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Hot Chick Gets Cooled Down With

Jill Kassidy in Hot Chick Gets Cooled Down With Dick
Star: Jill Kassidy
Site: POVlife.com

Jill Kassidy was fooling around with her air conditioner and ended up breaking it! She called a repairman but had to find a way to cool down in the meantime. She grabbed one of the last popsicles from the freezer and started licking away. She greeted the repairman with popsicle in hand and escorted him to the thermostat.

It turns out that Jill actually just shut the system off. It was fixed with the flip of a switch! Jill was so grateful that she asked the repairman to stay. He could not help noticing that the way Jill licked a popsicle looked alot like she was sucking a dick. POVlife.com

Jill begged to differ. She had the repairman whip his cock out so she could show him what sucking a dick really looks like. Jill also decided to fuck him too, then have him spoon feed her his cum for dessert. This girl is freaky as fuck!

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Brenna Sparks in Warm Up My Cock

Brenna Sparks in Warm Up My Cock
Star: Brenna Sparks
Full HD Scene: 30:25
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Brenna Sparks was showing one of her boys how she gets fit. He could barely make it through the warm up. He ended up falling and slightly injuring his leg. Brenna had no time for suckers so she helped him get on his feet, told him to man up, then prepared him for the second part of the workout.

As she stretched him she slowly reached towards his girthy cock. Brenna then shoved it in her mouth as this dude rubbed her pussy from a supine position. She then got rocked by that large cock better than any exercise she has ever completed. Her boy then asked when their next session would be and even with a face full of cum Brenna shamelessly let him know that it won’t just be tomorrow, but also the next day after that, and the next day after that…. SkeetView.com

Dolly Leigh Blowing the Skin Flute

Star: Dolly Leigh
Update: Blowing The Skin Flute
Site: InnocentHigh.com
Today’s update to the SkeetView.com network features a new red head starlet named Dolly Leigh. The story goes that Dolly is horrible in music class. Like, really bad. So bad in fact that she doesn’t even know how to properly hold a flute. The scene is set up in a humorous way, and involves Dolly shoving the flute into her mouth – which gives her professor an idea. Maybe the skin flute is more on her level. Sexual escapades with a skirted school girl ensue, and the ending shows Dolly with cum dripping onto her tits. Enjoy!
Official Synopsis: Dolly has been supremely slacking in her music class. When she confronts Mr. Oliver about it he makes her a deal. If she can play at least one of the instruments in the classroom, she gets an A in his class! Should be easy right? Wrong. Dolly is the least musically inclined person in the entire school.She tries to play a riff on the guitar and she can barely hit any of the notes. Then she gets to the flute and doesn’t even know how to use it! Mr. Oliver tries to help her out and screams BLOW IT! Dolly then proceeds to suck the flute like a dick. Shes hopeless. Mr. Oliver sees this and figures maybe she might be a natural at the skin flute. InnocentHigh.com
He shoves his dirty cock in her mouth, and dolly was a prodigy! She even excelled to the point where she could play the skin flute with her pussy too! Mr. Oliver’s skin flute was so happy it whistled out not just a lovely tune, but a barrage of finely tuned man pearls also. Dolly was delighted to get the grade she needed, and even happier that Mr. Oliver was extremely satisfied with her work.
innocent high

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Dirty Teachers and Allora Ashlyn


Update title: Dirty Teachers Exposed
Starring: Allora Ashlyn
Site: InnocentHigh.com Join through SkeetView.com
In this update we see Allora Ashlyn, a thin brunette with a nice set of tits, take on two older dudes. The story is that she overheard a couple of teachers talking about how many college girls they’ve fucked and how they did it. This, of course, makes Allora horny and she walks in to get added to their list. As always, the comedy ensues and the sex follows shortly after. It’s a pretty good scene with Allora getting cocks on each end then getting a messy dirty facial that drips down to her nice tits. Get your membership trial through SkeetView.com for $1!
Official Synopsis: Allora stumbles upon two of her teachers in the middle of a highly inappropriate conversation. They were talking about all the girls they had slammed out on their desks over this past grading period. They could lose their jobs for this! They are so lucky that Allora was horny as fuck. She offered to keep it a secret if they got naked right there and double teamed her. How could they say no?? Within minutes Allora was added to her pervy teachers tally count, getting taught a sexual lesson by two dirty old educators.
She had known how to get a facial previously, but never with some creamy white cum from two men. It was new for her, but she still came out a shining star. Allora and her teachers pinky promised to keep things a secret, lets see how long she can last before this gossip gets around the the entire school!

Aidra Fox gives a messy blowjob


aidra fox tight dress aidra fox rubs pussy aidra fox shows nice ass posing naked

Aidra Fox
Ready for some Messy Head?

aidra fox poses naked lips on dick licking tip of dick rubbing his dick

Today I have Aidra Fox with me, here to show you what a trained cock lover can do. We skip the pleasantries here and go straight to the show. Aidra immediately demonstrates what a blowjob should look and sound like with all her gagging, slurping, and head bobbing.

messy blowjob cock in her cheeks hard suck blowjobwet blowjob

This girl is no joke ladies and gentlemen. Her two handed stroking had me wanting to bust so I had to move from a sitting to a standing position just to recoup and get ready for bathing her in cum. She finally takes me dick all the way down while having her tongue out to lick my nuts. She gives me a few huge strokes and I fill her throat with a thick, chunky load of ungodly proportions.

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aidra plays with cum




Brunette blowjob and facial free porn

Brunette sucking dick

20 Pics 1 Video

Alright guys, today I have for you a mega preview –Brunette Blowjob and facial Free Porn- and Yes, there is even a Video! I hope you enjoy it, as this update for ThisGirlSucks.com was awesome! If you are a fan of hot teens and coeds giving head and then getting a gooey cumshot on their faces, this site is for you!

It starts off with Nickey being fast asleep on her bed. We sneak up onto the bed and move the covers to reveal her tight and curvy ass, what a sight – can’t resist grabbing it! She wakes up, does some sexy stretching and wonders what we are up to. After she poses a bit, showing off her perky tits and shaved pussy, her weakness is exposed: a long hard cock in her face.

She can’t help but start licking and kissing it. Before long she has her tongue all over the shaft, moving toward the head. She swallows it down like a champ, stroking with her hand, bobbing her head up and down so she can feel every inch in her throat.

She takes it out of her mouth – it is time to give the balls some love. She takes her time to caress each nut with her moist tongue before taking the entire ball sack into her mouth, moving her tongue around it every so pleasantly. After she gives them her undivided attention, she resumes sucking off the dick, stroking and sucking faster with each pump.

She pumps a few more times and is surprised as she gets an extra gooey load of warm cum all over her face! There is so much that it drips down her chin, but she absolutely loves it. Pleasure is her game, and she does not lose!

She is all smiles as she looks at us wth her big blue eyes, cum all over her mouth and dripping down her tight body.

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