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Sloan Harper in Missing Your Mouth

Star: Sloan Harper
Scene: Missing Your Mouth
Full Scene Length: 22:55
Site: ThisGirlSucks.com

If you have ever had your cock sucked by Sloan Harper, you know the feeling of missing her mouth. She salivates when she senses you getting hard, and like a dicksucking magnet she finds you and stuffs her face with phallus. ThisGirlSucks.com

She won’t stop until you cum, and when you do whatever she doesn’t catch in her mouth she’ll rub all over you for a post nut massage. This girl is the queen of taking care of your cock!

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Hannah Hays Petite Secretary

Hannah Hays in Petite Girl With Big Responsibilities

Hannah Hays is a petite girl with big problems! Anything her boss asks her for she always messes up, and she is super scared she will get fired. He almost reached his breaking point when Hannah delivered him his morning beverage and spilled it all over his clothes! Just before he could fire her, Hannah got on her knees and started to ERECT the situation.

She sucked her bosses cock for forgiveness and it actually seemed to be working. She was not the most confident in herself, so she even spread her pink virgin pussy lips for him also. At that point she had job security life, but still felt like she had to go the extra mile. She let her boss cover her face in cum as a final act of forgiveness.

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Katrina Moreno Big Butt Latina

Starring Katrina Moreno in Midame La Pinga
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If you are in need of a new suit, there is only one person to call and that’s Katrina Moreno. This hot latin seamstress pays close attention to detail and is sure to measure every single inch of your body, plus she’s totally single! She needed her client to take his shirt off, and damn did she love his body.

It was time for her to measure his waist, and maybe even his dick too so she can make sure it was big enough for her cock hungry pussy and mouth. It was! Katrina put that pulsating chorizo in her mouth right away and made sure to lick it clean. OyeLoca.com

Her client was feeling it, and escalated things quickly. He ripped off her leggings and started violating that spicy latina pussy. Katrina was in heaven, and watching her take a load of leche so angelically was certainly a beautiful sight.

Veronica The Pecker Wrecker

Star: Veronica Vega
Update: The Pecker Wrecker
Full HD Scene Length: 35 mins 26 seconds
Site: SkeetView.com subsite Brace Faced

Veronica Vega is sporting the hipstery studious look. Beautiful dark brown pigtails, sexy glasses, and very sluttly overalls are completed by new braces. She loves them and is admiring her total package beauty. Just then her brother’s friend interrupts her vanity time by asking her where her brother is. He then asks if there is something different about her. She tells him that she got braces. He laughs at her and calls her a pecker wrecker. Veronica is very offended and runs off to her kitchen where she finds a banana and decides to practice giving it a blowjob.

Her brother’s friend walks in on her to find her with a banana rammed down her brace face. He starts laughing at her and then apologizes when he realizes that he has given her a complex. She wants to prove to him that she isn’t a pecker wrecker and unzips his pants to find his penis is already erect. He had noticed her sweet ass earlier and was already imagining fucking her. She gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob with her braces and proves she isn’t a pecker wrecker, but now they are both hot and bothered. SkeetView.com

They start fucking. All the while he is pulling on her pigtails and spanking her. She takes it on top, bottom, and from behind, Then she gets back on her knees to give him a blowjob and tells him not to cum on her braces. Of course, he jacks that cock into overdrive and totally splatters her braces. She is pissed, but he can’t undo that cumshot!

Lesbo Up a Little

Update: Lesbo Up a Little
Stars: Brooke Haze & Val Dodds
Site: eXXXtraSmall.com

Val Dodds is a sexy blonde who is very concerned about her friend Brooke Haze. Brooke has done nothing but study since she moved in with her mom. Val is sick and tired of seeing Brooke be such a wet blanket and starts throwing crumpled balls of paper her. Brooke is not amused and tries to get Val to stop, but Val is relentless.

Brooke finally gives in a little and starts to goof off. The goofing off starts to turn into some lesbian girl on girl groping and kissing. Soon, the tiny Brooke Haze is stripped naked. Her petite body is squeezed like dough by Val. Then, Val starts to finger Brooke?s tiny pussy. Suddenly, it turns into finger jab fucking. Brooke is really cutting loose as Val starts to much her box.

All kinds of bottled up sexual girl on girl tension is breaking loose as the two girls start some pussy friction rubbing. Both girls leave each other a lesbian cum drenched mess.

EXS Sweetest Piece of Kandi

Update: The Sweetest Little Piece Kandi
Star: Kandi Quinn
Site: eXXXtraSmall.com

There’s nothing more that petite Kandi loves than playing and having a great time. This usually extends past blowing bubbles and jumping ropes though. She would rather blow your penis and jump your bones! Shes just under the height limit to ride, but that doesn’t stop her petite frame from mounting our boys outrageous dick and bouncing all over it like a horny little bunny!

