of them just plain loved the feeling of having warm, sticky cum on their tongue (see image to the left). And of course, there were a few threesomes that ended with a hot babe licking hot semen off a very shapely ass, a tight asshole, and a pink pussy (see image at right). This is what I love about great amateur porn sites like They have all kinds of women on the site, covered in cum in so many different ways. They’ve got pictures and videos from random babes that send in a few and we never see them again, and they have self-shot submissions from couples that send in new pictures and videos every week!

freckled facial

Open and Thirsty for Cum

cum on her boobs

Milked Boobies

There is always fresh content daily, and usually the couples add in a few notes or paragraphs where they either describe themselves or let us know what was going on and what led to them decideing to share their pictures or movies with us. Here’s some insight, most of the time, the hot amateur babe wants to do something naughty, so they decide the best thing to do is post their videos and pictures to amateur sharing sites like Sometimes, it’s the spirit of competition that does it – you get girls that look at other peoples shared porn and decide they could make something hotter. Or the flipside, you get babes that get so turned on by the shared amateurs that they get inspired to make something themselves in turn to try and get others hot and horny. Either way, it’s a Charlie Sheen sized win for us! Couple that with the fact that the site is 100% Downloadable, and they’ve got $1 Dollar Trials, hell – Mega Win!


Brunette Masturbates in Public

sexy amateur brunette
Sharin’ Her Pics
Ass in Thong

Hot Piece of Ass

 So Jenna and her friend decided to get a little kinky and have some sexual fun outdoors and in public, and then took it a step further by sharing it on, THE place to be for high quality amatuer porn. They discovered a radio-controlled sex toy that they placed in her pussy and went out for a stroll in the park – and gave him the remote control. Needless to say, Jenna gets so worked up that soon she is rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits on a park bench, and craving some sexual satisfaction. Luckily for her friend, he happened to be the nearest dick around, and soon after they were back at his place where she got that cock and took it balls deep in every hole she could find. There’s nothing quite like seeing a big juicy ass spread open and getting fucked from behind right before a pretty girl gets a thick and gooey facial, then swallows it down. I love amateurs who think that they are porn stars! Isn’t that what makes them great though? The fact that they have seen how dirty some of the pros get, and the extra steps that they take just to ensure us all that they have just as much, if not more to offer when it comes to sexual fantasies being fulfilled and shared all over the internet! Anyhoo, be sure to check out Jenna’s full post up at

Big Titted Amateur Dresses Up

smooth tits in costume
Big Titties, Check!

It’s never too early to get into the Halloween Spirit, that’s exactly what Courtney said when she decided to post her latest set to She went to a Pre-October Party dressed as a sexy big titted Rag Dolland decided to share her pictures with us – including the after-party pictures where she gets down and dirty with her man. He has some fun with that, as she exposes her giant breasts one at a time, slowly removing her panties so he can lift her skirt and fuck her till she cums. She even leaves the wig on, which makes it pretty hot when he’s pulling on her braids as he’s scewing her from behind, or as she’s got his cock balls deep in her mouth. Oh, that Courtney sure knows how to get into the Spirit!

wet tongue waiting for cock

Insert, Here!

She is obviously and justifiably proud of her huge knockers, as she quite often posts new sets up on GFMelons, most of which focusing on her milk jugs. Don’t get me wrong, she loves showing off the rest of her body just as much, and when you see it you’ll know why. This girl has a thin waist, tight looking pink pussy, and a big smooth ass to go along with her thick lips and big tits – add to that the fact that according to her bio she seems to have a fun loving personality, and an overtly lust for sexual contact – male of female, and it makes her updates some of the main ones you look forward to on GFMelons, making it well worth the price of admission. She includes not only pictures of her sexual exploits, but also of her everyday party girl lifestyle. It’s pretty cool seeing how her night progress from a night out on the town, or a house party, to one sexual encounter after another.  Be sure to check Courtney’s samples out, and Join the site for a cheap and easy trial.

Britney shares her Pussy Pictures

Today I have for you a slideshow preview from, straight from a set that Britney uploaded over the weekend. It’s a self-shot picture set that she made, where she is pretty much just taking naked pictures of herself, and masturbating a bit. In the full set in the members area we get to see her using a few toys on her on her tight, wet pussy, as well as playing with her tiny asshole.  She’s got a pretty nice body on her, a nice set of perky tits, a clit on her pussy that is just begging to get rubbed or sucked on, and an ass you could bounce your balls off of. She also loves the taste of cum in her mouth, according to her other members only sets, but that’s besides the point. Be sure to check out all of her homemade porn in the full site of, where a 7 day trial option makes a visit totally worthwhile! Enjoy