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Alyce Anderson in Fucking With The Freeze App

Alyce Anderson in Fucking With The Freeze App
Star: Alyce Anderson
Full HD Scene Length: 38:50
Network: SkeetView.com

Alyce Anderson was sick and tired of her teacher always babbling and saying she didn’t pay attention in class. On his latest harangue, she truly got pushed to her limit. She had downloaded a new freeze app that supposedly mutes and immobilizes any person in front of you. Alyce clicked the button, and bam! Her teacher was a statue. After taking some provocative selfies, she decided to see for herself what all the moms in the PTA were talking about. Turned out teacher had a thick cock.

Alyce began to suck it then removed her panties and rode him while he stood as stiff as stone. She then laid him down on the desk for optimal gspot stimulation, and even moved him to the chair while she facilitated the pounding of her slutty teen pussy. Teacher still managed to produce a phat load, and Alyce took it facially. She then unfroze her teacher and he seemed surprisingly more relaxed. Hmmmm, we wonder why?!?! See the whole scene at SkeetView.com

Daisy Lynn in Dick Sucking By Miss Daisy

Daisy Lynn in Dick Sucking By Miss Daisy
Full HD Scene length: 19:09
Site: ThisGirlSucks.com

Got a dick that needs a home? Why not try Daisy Lynne’s mouth! She welcomes long warm cock on a regular basis.

This girl can suck, blow, and even swallow like a lean mean supreme penis guzzling machine. Did we mention that she can also play piano? Lol ThisGirlSucks.com


Cum Filled Connections

Update Title: Cum Filled Connections
Star: Crystal Young
Site: TeenPies.com

Fun is stunning from head to toe. She has a beautiful face, long blonde hair, and a perfect 10 body. Her parents left for vacation and it seems that her wifi phone connection isn’t working. She thinks that her parents may have disconnected her phone or the internet. She is desperate for this connection so she starts looking out the window to see if anyone can help her. Just then, she sees her neighbor Pete taking out the trash. She opens her door and gets his attention. She wants him to help her figure out how to have her wifi back on her phone. TeenPies.com

He says he is busy and needs to go, but the plea of a really hot girl swayed him into coming to check the situation out. He discovers that her cables were in fact unplugged by her parents. While he is in the closet fixing this, he can’t help but notice how sexy Crystal is. Soon, he is sitting next to her and is obviously turned on. Crystal picks up on this and starts to feel up his dick. She strips out of her clothing to reveal perfect tits with nipples you want to suck and bite.

Eventually, her neighbor is fucking her in every position possible. The sex is hard, hot, and deep. Unfortunately for this hot blonde teen, it ends with an internal creampie. He wasn’t supposed to cum in her, but it’s too late now!

Beautiful Blinding Braces

Star: Elie Luxx
Update Title: Beautiful Blinding Braces
SkeetView.com Site Category: BraceFaced

Eli Luxx is an exotic young teen who just got braces. She?s sitting outside taking selfies of her new metal when the glare from the sun gets into the eyes of a handsome stranger who is working on his car. The gentleman walks over to Eli to inform her that her braces are causing a blinding glare.

She is apologetic and says her braces make her self conscious. He insists that they are adorable. Eli is certainly hot as fuck. She is not smart as fuck though. She invites the stranger over and while they are chatting he suggests that she will need to learn how to give a blowjob with her new braces. She claims she isn?t going to fall for that, but then falls for it and starts sucking his dick. This dude secretly has a thing for hot chicks with braces and he is living the dream as Eli goes to town on his cock. SkeetView.com

Her banging body is soon naked too. They start fucking in very freaky positions while she keeps flashing that braced smile at him. It ends with him enjoying seeing that metal loaded jaw of hers going up and down his cock. He leaves a nice cum frosted shot all over her braces.

Tin Grin Win

Update Title: The Tin Grin Win
See More at: BraceFaced.com
Star: Marilyn Moore

Marilyn Moore was a assured, sizzling hot young lady till she got braces. They made her really self conscious all of a sudden. Upon returning home, her new step brother runs up to her eager to see her new braces right away. Marilyn is shy and doesn’t really want to show him. She doesn’t want to. Instead, he sneaks up on her once she is brushing her teeth – in her panties. She is appalled to see her step brother in the rest room and tries to hide herself. He simply keeps going on regarding wanting to see her braces as if he has a fetish for them. Then he finally admits that he thinks women with braces are hot.

His step sister suddenly loves that he desires to check out her braces and smiles. She turns into a assured and hot blonde teen once again. Her stepbro kisses her brace face and they begin a make out session. Before long she is on her knees in her bra and panties and he’s brushing her brackets with his cock. BraceFaced.com

She loves flashing those braces and sucks his dick because she can see that he is extremely turned on by her new metal mouth. Her step brother finally has had enough and decides to begin fucking her. He gets her in a nice reverse cowgirl and keeps her on his cock. She additionally gets fucked in a balled up doggy style. She then returns to suck his dick. Her step brother blows an enormous load across her braces and she lets it drip all the way down to her chin.

