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Star: Maya Kendrick
Update Title: Paid In Full Dark Destruction
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Paying for school has been quite the struggle for Maya. She needed a little extra help this month, so she decided to ask one of her clients for a little extra to help get her by. Luckily Jax was quite generous, but also quite strict. The only rule set in place was that until he was paid in full, he gets to give her a good spanking whenever he wants. A week passes and Jax once again returns to collect.
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Again, Maya is not ready. She recieves her usual spanks, but Jax is too damn fed up. He places his long girthy fingers in her pussy and starts to toy around as Maya shrieks. She then realizes she will have to do whatever she must to make him happy, so she gurgitates on his massive black cock, lets him fuck her tight pussy, and even busts a phat nut on her face.

Maya was a pretty good fuck, so she can expect at least another 24 hour extension on her loan thanks to her slutty white pussy. You go girl!

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Hitting the Dong Bong

Title Update: Hitting the Dong Bong
Star: Chloe Scott
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Chloe just started smoking weed, and thought it would be a swell idea to hit her new bong behind the cafeteria dumpsters. One hit led to another, and before you know it a hazy green cloud covered the entire school. One of her teachers was walking by, noticed the stench, and caught Chloe toking up.

She was taken back to his classroom and expected a harsh talking to. Turns out her teacher was a late night smoker, and decided to give her a lesson on smoking. Turns out hitting a bong is a lot like sucking a dong. You just have to breathe deep, fill your lungs, hold it, and breath out. Chloe was forever grateful, and since teacher taught her how to hit the dong bong, she can now teach him how to hit her tight pussy :).

She prefers it cock first while she cowgirls on the desk, but loves it when you spread her doggy just as much. The sex was so good, Chloe questioned whether it was the dank herbs, or teachers dank dick? The proof is in the cum shot!

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Pampering Princess Marina Woods

Site: Passion Hd
Title: Pampering Princess
Actor: Marina Woods

Enjoy this hot scene starring Marina Woods! Watch the Full 4K HD action as she strips down and has a little fun in the bathtube before taking a hard cock deep into her tight pussy!

Fun Sized Fucking

Update: Fun Sized Fucking
Star: Jesse Lynn

The tiny yet full of life Jesse is no stranger to a penis, but darn was this one huge! She got nervous about fucking it, so to calm her down our boy took her outside to bop around for a little. Who knew frolicking and twerking could take the edge off? Jesse eventually felt confident enough to take that thick stick.

Her 4‘11‘‘ body was almost as big as our boys cock, but that did not stop him from shoving it in her mouth while he straddled her upside down. She spun right off and opened her short legs wide to feel his manhood dig deep down into her miniscule twat.

That pussy was too tight! When our boy could no longer hold his load, he popped all over Jesse. She loved every second of it!

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