Besides being quite tiny and nympho like, she’s also a creative genius! She used our boys cum to help clean her glasses and she has never had a clearer view since…eXXXtraSmall.com

Amateur Girl Girl sex

Gaby & Kylie H- AbbyWinters.com
Before the Shoot :

Gaby : Isn’t it great to start the day with a girl-girl shoot 🙂 I’m so excited and it will be a lovely day !
Kylie H : Super excited today to be playing with the very sexy Gaby ! It was so sunny this morning, i’m gonna be amazing ! I’m sure it will be 🙂

After the Shoot :
Gaby : the g/g shoot with Kylie was HOT. She is so sexy with her glasses on … hihihi I enjoyed a lot, I hop u too !
Kylie H : today was fantastic ! Gaby is a total sex-bomb. I had such a great time, this has to be the best job in the world ! Hope you enjoy the shoot as much as i did !

Gaby & Kylie H forAbbyWinters.com

Ashamed to have Cream Pie

Star: Nickey Huntsman
Update Title: Ashamed to have Cum
Site: TeenPies.com
01-teenpies-nikki-huntsman02-teen-pies-nikkin-huntsman 03-brunette-glasses-blowjob04-babe-in-dress-sucking-cock
Its taken Nickey almost her whole life to find a decent boyfriend, and she has not even come close yet!she tries yet another dating site and sorts through all the pervs and creeps, she finds a possible match! A cute yet nerdy boy with similar interests. He might be worth her time, so she decides to make it a date!
05-blowjob-after-night-out06-ball-sucking-brunette-teen 07-thick-round-ass-teen-riding-cock08-hairy-pussy-brunette-teen-closeup
After a few drinks, Nickey can tell she is really feeling this boy. He was even kind enough to walk her home. Thats the perfect equation to get some pussy in Nickey’s eyes. She invited him into her house and whisked him away to the backyard, then climbed on top of him and took charge. Nickey knew exactly what she wanted, some hot dick and some cool cream to finish her off. Nickey rode this guy to the point of no return, and he was so ashamed when he popped his load all up in that perfectly pink pussy. Nickey didn’t mind though, so she decided it would be ok if they kept that creamy secret between the two of them.
09-fucking-nikki-huntsman-from-behind10-doggystyle-whitegirl-teen-brunette11-fucking-small-tits-teen 12-bush-pussy-penetration

cream pie teens



Ashamed to have Cream Pie



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Joseline Kelly Recruiting a Dark Fantasy

Joseline Kelly Recruiting a Dark Fantasy
Full HD Scene Length: 31:12


Joseline Kelly got home and noticed that something was off. Then she found a sexy black guy in her living room. Turns out his name is Ricky and he is one of her dad’s student athletes and he is here on a recruitment visit!


The next day Joseline is just chilling around her house in her underwear telling her friend about how nervous Ricky is making her. Actually, its more horny then nervous. She’s been sneaking peeks of him working out all day, and it’s really setting her tight teen pussy on fire.. Joseline goes in for a closer look.


Ricky notices her sexy ass when she accidently drops her water bottle. Ricky craves that white meat, and right away whips his cock out. Joseline doesn’t know what to do! But Ricky knows what he wants, he tells Joseline to get on her knees. She starts sucking his cock so good that the she almost turned it white! It was even better than he imagined.



For Joseline, she finally knew what it meant when someone says once you go black you never go back. For Ricky, he realized that once you go white your dick gonna feel right! In the end he nutted all over Joselines tits and it felt the most right it ever has.

17-cum-on-joseline-kelly-tits 18-joseline-kelly-has-cum-on-tits




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Army Wife Tiffany poses in naughty Lingerie

sexy amateur poses

Ready and Willing

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I wish I could say that it was because I’ve been vacationing or out improving the world by inventing a great device that would change the planet as we know it, but I’ve actually been doing something much better! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks immersing myself in some of the best amateur porn that the internet has to offer. A ton of my time has been spent at Dirty Wives Exposed, part of the ultra amazing GF Network of amateur porn sites. As you can imagine, DWE is full of amateur movies and pictures that are made and uploaded by real women, most of which are, you guessed it, horny wives! I guess they could technically qualify for the MILF catagory, but a bunch of the wives that regularly update range from teen and twenty-something to cougar – in other words, it’s a nice variety of ages and body types.

amateur in the shower
Hot and Wet

What I really like about Dirty Wives Exposed is the fact that all the girls that upload pictures and movies aren’t doing it to try to win a contest or just cause they like the attention. Take Tiffany for example; she is an Army Wife that figured the best gift she could give her deployed husband is the gift of porn. She knows he’s alone and horny, so instead of getting him a softcore edition of Playboy, or a dvd that will get worn out in less than a week, she submits pictures to DWE and gets a free membership for him. She gets to pose for him, teasing him with her dirty little outfits, shower for him so he can remember what she looks like wet, rub her clit for him so he can know how horny she gets for him while he’s away. A favorite thing of Tiffany is to make masturbation movies for Jared. She likes to set up the camera and hit record, then go off into a random area and start pleasuring her aching pussy, rubbing her moist slit until it erupts in a full squirt of pleasure..being the exhibitionist that she is, Tiff also likes doing these things in public. Check out all of her submissions at DirtyWivesExposed.com, trials only a buck!