The Teen Cam Show

Update Title: The Tiny Teen Cam Show
Stars: Alana Summers and Arielle Faye
SkeetView.com Network Site: eXXXtraSmall.com

The mall is too expensive, but there is so many cute things there! Arielle always struggled to pay for clothes, even when she shopped at the sale aisle in the juniors department! The same could not be said for Alana though. She always had stacks of cash bigger than she was. How was this possible? It turns out she has been web camming, and people pay a hefty premium to see tiny girls toy with themselves. Alana offered Arielle to do a session with her, and they could split the money! The girls wasted no time logging on and getting their coins flowing!

Some simple petite pussy play really got these guys riled up, but they wanted more. They wanted to see these girls suck some cock! There were no boys around, so Alana hit up her friend Mike with an interesting proposition. He rushed right over, dick at full attention ready to suck!

These tiny teens put on quite a show, getting their pussies pummeled and mouths filled with hard wet dick. Receiving the dual shots of jizz got them their biggest tips ever! Enough to buy new wardrobes for each of them. We definitely can not wait until these little sluts have their next show hehe.

The Original Brace Face

Title: The Original Brace Face
Stars: Karly Baker & Chad Alva
SkeetView.com Network site: Brace Faced
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Well, you asked for it Skeeters! After months of polling and member feedback, we here at Team Skeet proudly present to you the lovely metal mouthed Karly Baker starring in our first ever Brace Faced scene. She‘s been super excited to show her tin grin to the world, and our members are lucky enough to be the first to see it! Karly was super horny and ready to go from the jump. She gave us a little about her background as a Brace Face, then got right to work!
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A Lot of people are scared girls with braces might not give the best blowjobs, but in reality they really do. Cupping their mouths to ensure a smooth glide, the frigid braces add an extra tingle of pleasure throughout that cock! After the dick sucking puts her mouth at ease, she has got to get her sweet little pussy rammed too, which just added to the euphoria. SkeetView.com
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Our boy was ready to climax, and although she‘s a constant brusher and flosser, there‘s nothing like a heaping coating of cum to make those braces shine extra bright! Stay tuned for more hot Brace Faced teens taking on huge dicks and hoping their dentists won‘t find out and tell their parents! Filling the gap one teen at a time.
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Yoga and Sexercise

Update: Yoga and Sexercise
Star: Hayden Hennessy
Site: eXXXtraSmall.com
Network: SkeetView

Hayden was getting ready for her daily yoga when her brothers friend came knocking at the door. Her bro was still at work, but that didn’t stop little Hayden from inviting this hottie in to wait comfortably. Hayden continued to go outside and work on her poses. Sure enough her bros friend got bored in the living room and went to watch Hayden do her yoga!

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She thought he was a bit pervy about it, but then offered him a challenge. All the boys at her school are too pussy to do yoga with the girls. Maybe he would be down to try? He was so down. And luckily, Hayden was tiny enough for him to even try some acro yoga on. Once that became a thing, the fucking ensued.

Our boy pummeled Hayden’s exquisitely tight pussy and nutted all over her backside with just enough time for some final deep breathes after. Talk about one HOT yoga session.

Man Milk and Teen Cookie

Star: Kiley Jay
Update: Man Milk, Cookies, And Tiny Pussy
Site: eXXXtraSmall.com

Captain of Teen Troop 69 is extremely pissed. Her number one cookie buyer has been refusing her boxes of scrumptious treats for days now. His excuse is that he buys them off another girl scout. Kiley cant believe it. She decides to camp outside of this guys house to wait and see what this other scout is doing different. As she sees the other girl go inside, she creeps around back to see whats going on, and was shocked!

Turns out her regular has been buying cookies from the other scout because shes been sucking all the milk out of his cock. Two can play that game! Kylie prances her petite little ass to his house the next day, breaks in, and leaves a trail of cookies leading to her hot naked body on the couch. eXXXtraSmall.com

She implores him to only be her customer, and reinforces how much she needs him by letting him pile drive her minuscule pussy into pure orgasm.

With a cock almost half the size of her body, this guy was able to realize that this little cookie is the only spinner that deserves his man milk from now on!

Teen Kelsi goes for boat ride

Title Update: Boat Day
Star: Kelsi Monroe
Site Link: ThatAssThough.com
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Kelsi was super excited for a boat day with her boyfriend! Her ass was just waiting to pop out her bathing suit and on to the open seas!
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She crouched on the bow and twerked for the entire ocean to see. That booty could sure create some wake and kept all the boys on the boat super woke. Captain Peter eventually set the cruise mode to auto and joined Kelsi. He dove right into that phat ass tongue first, getting her excruciatingly wet. ThatAssThough.com
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Kelsi then rode his cock like a wake boarder going with the flow of each wave. Kelsi eventually came, and so did Captain Pete, making this boat day one that neither of them will ever forget!
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