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Cute blonde loves Jizz on her Face

facialed blondie
She Loves Facials…

It’s a pretty well documented fact that I am a brunette fan. What can I say, of all the types of chics I love to see naked, getting fucked, sucking dick, and getting covered in cum, they are by far my favorite. That’s not to say that I only prefer them, oh hell no, but I seem to give them the most of my attention. Today, I shall divert some of that attention to a boner-giving blonde I came across this morning (no pun intended). Her name is Brit, and she’s a down home Southern Bellefrom the great state of Texas. As it turns out, country girls have plenty of time on their hands, and they absolutely love to fill that time getting sucking, fucking, and getting covered in cum – well, whenever they are not riding horses or milking cows, or whatever the hell else they do on the ranch.

Sexy blonde loves cum

I like to think they they just spend all day sucking and fucking on the fields, in the barn, on the haybails, or wherever else they can, lol!

Back to the matters at hand though, Brit is a southern cutie that loves getting facials. I think she loves cum period, going by all the pictures and videos she’s uploaded onto A couple of them also seem to hint at some sort of bon-fire lite orgy cum bath, judging by the dimly lit blonde surrounded by a couple of cowboy looking silouettes. She’s no brunette, but I couldn’t help but keep looking at her pictures and watching her short movies. Seeing her affection for semen in action coupled with her tight body and country accent absolutely seemed do drive my bulge straight through my pants. Check her out for yourself for a buck, and you too might be rubbing one out for the country girl, have fun!

Emo Blonde Sucking Dick

Alt babe loves cock
Alt Suck-Job

So I’ve recently come to the slow realization that I have a thing for Emo Chics. And by thing, I mean a raging hard-on. What can I say, I love the way alternative babes look. Whether they be the aforementioned Emo, Goth, Skater, Punk, or whatever the hell else there is out there these days, I completely and totally dig them. I can’t really explain it either. I don’t know whether its the edgy or different look, or if it’s their seemingly unrelenting sexual addiction. The skirts, the tight clothing, the high socks, the bright hair…OK, so maybe it is the crazy sexual antics or do-anything attitude they exhibit.

Today I’ve got a couple of screen grabs to share from Pagan‘s latest orally fixated video straight from It’s a site full of SuicideGirl wanna be’s and regular amateur babes that happen to live an alternative lifestyle. Anyway, Pagan’s video is pretty hot. She licks the dick up and down, slowly at first, then gradually upping the pace. She lowers her tongue to the balls and stares straight at the camera as she starts to suck on them, and giving a few licks to the taint every now and again. She makes her way up the shaft and swallows up the head, and continues to stroke and suck until he blows his load; giving her a faceful of hot cum. She licks up and swallows what she can, just like a good alt girl, then smears the rest all over her face. Enjoy…

Ball Sucking? Yes, Please!

sexy ball licker
Nothing Satisfies quite like…

There are a few “feel good” things that a woman can do to a man that just feel so damn good that we can just sit there and enjoy it for as long as possible. Kinda like just relaxing by the pool, or sitting on the river bank with a fishing pole, or, one of my personal favorites – staring at a juicy piece of ass that’s bending over in front of you. But, those are not the “feel good” things I would like to discuss today. Today is all about getting your balls sucked and/or licked. Nothing so simple feels so damn good. And the women for some unbeknownst reason look so fucking hot doing it.

cock sucking


Today’s pictures are of Eve from her posts on She has a bunch of pictures and movies of her going down on a couple of different dicks and sucking and loving a few pairs of balls. Kinda makes me wonder if she’s just built up the collection over the years, or if she just likes the variety in her life. Maybe she’s a swinger or something. Who knows? All I know is that I love that she loves performing the oral arts. And boy is she good at it. Whether the guy she is with is shaved or not, big or small, wide or thin, she absolutely loves taking pictures for OralGFs. Maybe its the cash prizes that she’s trying to win, or maybe its just the genuine love for fellatio (not to mention the cum that follows, but that’s a different post)! Visit the site for more of Eve, and with Dollar Trials, what more could you ask for besides a deep throat, dirty dicking blowjob?! Enjoy!

Vote your Favorite Amateur, or submit Your Own!

Co-ed Does Splits
Split Decision…Too Easy?

Everyone loves to have their opinion heard. Whether it’s for the next top model or an up and coming music act that will be defunct in less than a year. We love to Vote, unless, you know, there’s some sort of politial issue at hand, haha. Anyhoo, the geniuses at SeeMyGF have come successfully combined our love for opinionating with our love for Amateur Porn.

Allow me to introduce you to It’s the part of SeeMyGF that allows the amateurs who post their videos and pictures to get rated, with the top rating getting the weekly and/or monthly prizes. This type of deal keeps fresh content coming by giving the self-submitters an incentive to upload their dirty pictures.
I know generally when we vote we keep that vote to ourselves, but not me. I like to let everyone know exactly what I’m thinking and why. This is why I chose this pictures to represent my selection of the day. I went to and scrolled through a couple of sex pictures, a couple of blowjobs and facials, a couple of self-facebook type pictures; but then, I came across this college co-ed named Ileene doing the splits in front of a big dry-erase board. I literally let out a chuckle as I sat there, staring at gravity defying antics, open buttcheeks, and amazingly tight looking pussy. I instantly felt that amateur porn connection. That these aren’t porn stars. These are real life girls just having a good time with a camera and some friends, the whole reason we love amateur porn to begin with – it’s reality. I liked this image right away, not only because I got to see a pierced belly and upside down vagina, but because I started thinking right away that this Ileene girl must have an amazing and fun-loving personality. Based on this one image, I thought that this would be the type of girl that I’d love to hang out with because who knows what kind of fun we’d have together. The fact that she’s naked helped, I’m sure, but you get what I mean. Anyhoo, be sure to give Ileene the Thumbs Up at, she is the girl next door, after all!

