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Emma Hix in World Record Cock Worshipper

Star: Emma Hix

Network Site: SkeetView.com

Emma Hix could suck a cock for hours upon hours upon hours. She actually holds the unofficial world record for longest blowjob too! This girl is talented, and this scene is just a snippet of how wonderfully amazing her and her mouth really are.

Perfect form and intense throat driven moisture make for some of the most fantastic oral sex you will ever have and Emma is on the forefront of it all. You go girl! SkeetView.com

BFFS at a XXX Slumber Party

BFFS at a XXX Slumber Party HD Scene at BFFS.com

01-best-friends-fuck02-bff-ass 03-best-friends-slumber-party 04-pajama-party
Emma wants to have the hottest slumber party of the year! The only thing that she doesn’t like is that her older brother is gonna be there – luckily he promises not to interfere. She invites her friends Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe. When they arrive, it is clear that Liza and Shyla think Richie is hot – they tell him hi and flirt for a bit.

05-porn-pillow-fight 06-butt-selfie07-ass-selfie08-fucking-with-best-friend

Emma has enough and takes them to her room to get the party started! All the girls take off their clothes and changed into matching pajamas, which they then decide to dance and twerk in! After they pass out Richie comes in to see if Shyla and Liza were serious with their flirtations earlier. He wakes Liza up with his cock in her face, ready to be sucked and fucked.
Liza sucks his dick real good, and then spreads her pussy open for him.

09-sex-with-best-friend 10-bff-blowjob11-sucking-bff-cock12-teen-blowjob

They have to stop a few time because they almost wake the other girls! Richie starts fucking Liza from behind and drops a load of cum on her round ass. Later on, he goes over to Shyla as he is ready for his second nut of the night. He takes his rock hard cock and starts exposing Shyla’s body – she knows whats up as she presents her mouth and tight pussy for some sneaky fucking! He cums all over her booty and heads out.

13-slumber-party-blowjob14-fucking-in-pajama 15-best-fuck-friends16-friend-with-benefits

Emma will never know how slutty her friends are, and Richie will never forget that time he fucked two of the hottest pieces of ass he has ever seen.

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Starring: Emma Hix, Shyla Ryder, Liza Rowe