Wild Co-Eds at the Dorm

She loves that dick
Co-Ed can’t Wait

So I was browsing the usual sites that I visit when I came across a new site that has re-awakened my affection for co-ed amateurs. I mean, it was never really gone per se, but I’d always passed off all those ‘college amateur’ sites as rediculously faked, or as trying too hard. Seriously, how many sites out there do you see advertising co-eds and teens with pictures of photoshopped 30 and 40 year olds? Too damn many, I say!

amazin ass

Great Ass on This One!

 Allow me to introduce you to DareDorm. It’s not unlike some of the other self-submitted amateur sites that I frequent, like SeeMyGF or OralGFs, in that they offer cash prizes in exchange for self-shot sex tapes and nudie pictures. The difference for one, is the amount they offer $10K top prize each month, voted by YOU, and the fact that this is a niched submit site; Meaning that the whole namesake of the site is geared toward getting those crazy College Students we all love so much to make dirty movies. Who knows if all this homemade porn will ever come back to haunt the students in the future, or possibly get them kicked out – all I know is, I’m grateful! Another plus for the site? They require a minimum of 20 minutes per scene which equels better movies, and in turn, longer previews! The Site is also Very, Very, Affordable, pefect for you College Students out there!


Blonde Giving Head, Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog

oral sex blonde
Sucking while listening to Elvis

Some girls can present more personality in their self-submitted movies simply by adding a good soundtrack to them. Take Bridgette for instance. Yes, I understand that a blonde with the name of Bridgette needs to either be hot or have a good personality to make it in this world, but dammit, I think we found one with both! She loves performing oral sex on her partner(s) and she also has a thing for The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley.

 She likes to add a little bit of The King to her homemade movies, and in today’s she sucks a dick to the tunes of “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock” before taking an absolutely Massive Facial  then using the dick in hand to wipe her face clean and her tongue to swallow down the goods. She then takes a few minutes nurturing his balls with her mouth, just for good measure. Must be good to be King, lol. Be sure to check out Bridgette’s members only videos at You won’t be disappointed.

Big Tits Fucked n Facialed

huge ass n tits
She wants your Cum

I know I’ve probably said it before, but holy hell, I loves my some titties! It has been a few days since I got to post, but in that few days I’ve been in an amateur porn induced coma. Ok, maybe not a coma, but you understand what I’m saying, sometimes when you’re finished jerking it to cum bathed amateurs, you just don’t feel like doing anything else.

This morning I figured I’d post this gallery of Chloe, straight from She must be thinking that she’s all popular or something cuz she has the same name as the fat Kardashian, she too is kinda thick and big boobed, and Kim got married during the hurricane or something. Anyhoo, she decided to be frisky a hi-def movie she made of herself getting fucked stupid by her needle-dicked boyfriend, and getting a surprisingly massive facial, which she quickly lathered up with her tongue and swallowed down. That’s the thing with these thick girls you know, they love that Cum, and they will do anything they can to prove that they savor and appreciate it more than their wafer-thin counterparts. The pictures are screen grabs from previously mentioned home video. Well, that’s all for today, be sure to Trial!

Fingering Her Tight Asshole

anal play by teen
She loves her butthole

So what does a guy who works in Amateur Porn do on his day off? That’s a question that I get a LOT. The answer is pretty simple, a no-brainer actually. On my days off, what I do to relax, is watch MORE Amateur Porn! My favorites are the self-shot homemade videos of amateurs doing their thing. Solo, couples, or groups, I love it all! Today’s feature is actually a movie that sexy blonde teen Alexis sent it. She loves making videos of herself, mostly fingering her pussy and posing naked. Sometimes she dances before hand, and booty shakes a bit. She’s even gone all fellatio and stuff on her big purple sex toy.

In her latest 25 minute video though, she shows us that playing her bottom button is something that she just really loves to do. In the full length video, available in the members section of, she also licks her toy and has some vaginal and anal sex with it. This sexy white teen is gonna have a lot of explaining to do when the lucky guy she marries finds a bunch of homemade porno by Alexis at MyGFLovesAnal. Enjoy!

Blonde Amateur Loves it All

Blondie does it all
Real Ex GF Tess

Know what I love about Amateurs? The fact that they aren’t afraid to share themselves doing dirty things. Case in Point, we have a blonde amateur hottie by the name of Tess, seen Here doing it all! She shows off her amazing dick sucking abilities, and her unbelievable body! She even stares deep into our eyes with a mouthful of scrotum and a thumb in her butthole. Aren’t we glad that Tess’ dude Rob decided to Share Their pictures. Check out for the rest of the pics, her submitted movies, and tons more!

Chubby blonde in Sexy Poses

blonde bbw
Big and Beautiful

Allow me to introduce you to Alice. She adds new photos  and videos regularly to My BBW and I feel like sharing a couple with you today. She’s a thick blonde, and in these pics she is seductively undressing in her lingerie. She’s quite the cutie, and she loves to show off and squeeze her tits, flaunt her shapely ass, and arouse with her open pussy.

You can also tell just by looking at her that she’s a tigress in bed. And you undoubtedly know that she can swallow down a dick like nobody’s business. We all know that BBW’s give the best head and aren’t afraid to prove it. They will take a load of hot cum to the face, use your dick to wipe it off and then lick that penis clean, being sure to swallow every last drop. That’s one of my favorite things about self-assured, cute, shapely, and horny BBW’s – they ain’t afraid to show how dirty they can be. Barbie ain’t got a damn thing on them, and they know it, haha! Anyhoo, is stacked full of homemade movies and pictures from some of the hottest amateur big beautiful women around. Be sure to visit for $1, and give Alice a shout out for me.